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How to Hide Friends on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most famous online social media and networking services supported by an American multinational technology company. As a user, you can access Facebook with any device that you like. Just, you need an Internet connection for your PC, tablets, or smartphone. One of the best points about Facebook is that you can hide friends on Facebook.

Here, I will tell you how to hide friends on Facebook and control who can view your friend’s list.

Why Would I Hide My Friends List on Facebook?

I think the main reason that a person might need to hide his dear ones is privacy. But, you might choose to hide your Facebook friend to avoid struggle amongst contacts who may hate each other.

How to Hide Friends On Facebook Using a Desktop

You might hear this news that from 2021, Facebook sets all accounts Freind’s List automatically as public. It means everyone can access your Friend List information. Here, I want to teach you how to hide friends on FB if you use a desktop. You can do that simple action if you follow the below steps:

  •  Click on the arrow pointing down on the top right-hand side of the screen on the home page and access an account’s profile settings.
  • Now, you have to choose Settings & Privacy from the drop-down list.
  • Find Settings and click on that.
  •  You will find the Privacy setting on the left-hand side, and you need to click it.

  • Now, you can see a part named How People Find and Contact You. If you click it, you will find a setting called Who can see your friends list? 

  • Tick Edit.
  • Turn the setting from the current state to Only Me or Friends if you want to private the link to your friends and not those not among your contacts.

  • Lastly, tap on Save.

It is good to know that hiding friends on Facebook do not mean blocking the friend list on Facebook. And you can not prevent hidden friends from seeing your posts in their news feed.

How to Hide the Friends on Facebook from a Mobile Device

You can change the privacy settings for the friend’s list on Facebook from your mobile device, and it is so similar to what you do on the desktop in 2021. If you want to step up your privacy on the go, you can use this method as a quick solution. The following instructions explain how to hide friends on Facebook from a mobile device.

  1. Access the app and find the three parallel dots, then click that and see the menu. Now, tap the menu while you are on the Facebook home page. You might find different locations for this button depending on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen and choose the Settings & Privacy option.
  3. Select the Settings option.
  4. Locate the part titled Privacy.
  5. Tap on Privacy Settings.
  6. Find the part named How People Find and Contact You.
  7. Tick on Who can see your friends list?
  8. Switch the current setting to Only me.

There is no need to save the changes on the mobile version of the app. The app will automatically do that when you select the setting.

If you are an iPhone user and want to hide friends on Facebook you can use the above steps.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook from Another One?

If you want to conceal your Facebook friends from all people, you can use the previous methods. But if you need to keep just one or a few people from viewing your Facebook friends list, you should use a different ordeal.

When you want to hide your Facebook friends list from the view of particular people, you have to follow the identical actions as noted earlier for the desktop and mobile versions.

Just, you have to notice one simple exception that is about the last step. For the final action, you have to choose a different option when you want to change the settings from the current setup to Only me. There you have to select the option titled Friends except… or Specific friends. No matter which selection is more convenient for you, both of them will accomplish the goal.

You can choose your friends with no limitation, and everyone can see your friends list except the specific contacts you select.

Also, you can do this from the opposite side. For example, you can use the Specific friend’s option to block the list’s view to everyone, except some people that you select manually.

Can I Hide My Mutual Friends on Facebook?

The answer is so. While you can control your friend’s list on Facebook, you can not hide mutual friends from anyone on Facebook. The Mutual Friends title on Facebook is a piece of the app that you can not change.


If you are among Facebook users, you might want to know about hiding your friend’s list from others. In the above paragraphs, I told you how to do so, whether you connect to your Facebook account from a desktop or mobile app. But pay attention, while there are different options for social media to keep information private, it is not risk-free.

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