How to Use Stock Photos On Instagram?

A photo may generally be worth a thousand words — but can they be worth hundreds of profile visits? In this age of social network authenticity, can old-fashioned stock pictures be worth anything?

It’s suggested to post on Instagram between one and three times a day to maximize reach and engagement. That’s a lot of high-quality photography. Many brands, who realize the incredible advantages of growing their business on Instagram, don’t have the time or the funds to entreat up that level of creativity. Thankfully, stock picture websites provide an easy opportunity to post excellent filler content on social media.

If done accurately, this can help brands keep impulse with their social media marketing without reducing the overall quality of their account.

The best use of stock pictures on Instagram

In this article, we recommend some tips to assure the best use of stock pictures on Instagram and how this can boost traffic to your website and store.

How to Use Stock Photos On Instagram

What Pictures to Choose

It’s usually suggested to maintain a constant aesthetic throughout your Instagram pictures. This lets you create an engaging profile, build brand awareness and generate a bigger following. Pictures from a low-quality stock photo website are likely to injure your aesthetic and stand out like a bruised thumb.

Thankfully, some websites specialize in issuing high-quality lifestyle stock pictures taken by professional photographers.

Please make sure you only post pictures that you own the rights to. Instagram’s terms and conditions declare that you are responsible for all the content you share. Basically, this means while it’s not breaking their rules to violate copyright, you can still get in legal problem if you’re caught.

How to Use Stock Photos On Instagram

How Often to Post Stock Images

The solution to getting away with using stock pictures on your Instagram account without destroying your account’s aesthetic is to employ them sparingly. Maybe pepper in a stock photo once every four or five posts at the most.

However, with a good selection of stock picture provider, it is possible to add even more quality to your Instagram account without the stress of shooting high-quality images every day.


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