How to get top 9 on Instagram 2024

How to Get your Best Nine Instagram Photos of 2017

In this time of the year, you should get ready to see a lot of Instagram collages on your feed from your friends. These collages are easy to create. Normally at the end of each year, Instagram users share a collage or photo album of their Instagram top 9 posts, and this years is no exception. So here are the apps which help you  on how to get top 9 on Instagram.

How to get top 9 on Instagram

If you want to make a collage for your Instagram account, and share it to your feed. The best way to do this is to use the top nine website or app. With both an app and a website, Top Nine is a popular venue for Instagram users to generate their top nine grids.

Below is how to get your Instagram top 9 posts now:

  1. Head to https://topnine.co/
  2. Insert your Instagram username into the box “Instagram ”
  3. That’s it!

You will be given a few photo collage options to choose from. These options are:

  1. shows a count of how many posts you had in the year  2021 and how many likes they received.
  2. An aesthetical collage of your Instagram posts in 2021.

instagram top 9

If you want, you can share it on Facebook and twitter by the direct link. But if you’re going to share it on Instagram, you should save the photo to your phone and upload it like a regular post or story.


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