Algo is a cryptocurrency based on the Algorand blockchain. This blockchain was created as the development of an inclusive economy for all people. The new structure of the digital economy, which is on blockchains, develops digital currencies that can be used by all people in the world 24 hours a day. Algo is one of these digital currencies.

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What is Algorand (ALGO)?

The Algorand blockchain was released to the public in April 2019. The blockchain network was also made available to users in June 2019. Algo-like cryptocurrencies offer the same processes as physical money, except they can be exchanged digitally without exchanging paper money. Leads. Algo is also used to buy and sell goods digitally or for exchanges without a credit card or debit card. As a buyer, Algo can get out of your wallet and go straight to the seller’s wallet without moving any physical objects to do so. Using the template over other cryptocurrencies has the advantage of receiving a meager transaction cost from the buyer. If you want to buy an item from a website, you have to pay between 3 and 7% by paying by credit card. But this cost does not exist in Algo.

How does Algo work?

Algo can be sent directly from the destination wallet address to the origin. There is no extra charge or wire transfer. Instead of using bank transfer methods, you can send Algo digital currency to another person in less than 1 minute. Each Algo transaction is logged in the Algorand blockchain, so it is easy for both sender and recipient to verify and track. Digital currencies also offer unique features to people that you can send money directly to several people at once.

One of the advantages of Algo is its divisibility into very small units such as 0.000001. Each small unit is processed precisely like the large unit, so you can make small payments. These types of payments do not exist in Fiat currency units.

Every digital currency is different. Blockchains have entered the market in different generations. For example, Bitcoin blockchain is the first generation, and Algorand is one of the newer generations of blockchain, so there are particular applications for each Algo token. For example, this token can be used in decentralized games and applications as in-app payments and item purchases. Algorand blockchain smart contracts are another application of this type of digital currency.

Algo Main features

  • Algo is working on one of the fastest blockchains in the world called Algorand. Each transaction is completed in less than 5 seconds, and there is no waiting time for transactions to be confirmed.
  • Algorand is one of the best in terms of the scalability of blockchain. This blockchain is built for the efficiency and support of millions of people, so even if the number of users increases explosively, the scalability is such that the transaction speed is not slowed down, and there is no interference in the blockchain.
  • The Algorand blockchain is also created with the guarantee of not making forks. Fork blockchains occur when a blockchain splits into more than one chain. When this happens, there is a risk of confirming the transaction and losing it. But the Algorand blockchain never forks, so there is no problem of infiltration in this network, or in general, the probability is very low.
  • The total amount of Algo tokens generated during the construction of the blockchain is about 10 billion. Whenever anyone wants to check out the blockchain and see how many Algo there are, they can simply do so.
  • Security in Algorand blockchain is also very high and uses advanced invincible encryption methods. Therefore, users’ personal information and assets and the primary information of Algo token payments are completely protected.


Algo is one of the new generation cryptocurrencies that works based on Algorand blockchain and its standards. This currency offers one of the fastest and most secure transactions among all current cryptocurrencies in the world. Algo is currently used as an intermediate digital currency for buying, selling, and trading other digital currencies, although its primary use is decentralized applications and in-app payments for games.

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