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Permanently banned from tiktok 2022 (How to recover your account?)

All TikTok users, most of all those who put daily content and have more followers know that nothing is more terrifying than facing a permanently banned TikTok account. It might happen to all of us that TikTok has been actively suspending our accounts because of different reasons. Do not worry because I will tell you how to recover your account that is permanently banned from TikTok. Continue reading and learn more.

Why am I permanently banned from tiktok?

permanently banned from tiktok

Generally, TikTok started banning accounts after its $5.3 million payment as a settlement fee to FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Before that, TikTok was breaking the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and anyone could have a TikTok account. But, after the settlement with FTC, TikTok started to ban all the users under 13. While the basic rule was good, many users over 13 faced their banned accounts. The reason was that some of them had set up accounts with a fake birth date or did not have anything to verify their age. 

Also, there is another reason that you might face a tiktok ban. For example, if you publish offensive content on a platform that does not meet the TikTok guidelines, they can ban your account.

TikTok users surely put so much effort into creating all those fascinating videos. Some users even try to get the best sites to buy TikTok followers to stay on the top. All TikTok users, most of all those who put daily content and have more followers know that nothing is more terrifying than facing a permanently banned TikTok account.

Can you recover a permanently banned from tiktok?

As I mentioned above when TikTok bans your account, it is because you have violated one of TikTok’s community guidelines. If it was about the age limitation, it is easier to solve the problem and get back to your account. But if you have published content that does not meet the TikTok guidelines, the chances of recovering the account are slightly lower. So if you have been permanently banned from tiktok, first you have to find the reason then try to solve it.

How To Get A Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back?

Now that you know the reasons that your TikTok account might get permanently banned, it is time to go through different ways to recover it.

  • Contact TikTok Customer Support

If your account is banned temporarily, you can contact TikTok customer support as you received the ban email from TikTok. But pay attention that it is possible, just in case you have access to your TikTok profile and Report a Problem option. 

  • Provide a Proof of Your Age

Sometimes you are permanently banned from tiktok because you have entered an incorrect age while setting up your TikTok accounts. TikTok gives you this chance to share a Government ID proof with the official customer support at TikTok, and verify your correct age.

How to appeal tiktok ban?

If TikTok banned your account because of violating the guidelines, but you think it is not true and is a misunderstanding, you can appeal to the TikTok ban. In this case, you have to email an appeal to TikTok, and the most effective, in this case, is [email protected]. Also, some other email addresses might be useful for you, such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Remember that you are sending an appeal to return your account, so be polite and do not use hateful speech. Just explain your claims in detail and tell them why you think your account banning was unfair.

While you have to convince them to return your account when you email, it is wishful thinking that they will get your account back tomorrow. They receive many appeals each day, and it might take time to reach yours.

How long does temporarily tiktok ban last

TikTok permanent ban is the most serious ban by TikTok as it would stop you from using your account forever. If you have broken its guidelines numerous times or others report you a lot, you might be permanently banned from tiktok. If you want to know how long does tiktok ban last, unfortunately, I have to say that if you can not solve this problem it is forever.

Why was addison rae permanently banned from tiktok?

One of the hottest news of 2021 was about the temporarily TikTok banned account of Addison Rae. She shared a screenshot on her Twitter that showed her account had been banned. The screenshot showed that Rae’s account was permanently banned because of the multiple violations of Community Guidelines. While no boy knows what guidelines the influencer violated, her account was back online some hours later.

permanently banned from tiktok

What are banned tiktok videos?

As you read previously, there are some contents against the TikTok guidelines, and if you publish such content, they will ban your account. Here is a list of these banned tiktok videos:

  • Videos that threatens public safety
  • Videos with sexually explicit content
  • Videos that depicts or glorifies self-harm
  • Violent or Graphic videos
  • Illegal activity videos


One of the most important questions that all TikTok users might face is why am i permanently banned from tiktok. If you want to find the answer to this question and a lot more information about this topic, read the above text.

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