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What are the best Instagram stalker apps 2022?

Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to take, edit and share photos, short and long videos. Probably +80% of all the politicians, celebrities, and athletes use Instagram. It makes this platform much more popular than ever. Instagram allows you to be up to date on the latest events that happened to your loved ones. You can follow your friends and families on Instagram to see their photos and videos.

All the great features of Instagram have attracted more than a billion users to this platform.

Some users are very obsessed with the viewers who Take a look at their profile and pictures. Instagram itself does not allow you to know who has viewed your profile or your posts. But for stories, there’s an exception. Once you post a story, you can see who has seen it, but that’s the only way you can see the stalkers. There is no in-app feature with which you can track the stalkers of your profile.

But no worries, we use third-party tools to find out who has been stalking our photos and posts on Instagram. With the help of Instagram stalker apps, this becomes possible.

What are Instagram stalker apps?

Using Instagram stalker apps, you will know who has been stalking you on Instagram. You can easily expose all your account’s stalkers. You can get their username as well. You can also message them or do anything you want with them. Once you have their username, you can also block them so they won’t be able to see your posts and stories anymore.

Stalkers are annoying users whose intention is to spy on your account. Some users prevent this by making their account private, but if your account is public, stalkers can easily fly over your account like a drone and spy on your posts without following you. So the intention of a stalker is not to become your follower but to check you out.

For a hardcore digital marketer, using the best Instagram stalker apps might be relative as they can DM a stalker and talk to them directly to turn them into a follower or a potential customer. It is absolutely possible once you get their username through Instagram stalker apps.

Keep in mind once you put in your username and password into an Instagram stalker app, they might sell your information to marketing companies later on.

So if you don’t like it, you probably should refuse to use Instagram stalker apps.

Some users are curious to know who is unfollowing them in order to gain more followers and to maintain a good unfollowing vs. following ratio. For this specific purpose, the stalking apps might be helpful. But one should be aware of the fact also that these apps will have all your Instagram information.

Though they promise they will not do anything with your Instagram profile, in actuality, they have your complete data, which they can sell to other companies. So, it is wise not to use these kinds of apps.

But if you still want to know the collection of apps which is helpful for checking who viewed your Instagram profile, post, or videos. Then you should finish this article by the end.

Do Instagram stalker apps work?

Many Instagram apps are fake and don’t work as they are developed to gain some ad revenue. Or even worse, they are built to steal your Instagram information. So once you open the app, it shows you random and fake profiles. The main purpose of developers of these apps is either ad revenue or your Instagram username and password. Some computer experts believe all the Instagram stalker apps do not fetch such information through the Instagram API so whatever they show is unreal.

So if you wanna see if your ex is stalking your profile, you probably should look for more authentic Instagram stalker apps.

One Instagram employee was asked whether these Instagram stalker Apps Work, and he replied, “We do not comment on specific apps. Our terms of conditions make it clear we don’t support this third party use case.”

So Instagram doesn’t share that specific data with Instagram stalker apps, so whatever the third-party apps show is absolutely fake

However, some Instagram stalker apps still claim that they show who is stalking your profile. If you are persistent in knowing the real apps, I suggest you run a test after installing a stalker.

You simply stalk your profile with another person’s Instagram and see if the Instagram stalker app shows the stalking profile. It is that simple 🙂

Are Instagram stalker apps safe?

Yes and no! As we already said, many of these apps don’t care about your privacy. The only thing they want is money, so if one day somebody asks for your information in return for some cash, they probably won’t hesitate to sell your info. We always suggest you read all the comments before installing any Instagram stalker app. Don’t download these apps from an official website; your only safe resource is either Google Play or the App Store.

What are the best Instagram stalker apps?

Now finally, here we are. After telling you all the warnings and Bloody possibilities, it’s time to tell you what are the best Instagram stalker apps.

  • FollowMeter for Instagram

This app is all about who is stalking your profile. You can easily put a spotlight on your ghost followers with FollowMeter for Instagram. Besides, you can have insights about your followers and unfollowers. You can track your unfollowers as well. The good news about this app is that it has more than 1 million downloads, so there are plenty of comments to read through before downloading it.

  • Follower Insight for Instagram

Using this app, you can easily get to know your ghost visitors. This app allows you to know the stalker’s username so you can block them.

With more than 100 downloads, this one looks less promising than FollowMeter for Instagram, but it still does the job.

The UI of this app is beginner-friendly, and you can easily get the hang of it.

  • Find My Stalker

The name of this app is very self-explanatory. Some users believe that the results shown in this app are the most accurate, so it makes us less skeptical. If you want to find the annoying stalker of your profile, this app might be the right one for you.

Find my stalker shows who is your buddy, secret admirer, and untrue followers. It also shows who has seen your photos and posts.

If you want to track your unfollowers and inactive followers, find my stalker can help you with that as well.

This app offers many more premium features, but the free version can still be useful.

  • InReports

Another stalker tracker is InReports. This app offers quite a few helpful features like a story performance analyzer as well. On the first page of the app, you’ll see insights about your posts, your overall account performance, photos, stories, profile viewers and narrative stalkers, etc.

You can also download posts and photos from Instagram with InReports.

This app has more than 100K downloads on Google Play which is decent for such apps.


Using Instagram stalker apps, you can see your ghost followers, inactive followers, unfollowers, and annoying stalkers. But many of these apps do not show real profiles as Instagram itself has claimed that they don’t share such data with third-party apps. That is why you should test any Instagram stalker app that you want to install on your phone.

Also, keep in mind that many of these apps sell your information to other companies.

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