How to fix iPhone not ringing NOW (Fast and Easy)

Smartphones have several tools and facilities, making some of them exclusive in the markets. However, the main common task between these devices would be “to call people and be able to ring when they call you.”

Although the crucial impact of vocal communication has decreased in importance in the last decade, many social media platforms still have a voice call option for users and royal people. According to that, what should I do when my iPhone is not ringing? How can we overcome the situation then? In this text, we will answer these mysterious questions.

  • Why won’t my phone ring?
  • The common causes of making an iPhone not ringing
  • How to fix iPhone not ringing? (This will be separately explained in iPhone not ringing when called and iPhone not ringing when locked)

Why is my iPhone not ringing?

Several parameters can make your iPhone not ringing; some of them are problematic enough to be considered seriously. Like many other smartphones, iPhones also have the potential to stop working when we need to hear ring the call of the person we are waiting for it. The main causes which can make your iPhone not ringing can be classified like this:

  • Active Do Not Disturb feature
  • Ringtone-related issues
  • The caller is blocked
  • Troublesome third-party call blockers
  • Connected Bluetooth audio devices
  • Active silent mode

For those guys wondering, “why is my iPhone not ringing?” we will review all these possible reasons in the next sections. Also in :”adjust iPhone alarm volume“, you can learn how to change, lower and adjust the alarm volume.

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iPhone not ringing when called

What to do when my iPhone is not ringing for incoming calls? The most cause of this situation is your ringtone. Note that a deleted or corrupted ringtone can prevent your phone from ringing when someone calls. Furthermore, it is recommended to set a unique ringtone for those people who have a different kind of relationship with you. Never forget to check the volume of your tone because it can be unintentionally decreased in many cases.

iPhone not ringing when locked

All smartphones have the ability to set their Ring/Silent switch in the silent position when there is no need to hear the ring of phone calls. Make sure this has not happened to your phone unless you have to reset it. The Ring/Silent switch can be found on the phone’s left side, above the volume controls. It should be closer to the screen. It is set to silent if it is flipped down (with a red band visible).

How to fix iPhone not ringing?

If you have a question like “why isn’t my phone ringing?” in your brain, this means that there is also a related answer somewhere else. To see why won’t my phone ring, ten solutions are listed here as a helping hand for you;

  1. Turn off the Silent mode

Sometimes, people set their iPhone on the vibrate-only mode and will probably forget to disable it later. If this is true about your iPhone, you can simply fix it by putting your phone back in ring mode by pushing up the Ring/Silent switch, which is at the top-left edge above the volume buttons.

  1. Make sure your “Do Not Disturb” feature is disabled

The Do Not Disturb (DND) option is similar to the Airplane mode, except all your communication connections are still available. As a result, an active DND feature will disable sound and vibration for call, text, and app notifications. To solve the “iPhone not ringing” trouble caused by DND, open your control center and see if the crescent moon icon is purple with its box lit up. If purple, it indicates that DND is enabled, and you need to tap on it to turn it off.

  1. Increase your ringtone volume

As time passes and you engage more with your default ringtone, your brain sometimes “filters” the sound of your iPhone when somebody calls you, leading to asking yourself why my iPhone is not ringing. If you hear only a faint, hardly heard tone for incoming calls, you can fix it by just increasing its volume by the following;

  1. Open your phone, go to the “Settings” app, and click on “Sounds & Haptics” (or “Sounds” in older iOS versions)
  2. Now, drag the “Ringer and Alerts” slider to the right and make your ringtone closer to the max volume.

If you have experienced touching your volume buttons accidentally, you can turn off the “Change with Buttons” feature on the same screen. When it is disabled, the volume buttons only change the volume for media, not your ringtone.

  1. Turn off “Silence Unknown Callers” on your phone

If you are using an iPhone running iOS 13 or later, there is a “Silence Unknown Callers” feature that mutes all incoming calls that are not included in your contact list. It also suppresses rings for people you have never contacted or received their phone number (via call, text, or email). To disable the mentioned option on your iPhone, this method will be useful for you;

  1. Go to the “Settings” app and click on “Phone.”
  2. If you see an “On” word next to the “Silence Unknown Callers” tab, click on this field and turn the slider off from the next screen.
  1. Restart your phone

This is the method that you automatically see in many “how to fix” posts on the web because it usually works for software bugs in most cases. By restarting your phone (which is a combination of shutting down and turning your phone on again), all temporary activities running throughout your iPhone will be ceased. Hopefully, it will make your phone ring like its first day.

  1. Disconnect Bluetooth audio devices

Apple has developed wireless audio devices like AirPods for better performance. Still, the problem is if you leave one of these auxiliary devices connected to your phone, they can usually cause your iPhone not ringing when you exactly need it. This issue especially happens when you use non-Apple earbuds, which are not automatically sensed when you wear them.

  1. Check for custom contact ringtones

The ringtone you set on your iPhone applies to all of your contacts unless you have customized the tone for special guys. If you think the iPhone not ringing error is just for certain calls and not a general issue, follow these steps to ensure their custom tone is clear:

  1. First, open your “contact” or “phone” app and go to your contacts list.
  2. Next, click on the contact name you suspect of having a ringing problem.
  3. If you see a “Ringtone” section on the screen, this means that you have added a custom tone for this person. Choose “Ringtone,” select a different tone for them, and click on “Done” to confirm the changes.
  1. Third-party call blockers

Many users have installed spam blocking and call identification apps to prevent any disturbance from unknown people around them. However, these third-party applications can interfere with your phone’s ordinary call system, contributing to hearing no ring when a friend calls you. To close all of your unnecessary tools, follow these steps;

  1. Pick up your phone, go to the Settings app, and click on the “Phone” tab.
  2. Select “Call Blocking & Identification”
  3. Finally, turn off any call identification apps you see on the screen.
  1. Choose a different or louder ringtone

To be honest, some ringtones are not loud enough to be heard when there is a crowd or on the streets. In this case, changing your set ringtone and choosing a louder one would be a nice option. Follow these steps to do the refinement;

  1. Open your Settings app, and click on the “Sounds & Haptics” tab on the screen.
  2. Now choose “Ringtone.”
  3. Here, you can choose a different sound from the ringtone list. When you find a suitable ringtone, click on the “Back” button.
  1. Check carefully if you have blocked the caller

The nature of blocking someone is not receiving any calls or messages since you start the ban. It is possible that you blocked a person by accident or no longer need to have them blocked. To check our hypothesis, take the steps below;

  1. Open your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app on the main screen, and click the “Phone” tab.
  2. Now, scroll down and click on “Blocked Contacts.”
  3. Here you can see a list of blocked contacts, which you can swipe left on the desired entry and choose the “Unblock” option.

What If My iPhone still Won’t Ring?

Even the hottest glowing furnaces sometimes cannot melt the ironstone. If you still have the “iPhone not ringing” problem after trying the available methods in the previous paragraphs, it is time to do something special; maybe, you need to update your iPhone or visit an Apple’s supporting clinic to check minor causes (like iPhone stuck in headphone mode). Make sure you have tried all free solutions to resolve the issue “why isn’t my phone ringing” or you need to spend money to fix that.


People asking, “why is my iPhone not ringing” can try all the methods explained above, as they are working on almost any old and new iPhone versions. The “iPhone not ringing” problem is a common headache that any iOS user experiences, so just stay calm and follow our methods to solve it. If you fail, take your device to one of the official Apple offices, and they will hopefully help with your trouble.

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