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What are the best Instagram ip grabbers

If you want to find out someone’s location, the best way is to understand his IP address. While you can not find their specific home address, it will help you know about the city they live in. Most of the websites and social media applications we use try to keep this kind of information hidden.

Instagram is an example that keeps the user’s IP addresses hidden for some privacy reasons. So, if you want to find out the IP address of an Instagram user, you need to use different Instagram IP grabbers.

Here, we will talk about different Instagram IP Grabber services and how you can find someone’s Instagram IP address.

What is an Instagram IP Grabber?

Instagram does not allow you to find the IP addresses of its users publicly. So, you have to find a different way to gain access to the IP address of Instagram users. The first way is to get the Instagram user to visit another website to find the IP address easily. When someone visits your chosen website, the site will save the IP address, and you can enter the database to get it.

Totally, there are two ways to grab someone’s IP address. First, you can decide to use an IP-grabbing service (a professional or a simple one) or use your technical skills and develop your script.

Let’s talk about both of them.

What are the best Instagram IP grabbers?

Engineer’s Toolset Open Port Scanner – FREE TRIAL

There is a package of more than 60 network management facilities named The Engineer’s Toolset from SolarWinds. One important service that you can use is the Open Port Scanner.

You can use the Open Port Scanner to scan all devices with the same IP address range. On the other hand, you could enter a wide range and get a complete system sweep. While it scans the network, It is a complex tool that you can use as a network discovery tool. It could register each in-use IP address and scan the detected device’s ports.

General features:

  • Sweeps a network to locate devices
  • Browses the ports on all detected devices
  • For conciseness, only posts open ports
  • Divide ports as ‘Available’ or ‘Used’
  • Straightforward, easy-to-read design


  • Distinguishes if ports are acting as UDP or TCP
  • United into a set of network management tools
  • Swift and reliable network sweeps
  • Works on demand


  • Not enduringly free, only you can use its free version for a 14-day trial

 ManageEngine OpUtils – FREE TRIAL

The next network monitoring and management tool is ManageEngine OpUtils, which you can use as an Instagram IP grabber, too. This tool provides you services like IP address manager, switch port mapper, and port scanner. ManageEngine provides a 30-day free trial if you pay and buy the OpUtils edition.

You can use both the free and paid versions of OpUtils on Windows Server and Linux.

OpUtils General features:

  • ICMP Ping, SNMP Ping, and Proxy Ping
  • TraceRoute for network path research
  • A network scanner for device detection
  • A DNS resolver to transmute within allotted IP addresses and hostnames
  • A MAC address resolver to get the MAC address of an allotted IP address


  • Gives a set of tools that provide WoL, IP address management, and physical switch port mapping
  • Collects hostname, device status, and MAC address alongside IP address scans
  • Recognizes new machines by autodiscovery, excellent for more extensive deployments
  • Possible to use on both Windows server and Linux


  • ManageEngine is a great monitoring platform that suggests tools and features collection, but you have to spend much time exploring fully.


There is another popular port scanner called Nmap, which stands for Network Mapper. You can use this open-source tool to perform any kind of active network reconnaissance against a target with a great deal of flexibility and power. Also, when you use Nmap, you can craft packets and transfer them to a particular destination and make the software investigate the response.

It is not a good choice for beginners, as it could be a bit intimidating because of different scanning combinations that will cause different results.

What you can do with Nmap generally:

  • Scan a target choice, for example, a particular IP, a host-name, a range, etc.
  • Browse a port selection, like a particular port or a range.
  • Discover specific services and OSs.
  • Make NSE scripts.
  • A particular feature of Nmap is several “Port Scan Types” like TCP Connect, TCP SYN Scan.


  •  Administrators can use this double security tool to discover open ports and applications communicating over suspicious ports.
  • It is a massive open-source among free security tools available.
  • Provides a GUI version, Zenmap, which reduces the difficulty to enter for new users.


  • It is hard for new users
  • Nmap be overkill to do simple tasks

Advanced IP Scanner

You can use this portable, easy-to-use, and free network scanner on Windows. Advanced IP Scanner is easy to install, press play, and use one of the most robust scanners. As this tool enables you to see a list of network devices with information such as IP, Port, Manufacturer, MAC Address, OS, you can use it as an Instagram IP grabber.

It is a fast scanner that detects all the devices in a targeted browser in a short time and gives easy access to their shared resources through HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or shared files.

General features:

  • Secure access to network shares.
  • Qualify devices through Radmin and RDP.
  • Turn on/off computers remotely.
  • Get the MAC addresses.
  • Send all scan files to a CSV source.


  • You can use it without paying.
  • Very simple to use, excellent for smaller networks
  • Gives hostnames, MAC addresses, and business statistics


  • Requires multiple export forms
  • No graphic support to visualize traffic or devices
  • Not the most suitable option for business networks

How to use a simple Instagram IP address finder?

Below, I will introduce some websites that you can simply use to extract information like IP addresses and GPS location data.


Grabify is the most famous Instagram IP grabber. You can use this IP Logger to keep track of anyone who has clicked your links. It is a helpful service to find IPs from Facebook, Twitter, friends on other sites and is simple to use.

  • First: Search this link:
  • Second: Enter your wanted link to a webpage into the Grabify website and select the “Create URL” option.
  • Third: Now, you will see a new tracking link like Here are two options; one to use the custom domain or change it to another less recognizable one.
  • Fourth: To reuse IP addresses that have clicked on your Grabify link, save tracking code or access link.

IP logger

The next choice is to use IP Logger URL Shortener. It provides an IP lookup grabber to track and log IP addresses and GPS locations.

  • First: Search the IP logger address.
  • Second: There are different options like Location Tracker, URL Shortener, Invisible Image. Choose which one you need.
  • Third: Imagine you want to use a URL Shortener. Insert your URL and click to get the IPLogger code.
  • Fourth: It is time to copy Your IPLogger link for accumulating statistics, no need to enter BB code.
  • Last: Save the IPLogger ID as you need it to access logger statistics. Also, later you can use it to retrieve logged IP Addresses.


Another simple option that you can use as an Instagram IP Grabber is Blasze.

  • First: Find Blasze address.
  • Second: Insert the new URL or Tracking Code that you want to follow and click submit.
  • Third: Copy the Tracking Link that will appear.
  • Fourth: Save the Access Code as you will need it to retrieve logged IP addresses later.
  • Last: You can copy the Access Code to its address to retrieve logged IP addresses.

Use Your IP Grabbing Site

If you are an expert with experience in developing websites, it is time to purchase a convincing domain name.

But before buying the domain name, think about how you want to satisfy your target to check your website, so be careful to buy a convincing one. Also, make sure to develop a script that is beneficial in getting their IP address, and you should not use further technology.


In the above text, you can read about how to find out the IP address of your target without using Instagram. We have described the two best methods and their details. You can read about different useful tools, from easy to expert ones to use as an Instagram IP Grabber.

Just be careful that you do not use this extracted information for malicious acts. Because that is a cybercriminal act.


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