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Top 6 Snapchat Viewers: View Stories and Profiles Anonymously

This has surely happened to all of us that we became disappointed about not being able to view content on some Snapchat profiles. So, this text is written to help you how to view snapchat stories without them knowing and will introduce the most famous snapchat viewers. We’ve compiled a list of the top Snapchat  viewers that are sure to entertain and captivate you well. 

Can you view someone’s Snapchat without them knowing?

Fortunately, the answer is yes; you can view snapchat stories online without the snap owner knowing. There are different tricks you can use to reach this purpose, such as turning on your airplane mode, using a fake account, or using a friend’s account. But the easiest way to view snap stories anonymously is through a third-party snapchat viewer. If you do not know how to view snapchat stories without them knowing, keep reading.

There are some third-party apps to view snap stories anonymously, download Snapchat media, delete messages, and receive notifications if someone suddenly unfollowed you. Also, these apps are proper for those who do not have a Snapchat account but like to watch their friends’ Snaps.

6 Best snapchat viewers 2023

Previously, you read that it is possible to use different snapchat viewers and view snapchat stories online while the Snap owner does not know. And now I want to introduce some of the best snapchat story viewers.

  • Spyic

The top snapchat viewer that I want to introduce is Spyic. You can use this app on Android and iOS systems at an affordable price. Generally speaking, this app is famous for its 100% security and anonymity, and you can use it to access stories, posts, photos, and videos of other Snapchat users completely anonymously.

  • The TruthSpy

TruthSpy is the next efficient app you can use to view snap stories anonymously, especially the chats and media shared through this app. Also, I have to add that you can use this app as a good parental control mechanism on Android and iOS systems and benefit from its additional features, such as receiving Snapchat calls and alerts when you are unfollowed.

  • Cocospy

This application is more than a simple snapchat viewer as it offers other features, such as real-time location tracking. The monthly fee you should pay to use Cocospy as a snapchat viewer is affordable based on its abilities. Also, if you are an employer who wants to ensure your workers use corporate phones for business goals during working time, you can use this third-party app.

  • mSpy

Are you looking for a multi-language and easy-to-use tool? If so, mSpy is the best snapchat story viewer you can use. You pay only 99 USD monthly, and you can access stunning features, such as tracking device location, checking what your children publish on social media, and controlling their incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Spyzie

This app provides a 100% guarantee that you will remain anonymous when you are watching someone Snaps. So, no matter you are an Android or iOS user, if you are looking for a safe and effective snapchat viewer, you can try Spyzie.

  • Spyfone

Spyfone is my suggestion. Also, this app is a great option for those parents and business owners looking for a useful monitor gadget.

How does a snapchat viewer work?

While the answer to this question might be a bit different about various snapchat story viewers, the basic rule of all of them is that they give you remote access to all your targeted phone activities. If you do not choose a free app like Spyfone, you should buy it through the mentioned links and then follow the installation process of APK on your phone to reach your goal and view snapchat stories online and anonymously.


Is using a snapchat viewer legal?

The truth is that Snapchat is not an easy app to hack. So, while no one knows the exact answer, using these apps can be dangerous because your account might get banned.

Can someone see you viewed their Snapchat story if you block them?

When you block someone on Snapchat, he or she can not receive any notifications or sending from your side because you are no longer on each other’s friend list.

Does snapchat show how many times you view a story?

While this app shows the exact name of everyone who has opened your story, it does not show how many times you view a story. 

How to see your snapchat story views?

You can watch your Snapchat story from the “My Stories” section at the top left corner of your page and tap on your intended story.


While there are different ways to reach this goal, using snapchat viewers is the most popular one. If you do not know how to use these third-party apps and view snap stories anonymously, read the above text and learn about all the essential details.

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