How to Gain more Instagram Followers as an Instagram Model?

Instagram has become the commonly used platform that you can rarely find someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account.  Every Instagram user likes to gain a lot of followers, but models must have many followers to be seen and popular.

“How to gain more Instagram followers” is a question that every Instagram user is trying to find its answer to! Most ways for getting more Instagram followers are the same for every Instagram user, but now we are going to focus on Instagram models specifically.

Why do models need to gain more Instagram followers?

Actually, the answer is clear! Instagram is a great platform to grab people’s attention and be popular. Models try to gain a lot of followers to both attract people’s attention and brands.

What brands are looking for is finding an Instagram influencer who is in touch with a lot of audiences and then offer them to advertise their products. Marketers would find it an effective way to grow their business and brand. Also, it is a good way for Instagram models to earn money by helping companies or businesses to promote their products.

Being a model is really enjoyable if you have a lot of followers too. You may have a lot followers at the moment, but you need to gain more Instagram followers for being successful.

Instagram model

Let’s go through some useful ways to gain more followers on Instagram as a model:

  • Post frequently

It is perfect to be consistent and post high-quality posts. A lot of people say you should post 1-3 times a day, but it is not useful if you don’t have a large number of followers. It is better to look after quality instead of quantity because your engagement rate is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while building awareness.

Also, test at what time your audience is most active, try different days and hours till you find the best time, create the schedule for a post not to miss it. You can use Stories to keep your fans engaged without filling their feeds with posts.

  • Post at the right time

Research shows that posting at 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. is the most effective time, and it has a high chance to be viewed. Also, weekends and especially Mondays are perfect to increase your Instagram engagement. Moreover, it depends on the area that you live in.

  • Have an attractive bio

Your bio is the first thing that should attract your audience, make sure it is complete, interesting, and attention-grabbing. Include relevant keywords and hashtags too.

  • Have a plan for your post’s style

Be unique in posting and follow a specific style to glow.

  • Follow and like other accounts

Follow, like, and comment on other accounts. If you want to attract people, you need to grab their attention and be interested in what they do. Follow them, like and comment on their pictures in a genuine way.

  • Use hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags! Use popular hashtags, especially at the beginning. The more popular Instagram hashtags, the higher the chance of gaining a follow back.

  • Use the best quality

Remember that quality beats quantity. Post attractive photos with high quality. No one would ever like to see pointless pictures and random shots.

  • Organize your Stories into Highlights

Whenever a follower visits on your profile, you have a short time to convince them to follow you. One way to do this is by using the “Highlights” feature on your profile to organize your Instagram. Since Stories have a 24-hour lifespan, Highlights can be used to give them a second life.

  • Try live video

Recording live video is a trend that is continuing to grow on social media. When the live video ends, you can let it disappear or choose to make it available for replay to your story for 24 hours. Users will get a notification when an account they follow starts to live, so Instagram live video grabs attention.

  • Run a contest

That’s a wise way to increase your engagement with your followers and have more interactions. Running season contests, sharing post contest, etc. might attract people. Don’t forget to introduce the winner in your Instagram post or story.

  • Join another Instagram model

Try to share a photo with another Instagram model, which is more popular than you and has a high engagement rate. Meet each other in a café or park and take a selfie. All you need to do is tagging each other on your Instagram post so, you have the chance to gain their followers too.

  • Gain new Instagram followers

Having a lot of followers matters to be popular as an Instagram model, because it would help you to be seen all around the world and more people would share your posts or talk about you.

It will be time-consuming if you are going to do all Instagram stuff such as gaining followers, liking, answering to comments, posting, etc. by yourself. So, you need to just focus on more important things like designing your clothes, choosing the right makeup, arranging a time with the photographer, etc. and leave Instagram stuff to an automation tool that would schedule Instagram posts, auto direct message, manage comments, etc.

Obviously, Instagram doesn’t provide these features, but an automation tool would be a good choice. By using an Instagram bot, you can set the best time to post on Instagram, and you will gain more likes, followers, and better engagement.

How to gain Instagram followers by an Instagram bot?

The best Instagram bot is Instazood, which can grow your account with real followers and increases your Instagram account’s engagement. You can take advantage of using Instagram bot by its services such as Auto direct message, Manage comments, Schedule posts, Instagram bot, etc.

Why is Instazood the best Instagram bot?

1.Full control

2.Safe to use

3.Mobile friendly

4.Customer support

5.Automate everything

Let’s go through some of Instazood’s services in detail that are useful for an Instagram model:

  1. Schedule post

Post scheduling

Unlimited posts

Unlimited cloud draft

Scheduling Post Deletion


Scheduling Pictures and Videos


Post Management

First Comment

  1. Comment tracker

Read new Comments

Online Commenting

Mark as Important

Comment History

Delete Comments

Mark as Resolved

  1. Auto direct message

Welcome DM

Custom List

DM to All Followers

  1. Buy likes and video view

Fast Delivery

Safe to Use

Future Post

That’s all! I recommend to start your growth today and enjoy the safe Instagram bot to watch your account grow every day. We are all ears to know about your experience with Instazood.

Good luck!

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