6 best oil dispensers to buy in 2022

We use several things frequently when we cook, but none more so than oil. Oil is a necessary element for both sweet and savory recipes.

It gives every dish a rich fattiness that makes it feel even more indulgent. However, it’s important to limit your intake while using oil in cooking.

Food that has been heavily oiled may be overwhelming and harmful. For the best flavor, you should carefully manage the amount of oil you use in every recipe.

  • AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

  • Olive Oil Dispenser 17oz Oil Bottle StainlessBest expensive

  • Oil Seasoning Bottle Pourer With StopperBest price

  • Emile Henry Oil Cruet, Flour White oil bottle dispenser

  • La Porcellana Bianca Menage Classic Oil Bottle

  • Rachael Ray Ceramic EVOO OilBest overall

However, using teaspoons or any other measurement technique to determine how much oil you need can be challenging. A pourer is all you need to make cooking quick and simple.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about oil dispensers.

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6 best oil dispensers to buy

There are many options in the market but if you want to have a list of the best in 2022, the following can be helpful.

1. AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

This olive oil bottle dispenser may initially resemble a typical store-bought olive oil bottle without a label, but that’s actually a good thing. The liquid gold inside will be shielded from UV radiation by the thick, black, shatter-proof glass, keeping it fresh for a longer period of time. After being kept in this bottle for a few days, according to our expert’s test, the olive oil still remained tasty and fresh. Additionally, this bottle comes with replaceable extras including a funnel, two black caps, one plain pouring spout, one pouring spout with a dust cover, and two inner cork pieces. Our tester confirmed that it is intended for minimal trouble, no drips, and no hassle.

The spout flow is ideal for both drizzling and pouring oil into a bowl or skillet smoothly and with control, according to our product tester. Simply place it in the dishwasher to clean it.

Despite its understated appearance, if you’re searching for a reliable, simple dispenser that won’t break the bank and will meet all of your oil demands, this is the bottle for you. Overall, the quality and adaptability of this olive oil dispenser made it a favorite among customers.


  • Will protect your olive oil from light
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent spout flow


  • Not as distinctive as others

2. Olive Oil Dispenser 17oz Oil Bottle Stainless

Particularly when it comes to kitchen appliances and accessories, simplicity is sometimes the key. Flyboo’s Stainless Steel Olive Oil Dispenser is your best option whether you like the aesthetic of stainless steel in your kitchen or are just searching for a dependable and adaptable dispenser that can handle a lot of oil.

There are three different sizes of this dispenser: 17 ounces, 24 ounces, and 34 ounces. Additionally, it has a lid that you can use to cover the spout when not using it to keep dust and hair out of the bottle. You’ll need to use caution, especially if you’re using it to drizzle oil over veggies, as our expert pointed out that because the spout is larger than many of the other ones examined, more oil will be released at once.

Our tester saw a very tiny change in the flavor of the olive oil after storing it in this dispenser, as may be anticipated with stainless steel, but it wasn’t a bad flavor. The bottle can go in the dishwasher. When put to the test, it emerged from the dishwasher shining and watermark-free. Overall, this is a good dispenser to have on hand if stainless steel is your thing.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Lid for the spout avoids accidental spills


  • Shows smudges easily
  • Spout flow is a bit too fast

3. Oil Seasoning Bottle Pourer With Stopper

The quantity of oil that is poured into your dishes can be readily controlled using this dispenser. To keep spices and herbs from clogging the spout, the oil dispenser’s lid contains a sophisticated filter. It is comprised of high- and low-temperature shock-resistant borosilicate glass.

This model is a set of four colored dispensers are everything you need to enhance your kitchen environment and is made of premium, crystal clear glass. Eight labels are also included in the oil and vinegar cruet set that has a restaurant-style appearance to assist you to recognize the contents of each bottle. Airtight bottle stoppers are included in this stylish set, which is also dishwasher-safe.


  • Easy to clean and refill
  • sophisticated filter for flavor
  • Ergonomically good 
  • affordable
  • no lead
  • Dust-proof spout


  • leaks sometimes because the seal does not have a great fit

4. Emile Henry Oil Cruet, Flour White oil bottle dispenser

Since the 1850s, Emile Henry has produced olive oil dispensers in France, as seen by the high caliber of this ceramic bottle. It has a simple, timeless form and comes in a variety of colors, including pink and red shades, earth tones, and vibrant, springy hues.

This is built of highly durable Burgundian clay that has undergone a high fire. It is dishwasher safe and claims not to scratch or crack. Clay helps retain the flavor of the olive oil inside the bottle in addition to protecting the bottle from harm.

It’s necessary to use caution when inserting and removing the cork from the spout because it tends to be brittle. Fortunately, it appears that if you contact the manufacturer about a damaged spout, they will send you a new one without any problems.


  • well-designed and durable
  • Lots of color choices
  • Clay exterior keeps light from spoiling oil inside


  • The cork on spout is so fragile

5. La Porcellana Bianca Menage Classic Oil Bottle

We adore the La Porcellana Bianca Menage Oil Bottle because it makes cooking in your kitchen with a grove in the backyard feel like a dream. The layout shields the oil inside from light and air. It will also look fantastic on your table or in the kitchen. This adorable little container contains 8.5 ounces of oil. Despite being the smallest on the list, our tester had no problems with the dispenser needing to be refilled more frequently than anticipated.

This dispenser’s spout design makes it the perfect choice for sprinkling food before roasting or grilling it. Simply hold the bottle at a 30-degree angle if you need a larger amount of oil to release; this should work.

This dispenser is dishwasher safe even though porcelain is known for being a more fragile ceramic material. After a rinse cycle, our tester said the bottle appeared as good as new and that using the dishwasher to clean it worked effectively.


  • well designed
  • Can vary the spout flow for what you need


  • making from porcelain has made it fragile

6. Rachael Ray Ceramic EVOO Oil

Even while we have every right to be dubious of celebrity chefs’ and cooks’ branded goods, it’s important to keep in mind that they are skilled in the kitchen. Rachael Ray’s olive oil bottle dispenser surprised our expectations because it not only has a brilliant design but also is highly cost-effective. Ray’s bottle, in contrast to other models, has a built-in handle and a curved nozzle that both make smooth pouring a breeze. This bottle can also be used “off-label” to hold anything, including dish soap and chocolate sauce. Additionally, there is a hue to fit any kitchen or dining room, even a vibrant green or orange, in 16 various shades.


  • Available in different colors
  • Handle makes for an easy pour
  • other liquids like dish soap can be applied to it


  • Filling the bottle is not easy

Why use an oil dispenser?

There are various reasons why you need an oil pourer:

Facilitate pouring

It might be difficult to gauge how much oil to use in any meal if you don’t have an oil pourer on hand. Making a mess and splashing oil all over your countertops is a possibility.

Additionally, you might over-oil your food, making it unhealthy and fattening. You can simply regulate the amount of oil you use with a pourer thanks to its simple pouring design.

Stylish design

Oil pourers may be highly stylish and give any kitchen a posh feel. An attractive oil pourer looks far better on your kitchen shelves than keeping your oil in just any old bottle. It is only a little step toward giving your house a more polished appearance.

Clean kitchen

Your kitchen may become pretty untidy if you don’t have an oil pourer on hand, which is one of the biggest disadvantages. Grease might be spread all over if you pour oil using a tablespoon or any other tool.

With the help of an oil dispenser bottle, you can maintain your kitchen tidy at all times by minimizing spillage. Spills of grease can be very difficult to clean up and quite unhygienic. Therefore, purchase an olive oil pourer to prevent any messes.

Extended shelf life

The majority of people are unaware that oil has a shelf life as well. Additionally, the manner in which we keep our oil might have a big impact on its shelf life.

The shelf life of your oil can be significantly shortened if you keep it near a burner or in direct sunlight. Oil pourers have a design that keeps your oil tasting fantastic for a long time, allowing you to extend the shelf life.

What to look for in an oil dispenser?

It can be difficult to choose a good oil dispenser for your home. Let’s look at a few elements before purchasing an oil dispenser.


The most used item in a kitchen is an oil dispenser. While you don’t want to buy or use plastic, you also don’t want to spend money on a cruet that will probably shatter after a few uses and is of low quality.

Ensure that the eco-friendly cruet you purchase is sturdy, stands upright, and does not fall over on its own.

Universal Size

The size of the bottle is the next consideration you might wish to make. The ideal bottle is simple to store in your kitchen and can hold up to 1 liter of oil. What if your kitchen isn’t particularly spacious?

There are bottles that are smaller than others, and many of them can only store up to 20 ounces of oil, so don’t worry. Your preference for oil usage will also have a role. In either case, the oil dispenser will provide it at the appropriate time and in the proper quantity. Choose an oil dispenser that perfectly suits your requirements.

Easy use

These oil dispenser bottles are similar to pouring bottles in every way. However, not every oil dispenser is made equal. Some are trickier to operate than others, and some don’t release the proper quantity of oil. There are oil dispensers with single and double pumps that have adjustable nozzles, and they are easy to use. Pick the option that is simple to use and maintain.

Aesthetically pleasing design

Obviously, you need to store it in one cabinet and you want something that doesn’t entirely ruin the decor of your kitchen. While certain historical oil dispensers in the classic style add to the beauty of your kitchen, a glass container will give it a modest, clean appearance. If you want to add a splash of color to your setting, you may also choose a bottle with a modern design and vibrant hues.

Easy To Clean

Choose an oily bottle that can go in the dishwasher rather than one that must always be hand-washed. The majority of stoneware and ceramic models should be, but take aware that most spouts will only be hand washable. We suggest using unscented soap when washing your hands to prevent flavor contamination.

Easy To Fill

Wide mouths and a straight neck are characteristics of a bottle that is simple to fill; for less mess, you can also use a funnel. When filling an opaque bottle, be careful because it will be tougher to discern when you’re getting close to the top.

In conclusion

A simple yet useful addition to any kitchen is an oil dispenser bottle. This device’s convenience in the kitchen will appeal to both aspiring chefs and home cooks.

Additionally, it can greatly improve the style and appeal of your kitchen while assisting you in securely storing your oil.

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