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What are the best Facebook cover photo makers? (For all devices)

As a Facebook user, you can design your personal or professional pages with cover photos and profile images. This feature helps you to customize your page as you want.While it is possible to use any picture as a cover photo, many people search for something to explain their moods. If you want awesome Facebook covers but do not know how to modify photos in a professional program, continue reading.

Here, I will tell you what a facebook cover photo maker is and how to use them to make great facebook cover photos.
facebook cover photo maker

What is a Facebook cover photo maker?

Do you like to create eye-catching Facebook cover photos for your page? Today, there are numerous online cover photo makers with a variety of free Facebook cover photo templates, fonts, and all other things you need to make beautiful facebook cover photos. Also, some websites offer free cover photos for you to use on their profiles. Most of them are categorized according to their content and style.

Best Cover Photo Makers Online

As I explained before, you can choose an enticing picture as your cover photo and attract more followers. When people see your beautiful pictures, they will be attracted to read your profile further. Here, I introduce you to some great Facebook cover photo makers which you can use online for free.

  • Canva

If you need an amazing Facebook banner maker to make unique cover photos for facebook, Canva is the best option. There you can find over 60,000 layouts, hundreds of fonts, and photo effects to choose among. Another advantage of this online maker is the number of its stock photos, illustrations, graphics to add to your design.

  • Fotor

The next awesome online Facebook cover photo creator is Fotor. While it helps you create an eye-catching cover photo, it is an easy-to-use app.

  • Desygner

Desygner is another Facebook cover photo creator. You can use this easy online tool to create FB cover photos and other kinds of photos.

  • Fotojet

Fotojet is a useful Facebook photo maker with a wide range of templates with different styles. Use this online photo maker to customize your picture with its professional editing tools.

  • Crello

If you want to make a promotional banner for your business page or a personal Facebook account, use Crello as the best online Facebook cover photo maker.

Best Cover Photo Makers For Phones

If you are using your phone to sign in to your Facebook account, you might prefer to make a FB cover photo using your phone. Here is a list of the best facebook cover photo makers which you can use on iPhone and Android.

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creators for iOS

  • Cover Canvas

The first option is the Cover Canvas. It is one of the most popular facebook collage cover photo makers with more than 100 templates.

  • Cover Photo Maker

Cover Photo Maker is a simple configured app with a lot of inspirational quotes to create a cover photo that describes your personality.

  •  VanillaPen

VanillaPen is the next app with more than 200 temples. It helps you create cover photos for Facebook, design a poster, or make special notes for special occasions.

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creators for Android

  • Photo Editor

Use various photo filters, stickers, banners, textures of the Photo Editor app to create stylish images and display memories.

  • Cover Photo Creator

If you like to take full control over your timeline photos, use Cover Photo Creator and select your favorite template to design a compatible frame that matches your images.

  • CoverPro

Use more than 40 filters on the Facebook cover photo maker app (CoverPro)

to design your cover photo and enhance its look.

Best Cover Photo Makers for PC and Mac

If you are among people who prefer to make their Facebook cover photo using their PC, do not miss this paragraph. Here, I will introduce the most useful apps for Mac and PC.

  • Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker is a program for PC with an intuitive interface and 450+ built-in templates for making a perfect Facebook cover in under 5 minutes. Thanks to the in-program collection of 650+ masks, frames, captions, and cliparts, you will also be able to make a pretty thematic cover from scratch.

  • PhotoDirector 365

PhotoDirector 365 is a universal easy-to-use software that you can use without experience. There you can find the necessary features to create a great FB cover photo.

  • Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image editor with features like Layer creation, and editing, which help you create social media images.

  • PaintShop Pro

If you are looking for robust image editing software for Windows, PaintShop Pro might be a good choice. There is a wide range of tools to make a perfect Facebook cover photo.

How To Make a Facebook Cover Photo on iOS and Android

As your Facebook profile tells all about you, it’s worth making it look good. Here, I show you how to make a great FB cover photo on your mobile.

  • To make a good Facebook cover photo on mobile the first option is to consider its weird size. The standard size on mobiles is 640 pixels wide by 340. Any photo you upload will display at that size, but if you upload a smaller picture it will look blurry and ugly.
  • Since your cover looks different on desktop and mobile, you need to consider this point. Because on mobile, your cover photo will automatically be cropped from the top and bottom.
  • Also, think about how your Profile Picture and the other interface features impact your cover photo. While all the buttons are below the cover photo, your profile picture blocks a piece of the bottom center of your mobile FB account.
  • So the best option is to choose a photo where the subject is in the center of the image.

How To Make a Facebook Cover Photo on Windows and Mac

As I explained previously, a Facebook cover photo is a large picture above your homepage. It is in a more extended size compared to your profile picture. Pay attention that cover photos are the same as your profile picture.

Here, I will tell you how to make a Facebook cover photo when you are using the FB website on Windows.

  • Tap on the three-line bottom on the right side of the Facebook page, then choose your name.
  • Click on your cover photo.
  • Now, choose Upload Photo to upload a photo from your device. There you can Select a Photo on Facebook, Create a Collage, or Select Artwork.
  • Choose the photo you like most.
  • Drag the chosen photo.
  • Click on Save in the top right corner and finish.


As a Facebook user, you would like to make a wonderful cover photo and attract more followers. In this way, the best option is to use a great facebook cover photo maker. Here, you can read all about Facebook cover photo makers, how to use them, and the best ones.

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