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Benefits of Social Media for Students

There is a lot of talk these days about how social media is very dangerous because at the very least it forces people to constantly try to follow someone else’s ideal life that other people are showing online, but they don’t really think about what’s really behind that picture. There is such a thing as Instagram-induced anxiety, which has not yet become an official diagnosis, but is used in psychotherapy to identify the cause of the problem and protect a person from its harmful effects. Not one article has been written on the topic of the harm of social networks, or at least spending time in them for a long time, but today we want to talk about a different topic, what are the benefits of social networks for students, and how you can use this international power to your advantage.

What are the Benefits of Social Media for Students?

It is no secret that social media has become an integral part of our lives, especially for students. But how exactly does it help them in their studies and in their day-to-day lives? Below we will explore the various benefits that social media can bring to students and how they can take advantage of it to improve their academic performances.

  • Global Networking

We are sure that you have heard such a thing as networking, that is, establishing friendly, in the future professional relationships with various specialists in various fields, meeting people with whom you will study together in the future or create a business and who can recommend you in their business sphere or buy some goods or services from you. Previously, networking was limited to professional meetings, mostly offline, but now networks have turned into a global networking system, where you are simultaneously online with several million people and know enough about them, and they know you well enough to recommend you to some work, get to know each other better on a project, and get to know you better as a person through the content you post and the comments you leave. If you are quite professionally active in social networks, then there is a high probability that this will be your main source of new orders and job offers.

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  • A Place for Reasonable Social Disobedience

Students love to protest. In many countries, if you look at historical events, you will see that students are often one of the main driving forces of revolutions and some kind of social and political upheaval. There are many reasons for this. The students are maximalists, most of them have nothing to lose, because the majority of students have neither families nor jobs yet. Social networks have become a popular platform for social disobedience, where you can express quite radical ideas, if they do not violate the rights of other people and demand some kind of sociopolitical changes, new rights and freedoms, protection of the interests of minorities. Social networks are very effective when it comes to more serious socio political upheavals. You can learn more about this if you read about the revolutions in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa over the past 20 years.

  • A Good Way to Find Your People

About a hundred years ago, we were limited to our family and the population of our city in search of people with whom we feel good. It can be friendships, romantic relationships, and people with whom you want to open some kind of business, and just chat. Social networks have given us the opportunity to find our people all over the world, regardless of where they live and what time zone they have. Of course, the more languages you know, the wider your search can be, but even with an English base language, you can already find the most interesting people who live very far from where you were born. When you meet a person in class, in a café, or somewhere else, you know very little about him.

But if you read his pages on the Internet, his posts, you can understand how a person expresses himself, what he considers important, how respectful he is to other people. The author of this article has some very close acquaintances with whom she can share very personal things, but they have never met in the real world.

  • It Is a Place to Express Yourself

Just like when you are reading someone’s pages on social networks, when you are trying to find out something about a person, someone is following your publications on social networks at that moment. That is, social networks are a great place to express your thoughts if you are embarrassed to do it offline, or you do not have enough audience to promote your ideas, or ask for help, or just blog like a public journal. Social networks, like a blog, have almost unlimited possibilities. Repeatedly, publishers approached people who simply ran social networks and wrote about their profession with an offer to write a book.

So, for example, the Scottish bestseller “The Bookseller’s Diary” was released. Starting social networks, you will not immediately acquire thousands of fans and subscribers, but this is good, because as the number of friends and subscribers grows, your blogging skills will grow, and you will be ready for such negative sides of social networks, like haters, spam attacks and so on.

It may seem to you that there are already enough social network specialists, the market is saturated and there is nothing for a beginner to do here. But in fact, with the development of social media, more and more specialists are required. In addition, each person is individual, and expresses his thoughts in his own way. Therefore, the sooner you try, even during college, the easier it will be for you to prove yourself, determine your direction and even earn money, which is not at all superfluous for students.

Whether social networks will be good or bad for you will depend on how you use them, how much your life depends on them and whether you have any other offline opportunities to connect with people and find work, and so on. Use social media wisely, and you will always be on top of the wave.


The benefits of social media for students are numerous and valuable. Social media can help to connect them with a support system, allow them to stay in touch with friends, discover new opportunities, and give a platform for creativity. Despite the potential for misuse or distraction, when used wisely and intelligently it can be an immensely beneficial tool that greatly enriches the student experience.

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