Most of the time, traders try to find a way to better analyze the market. A massive group of investors and traders find indicators very helpful. They use indicators to predict the future price of a stock or token.  Then, they will invest their money in that particular stock. Or token to gain profit in future. This article will discuss the Parabolic SAR indicator. 

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This article will discuss the parabolic SAR definition. Then, the other sections will give you the detailed information. Information about the Parabolic SAR. The first section of the article will start from the very basics. Then, the beginners can also understand this indicator. 

So, without killing any more time, let’s begin.

How Parabolic SAR works?

This section will give you the parabolic definition. And also will tell you how the parabolic curve works. Parabolic SAR is one of those more interesting kinds of indicators. 

Mr J. Walles Wilder developed this specific indicator. 

Some investors and traders call the Parabolic SAR, the stop and reverse system as well. The parabolic SAR will signal investors.  It signals that a stock is probably going to reverse the trend. 

For example, the parabolic SAR will signal traders when Bitcoin is going to change its bearish trend. The parabolic SAR dots will form under the bitcoin price candles.

How do you read a Parabolic SAR indicator?

The previous section offers SAR meaning. Then, you can understand what the Parabolic curve is and how it works. But, investors always need to know how they can use that information. Therefore, this section will show how to read the SAR stocks indicator. 


This photo shows you how to read parabolic stock signals. You need to follow the SAR stocks dots to read the parabolic SAR signals. As you can see, when the Parabolic dots appear under the price action, it signals to buy. When the dots appear above the price action, it gives a sell signal.

Is Parabolic SAR a good indicator?

The previous section offers a parabolic definition and SAR meaning. This section will tell you when the Parabolic SAR stocks analysis is accurate. Therefore, investors and traders can choose when to use the parabolic curve.


The parabolic SAR helps traders to analyse the market in a steady trend. The parabolic curve is only accurate in steady trends. When it analyses the price when it is moving in a steady trend.

The steady trend means that the price is moving strongly and steadily. It can be moving upwards or downwards. When traders use the parabolic curve in a sideways trend, for example. It is not able to offer an accurate analysis or signal.

How can you prevent Parabolic SAR false signal?

Traders who know the SAR meaning can successfully invest and trade in the market. The investors will probably understand how to prevent getting the wrong signal. When they use the parabolic stock strategy. 

Investors who don’t want to receive false signals from the parabolic stock indicator should only use the Parabolic SAR in steady trends. If the trend is not fully steady yet, or it is moving sideways, do not trade using the Parabolic curve.

What is Parabolic SAR strategy?

Investors can understand the Parabolic SAR stocks strategy when they read the SAR meaning. The parabolic stock analysis strategy does not work quite like others. The parabolic stock trading strategy helps investors to gain profit from the market. 

Which timeframe is best for Parabolic SAR?

According to the parabolic definition, the best timeframe investors can use to analyse the market are short-term charts. If investors use the parabolic stock indicator in a shorter time frame, their success rate will increase a lot. If you want to use the parabolic stock strategy, you should pick only short-term time frames.

Investors learn that this is the parabolic definition. To be only used in short-term time frames. 

Is Parabolic SAR leading or lagging?

The section that offers SAR stocks trading strategy offers a parabolic definition. But the parabolic definition is not enough. Enough to be counted as much information about this indicator. This section will explain whether parabolic SAR is a leading or lagging indicator. 

The parabolic stock indicator is a trend-following indicator. To put it in another way, the SAR stocks indicator is lagging. The lagging indicators follow the price action and not the other way around.


Can I use parabolic SAR in a long-term timeframe?

You can, but the question is should you? No. The parabolic SAR works best when investors use it in short-term timeframes. Investors should not also use the parabolic SAR indicator in markets that are moving sideways.

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