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The Charlotte Arts Sector is Benefiting from Social Media Support

The Charlotte Arts Sector is Benefiting from Social Media Support

When it comes to the arts this fall, it’s no secret that Charlotte has some of the most interesting museums, art exhibits, and performing arts groups that there’s simply so much to see and do in NC. As many are still reeling from the after-effects of lockdowns and are struggling to embrace the digital age, social media is stepping into the fray to offer some unexpected support.

How is social media benefiting Charlotte’s arts sector?

  • Social media marketing

Right now, businesses are not the only ones making use of social media platforms when it comes to marketing their products and services; Charlotte arts centers are also beginning to branch out and diversify their online presence. Where once, offering a website that stated things like opening times for exhibits or local theater shows, modern audiences are now looking for greater accessibility. Establishments can now create their own social media profiles and upload information about their latest news and goings on that will not only pop up in the feeds of those that follow, but that can also be shared or found via hashtags for greater reach.

  • Visitors sharing content

One of the most fantastic things about social media platforms is that absolutely anyone can take photos or videos of their experiences out and about in Charlotte, and social influencing is now one of the top ways of reaching new people. As far more individuals are using photo and video editing software, like the tools on offer at CapCut, visual content is now more impactful than it has ever been. For example, individuals with large followings who take a trip to one of Charlotte’s museums may use a video stabilizer to improve the footage they take – and when one of their fans sees it on their feed, they will likely be influenced to go among themselves.

  • Arts members sharing content

What we mean by arts members is the individuals that are involved with the Charlotte arts sector; from museum curators to actors in local plays. When people want to get involved in the local community or their interests, 2023 has seen a rise in the need for more personal connections. When those directly involved in arts events share things like behind the scenes footage (CapCut has a fantastic YouTube video editor that allows users to create dynamic videos that meet the platform’s parameters with little effort), those with even a passing interest will be more likely to want to engage with the show or main exhibit.

The Charlotte Arts Sector is Benefiting from Social Media Support

Is social media really making a difference?

In 2023 the answer is certainly yes, as Charlotte arts establishments that aren’t promoting their services online are missing out on entire audiences that don’t have the time or the energy to seek out information or stop by shows or exhibits on a whim (not to mention those that simply don’t know what wonderfully diverse and interesting local arts events are running to be able to get involved).

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