All About Audible Gift Card: How and Where to Get one 2023?

Are you looking for a different and interesting gift for a friend that loves books? If so, you might be interested in reading this text until the end and learning more about audible gift cards. Are you wondering if it is real? Never heard of this before? Fortunately, I have to say that it is real, and one of the best options to present to your loved ones. Keep reading and find out where to buy audible gift cards.

Does Audible offer a gift card?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to buy audible gift cards, I have to say that the definite answer is yes. But that is a bit different from what you know about traditional gift cards that we buy from retail stores, and do not make a mistake; it is not possible to purchase them via Amazon.

The only way you can buy these gift cards is through Audible’s Gift Center page. Below I will explain more about this point in the “where to buy audible gift card” paragraph. The only thing I want to add here is that you can send this gift to your friends via email as a link or print it and present it at home as a promo code. 

audible gift card

By the way If you want to know how to get more credits on audible and all about it head to: “All About Audible Credits

How do I get an Audible gift card?

Now that you decide to buy an audible gift card as a gift that you want to give to one of your friends, you might want to search for how to purchase a gift membership from Audible. So, we have dedicated this paragraph to it and will explain this process in detail and in simple words.

  1. Search the Audible Gift Center page.
  2. Now you will see different gift membership options, such as 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month.
  3. Choose the one you want and click on Select Gift.
  4. On the next page, you should fill in all the needed information and choose  Continue.
  5. Now choose which card you want to go with your gift, then click on Continue.
  6. Tap on Buy Now for the $X.XX option.

Pay attention to paying for an audible gift card, you can choose one of the below payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

How does an Audible gift card work?

Also, another most asked question about audible gift cards is how do they work, which is a bit different but not hard to understand. As you read above, there is no card in this way, and instead, you can choose to offer your gift in one of the below options: 

  • A membership gift:

This option means the recipient can join Audible as a gift and benefit from all membership features you bought for him, like credits to purchase books, unlimited access to Audible’s Plus Catalog, the possibility to listen to thousands of audiobooks, such as exclusive Audible Originals, and also discounts reserved for Audible members.

  • A title gift:

In case, you do not want to spend much money to buy a membership, you can replace it by purchasing a title. So, you select your favorite book from the enormous library of Audible, pay for it, then you can send it as a gift to anyone you want, and he can download and take it wherever they want.

Where can you Buy Audible Gift Cards?

Previously, you read about almost all the details of buying an Audible Gift card, if you are still wondering where to buy audible gift cards, this paragraph would solve your problem. 

The only place you can buy an Audible gift card is the Audible site and by following the below options, you will reach the site section which is specially designed for gifts.

  1. Search Audibale’s official page.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Choose the Gift Center section from the site menu.
  4. Then continue the process like what I have explained in the third paragraph.
audible gift card

How to redeem Audible gift card?

On the other hand, some people have received an Audible gift card through an email or a printed card and do not know how to redeem it. But again I have to state that it is not hard, and based on how you received your gift, you can use one of the below-mentioned items to redeem it.

  • Redeem the Audible gift card you received via Email:

If you have received your gift membership through a surprising email, follow the below steps and use it as soon as possible.

  1. Go to your email inbox.
  2. Find the email that states ‘You’ve received a gift on Audible from…’. 
  3. Open it and choose the ‘Redeem your gift’ option.
  4. Then you will be sent to the Audible website, where you should use your Amazon account to sign in.
  5. And the site will notify you’re now an Audible member, and you will receive the first credit.
  • Redeem the Audible gift card you received via a Printed Card:

In another case, you might have received your gift as a promo code printed on a card, so you should follow the below steps and get your present.

  1. Open the Audible redeem gif page.
  2. Enter the gifted code.
  3. Then, you should sign in with your Amazon account details or make a new account if you do not have one.
  4. Then, you can access your membership, and spend your first credit.

How much is an Audible gift card?

The price of these gift memberships is exactly the same as when you want to buy them for yourself. It means it would vary based on the Audible plan you choose and its period. Also, sometimes you can buy them on sale and at lower prices, but basically, the prices are like this:

  • 12 months (1 credit per month for 12 months): $162.95
  • 6 months (1 credit per month for 6 months): $90.00
  • 3 months (1 credit per month for 3 months): $45.00
  • 1 month (1 credit per month for 1 month): $14.95


Can you give an Audible Gift to Someone Who’s Already Member?

Of course yes, because Audible allows existing members to use gifts.

Can you use an Audible Gift Card Without a Membership?

Again yes, only having an Audible or Amazon account is enough to use Audible gifts.

Does Audible have Physical Gift Cards?

No, there is no physical Audible gift card that you can buy from retail stores.

How Long do Audible Gift Cards Last?

Fortunately, there is no expiry and no time limitation on Audible gift cards.

Can Audible use Amazon gift card?

No Amazon gift card, code, or certificate can be used to buy an Audible gift card.

Does Target have Audible Gift Cards?

You are not able to buy Audible gift memberships or audiobooks from Target or any other online store.

Does Walmart have Audible Gift Cards?

Also, Audible gifts and books are not available in Walmart stores.

Does Best Buy have Audible Gift Cards?

And finally, I have to add that Audible does not sell its books and gifts in the Best Buy store.


Do you like to buy an Audible gift membership but do not know where to buy audible gift cards? Fortunately, that is not hard, as you read above, you need only to visit Audible’s official site, go to the Gift Center, and choose your favorite present. Also, there I have explained how to use your gift if you are that lucky person who received an audible gift card. But if you still have any problem doing that, please let us know by commenting on this post.

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