The Best Post Construction Cleaning Guide

For any building construction or renovation, unused material and dust produced by construction tools should be cleaned and removed from the environment, as they can cause further air pollution in the atmosphere and damage our estate values. In this case, post construction cleaning services are ready to cleanse anything seemed useless or contaminated.

How to use post construction cleaning after finishing our building? In this post, we will hear more about the following topics;

  • The definition of post construction cleaning
  • The cost of utilizing post construction cleaning
  • The steps of running a post construction cleaning procedure
  • How to work with post construction checklist
  • Best post construction cleaning services
post construction cleaning

What is post construction cleaning?

For the construction to be completely over, more additional works must be done before the key’s final turn-over. This means you need to clean the entire place and get rid of any construction debris, which can be an energy-consuming process for you.

As it tells us from the title, “post construction cleaning” is a process of clearing the space after the construction is completed. Construction contractors may do a general cleaning step on their own, but they are not made to manage more detailed, professional, and also necessary cleaning work. Unlike most of our beliefs, post construction cleaning is not just sweeping the floors; it can be as extensive as cleaning all elements of a building, from top to bottom.

How much does post construction cleaning cost?

The cost of post construction cleaning services mostly depends on the area of your built or renovated place or the time needed to clean it completely. As a result, most post construction cleaning companies will ask you for an average charge of between $0.10 and $0.50 per square foot or $30 to $50 per hour. For example, cleaning a 3000-square-foot home will cost you around $300 to $1,500, which is economical in most cases.

For more detailed information, we can break down post construction cleaning into several smaller workouts with their related costs here;

  • Rough cleaning: $0.11 – $0.18 per square feet
  • Soft cleaning: $0.15 – $0.60 per square feet
  • Carpet cleaning: $100 to $280 for each carpet
  • Floor waxing: $1.00 – $1.70 per square feet
  • HVAC cleaning: $250 – $500
  • Touch-ups: $0.05 – $0.15 per square feet
  • Window cleaning: $3 to $12 per window

Note that the cost of cleaning windows will be doubled for exterior work above the second floor.

The next parameter for estimating the final payment to post construction cleaning services is the city your estate is located in. For example, cities like California, New York, and Missouri are considered the “heaven of post construction cleaning services.” At the same time, you can find less expensive cleaning offers in Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

How is post construction cleaning done?

Why should we accept such a payment for post construction cleaning? As explained earlier, the process can include cleansing all aspects and dimensions of your building, such as floors, walls, roofs, and windows. When you hire a post construction cleaning company, you can freely ask them to;

  1. Wash the walls and make them free from marks, dirt, and smudges
  2. Run a trim cleaning process
  3. Perform a complete dusting of ceilings, lights, and fans
  4. Remove plastics and sticks from furniture, windows, and doors
  5. Clean all appliances, cabinets, and shelves from inside and out
  6. Address any mistakes, safety issues, and constructional defects to the contractors
  7. Make proper disposal of trash and debris

What are the steps that go into post construction cleaning?

Post construction cleaning services may have a different cleansing schedule according to their equipment, level of experience, and expertise, but the general backbone can be defined as the combination of three main phases as the following;

  1. Rough cleaning

In the first phase of the cleaning journey, large pieces such as debris, trash, leftover materials, and other items should be removed from the environment: general vacuuming and sweeping will on the next step. Workers must pay attention that some remnant materials can be recycled, so they must be packed separately from the real debris.

  1. Soft cleaning

The most difficult phase of post construction cleaning is soft cleaning, which requires a lot of energy and tools. At this level, installed appliances and spaces with more detailed specifications are being targeted, which means workers have to clean toilets, kitchens, restrooms, cabinets, and fragile objects of the house that must be cleaned carefully. This is why companies need to hire professional staff for cleaning.

Some fragments of built or renovated buildings will also be reviewed in this phase; for example, the cleaning crew must ensure that air ducts have no minor or major fractures and are efficient enough to vacuum all the smudge and fume generated by heating devices from the internal space. Plumbing and electric systems also have to be checked in terms of quality.

  1. Final check

Touch-up cleaning is the last step of post construction cleaning services. Here, the staff is going to detect any settled smudge or dust on the walls, roofs, and floors so that no evidence of construction should have remained. The full cleaning process needs a lot of time to be done greatly because construction contractors are already focused on creating the building, and the additional load of cleaning up their mess is such a burden. As a result, a professional cleaning crew must be hired to disappear any dust and smudge from the space with their magic wand.

What is A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist?

Post construction cleaning resembles making an aircraft ready for flight, so it must be a checklist not to miss even a simple item. Therefore, a post construction cleaning checklist is a detailed document where the different areas of the workplace are categorized to facilitate the cleaning method. This will help workers to make sure all aspects of a full post construction cleaning procedure are performed without skimming a single item.

What to include in your post construction cleaning checklist?

A building consists of different and separate rooms, so we can set several checkpoints to the number of spaces we have to clean. To create a better phantasm of post construction cleaning checklist, let’s have a comprehensive approach to it;

Entrances and exits

  1. Dusting and exterior cleaning lights
  2. Wiping down the windows and window frames
  3. Polish any hard flooring
  4. Sweeping and cleaning the porches
  5. Sweeping entrance walkways
  6. Make sure all doors, door frames, and doorknobs are cleaned perfectly
  7. Adding a welcome mat

Common areas

  1. Collecting trash
  2. Make sure all lights are working and dustless.
  3. Removing paint drops on the floors or scuff marks on the walls
  4. Power washing doors and doorframes
  5. Cleaning the windowsills


  1. Removing debris and trash
  2. Sanitizing toilets, sinks, and tubs
  3. Wiping down the mirrors, cabinets, and counters
  4. Cleaning all of the countertops and backsplashes
  5. Mopping floors carefully
  6. Cleaning windows, baseboards, light fixtures, doorknobs


  1. Sweeping and mopping floors
  2. Removing trash
  3. Dust all shelves and counters
  4. Cleaning all of the countertops and backsplashes
  5. Cleaning the indoor appliances
  6. Washing windows, window sills, and window tracks


  1. Cleaning inside closets
  2. Dusting grates and vents
  3. Removing paint from hinges
  4. Dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans

Outdoor spaces

  1. Removing all trash from the premises
  2. Cleaning garage door and mailbox
  3. Dusting all handrails and banisters
  4. Washing the walkways
  5. Emptying all trash cans

Best post construction cleaning services

Post construction cleaning is a process of burning tons of calories, so you need to choose the best services to work for you. In this paragraph, we will introduce the top six post construction cleaning services as you wish;

  1. Sentral Services

I know you are absolutely short on budget, but Sentral Services is a golden opportunity to make your area cleaned and mopped. They will remove all remained debris and provide top-quality post-construction cleaning services that deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Extra Clean, Inc.

If you are looking for a company using the latest cleaning technology, just rely on Extra clean corporation. With more than 30 years of experience, the company can provide any basic and premium cleaning services you wish to have.

  1. Palmetto Services

With a cleaning experience of over 60 years, Palmetto Services is a great option for those customers who think not many post construction cleaning services are good enough. The company will provide a customized quote for you and ask you probing questions so that they can write a detailed post construction cleaning checklist for your location. You can contact 888-634-7170 to make an appointment with the staff.

  1. Final Touch Cleaning Services

Final Touch Cleaning Services is the best in its category as a locally owned janitorial service group. The company offers an array of interior and exterior services, including indoor and outdoor sweeping, lawn maintenance, power washing, and even more. You will be satisfied by the Final Touch Cleaning Services’ high-quality workout and upfront payments.

  1. Marathon Building Services

As the name tells you, cleaning a building is a real marathon, so hiring a company that knows the rules of marathons better than others is better. The company consists of dedicated professionals trained to handle companies’ specialized cleaning needs throughout several industries. Therefore, customer service and quality are the most important goals in Marathon Building Services.

  1. My Cleaning Services

The largest female-owned business in Baltimore, My cleaning Services can meet the demands of even the fussiest customers on the planet. The company is committed to helping people with almost any cleaning services, such as post construction cleaning, flood clean-up, green cleaning, and janitorial services.

You can also get a helpful hand from different websites (such as and to know your local post construction cleaning services.


Thank you for reading. Post construction cleaning services have a mission to erase any additional and useless material from your construction workplace. Hence, you don’t need to focus on cleaning rather than making your building with great attention. To light the pathway of exterior and interior cleaning, these companies use a post construction cleaning checklist consisting of any item programmed to be done by the workers.

What are the best post construction cleaning services near me? Just mention your location on or similar websites, and you will be taken to a page with a list of nearby post construction cleaning services.

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