All About Audible Credits 2023: How to buy or get more credits?

Those book lovers who do not have enough time to read the book might be familiar with Audible, the American online audiobook and podcast service, and its different plans. But if you are new and do not know how to buy audible credits, or like to learn more about how to get more credits on audible, even tricks for getting free audible credits, go on and read the below text. Also, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions, such as how to buy audible credits and do audible credits expire.

How do Audible credits work?

Before I want to explain how to get audible credits, let’s see what Audible credits are and how they work. Basically, these credits are coupons for free books on Audible, which means you can use them instantly or store them for a specific period to buy your favorite book on Audible for free. Pay attention, you can buy a membership to get these free audible credits, and you will get additional credits if you meet the below three criteria.

  1. When you have been registered in an Audible membership for at least three months.  
  2. You do not have more than one credit in your account.
  3. After 30 days of renewing your annual membership.
audible credits

Want to get a gift card from audible? In: “All About Audible Gift Card” is all about how to do this.

What plans does Audible offer?

More important than how to buy audible credits is to know what are the current membership plans of this service now in 2023, which are divided into two basic categories:

  • Audible Plus

It is a great option for those who want to access an unlimited number of Audible Originals, Audiobooks, and Podcasts. You have to pay $7.95 per month to buy this plan.

  • Audible Premium Plus

For the second plan, you have to pay $14.95 per month and you will be able to use a free “premium select title” per month. You can keep this permanent purchase as an audiobook even when you do not use Audible anymore.

The below chart shows more details about these plans and their free audible credits based on how much you pay.

Audible PlanThe plan costCreditsCredit Expiration
Audible Plus Membership$7.95 per monthNo creditsN/A
Audible Premium Plus Membership$14.95 per month1 per month12 months from the issue date.
Audible Premium Plus Membership 2 Credits$22.95 per month2 per month12 months from the issue date.
Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership 12 Credits$149.50 per year12 per year12 months from the issue date.
Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership 24 Credits$229.50 per year24 per year12 months from the issue date.

*Pay attention to the above-mentioned numbers and prices would vary a bit based on whether you are an iOS or Android user you can check the details on the Audible help page.

How to get more credits on audible?

Previously you read about audible credits, different plans Audible offers, free audible credits, and what time do audible credits expire. But now I want to talk about the methods all Audible members can try to get additional credits without paying the whole price.

  • Audible Free Trial:

If you are a new member, the good news is that this service always offers free trials (their condition might vary over time), such as “Audible 30-day free trial with three free credits” which enables you to try out the program for free.  

  • Returning books you do not like:

Another great feature of Audible service that helps you buy audible credits more and for free is that you can get new free Audible credits by returning books you do not like. This means if you used your credit to buy an audiobook, then changed your mind and do not like to listen to it, you can simply exchange it with a new audiobook two or three times.

  • Use the Audible App:

If you want to save money and look at how to get audible credits for free, I suggest you download the Audible app and benefit from the option of sending books from your library to others and ask them to do this for you, so you can save money while listening to audiobooks.

  • Do not miss Audible discounts:

Be careful that when you use all your monthly credits, the Audible service usually offers discounts, which enables you to buy the best possible pricing on your additional credits. Also, remember that in these cases Audible might offer you to buy some credits together, and if you purchase them all, again you will benefit from a great discount.

audible credits
  • Check Audible daily deal notifications:

Not all Audible users are aware of this point because it is off by default. But you can manually turn it on and benefit from its quite good deals that help you buy your favorite book for a steep discount.

  1. Go to the desktop site.
  2. Log into your account and choose “notifications.” 
  3. Tick the box near “Audible Daily Deals”.
  • Choose the Audible Plus plan:

As you read above, this plan is very beneficial for Audiobook enthusiasts as it offers many free audiobooks per month with an unlimited download option. To learn more about the details of this plan, check the above chart.

  • Try Kindle Unlimited Trial:

Kindle Unlimited is a kind of Netflix for Amazon’s digital e-books. You can sign up for the 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited and try your chance to increase the number of books you can listen to on Audible. Find a book you would like to listen to on the Kindle because many of these books have audible versions, and you can add their audio version to Audible.

  • Whispersync Audible Upgrade:

If you have already joined the Kindle library, it is time to scan it for the Whispersync upgrade, so you will find many Audible upgrades through the books you previously purchased for Kindle at an affordable price or even for free.

  • Ask one of your friends to sign up for Audible:

Any of your friends or family members can sign up on Audible with a new credit card (different from what you have already used) and get free audiobooks as a free trial, then share them with you.

How to buy audible credits?

Previously, you read about how to get more credits on audible, but they were only some simple tricks. Now I want to talk about the main and original way of buying books on the Audible platform, explained by the own service. But before that, I want to state an important point, “no matter if you are an Audible member or non-member you can buy Audible audiobooks, and only the payment methods will be different”. 

Members can use their Audible coupon and credits or directly pay through credit cards, while non-members can only use the last option. For more information about how to get audible credits based on the type of device you are using, read the below items.

How to buy audible credits on the Desktop:

If you are using your computer and want to buy your dream audiobook from Audible, follow the below steps:

  1. Search the Audible site on a browser.
  2. Find the audiobook you want to buy through the site and choose it.
  3. Now you should choose whether to Buy with 1 credit or Buy for $X.XX.
  4. After you receive the confirmation email, you can start listening.
audible credits

How to buy audible credits on your Android phone:

Or you might use an Android phone and want to buy an audiobook from Audible through the app. So, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and choose the Discover option.
  2. Find the book you wish to listen to.
  3. Click on its title and choose whether you want to Buy with 1 credit or Purchase for $X.XX. And the rest is the same as the Desktop version.

How to buy audible credits on your iPhone and iPad:

And finally, there is a group of Audible users who want to use their iPhone or iPad to download audiobooks, so they have to download the app from the App Store and follow the steps that I have explained above. Or they can try a browser on their phone and follow the steps of the “How to buy audible credits on the Desktop” section.

audible credits

How to use audible credits?

If you want to use your Audible credit, the first thing you should do is search for when do audible credits expire. If they are still available, you can use them by picking the book title you want, clicking the Buy Now with 1 Credit button, and then choosing the Confirm Purchase. Then the site will automatically apply it to your purchase, and you will find the subtotal is $0.00.


  • When do audible credits expire?

It depends on, for example, credits received from an Audible iOS app or Google Play membership will not expire, while credits received from returning a title will expire after 12 months.

  • If I cancel audible do I keep my credits?

Again it depends on the situation, for example, if you cancel your Audible Premium Plus membership, you will lose all your membership benefits, such as credits.

  • Can you gift audible credits?

It depends on what you mean by gift, because you can buy a specific title with your credits and give it to someone, but you cannot give the credit itself to anyone.

  • How much is 1 credit on Audible?

Usually, you can use these credits for unlimited access to any book you want.

  • Why can’t I buy audible credits?

It might be due to different reasons, such as:

  • When you are enrolled in a Legacy membership created before December 2005. 
  • If you bought a Plus membership. 
  • Additionally, if you are using the Audible website and haven’t been an Audible Premium Plus member for at least 30 days, or you have more than one credit left on your account.


Are you a new Audible user and do not know much about this platform’s credits and how to buy audible credits? If so, you should know that it is not much complicated and you can buy audible credits whether on your phone or computer with some simple steps on your Audible account. Also, some tricks help you how to get more credits on audible. Above I have mentioned all the details about this topic.

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