How to Use Instagram for my Interior Design Business?

Instagram is getting more critical and relevant to the interior design business. The platform is visually driven and can be a home to a great community of interior professionals, enthusiasts, and suppliers. You should think of Instagram as a free marketing tool that lets you connect your business to potential customers of thousands.


Interior design bios

Imagine someone randomly trips over your account. Sometimes the topic is interesting, but your images are average. It makes your account general and not individually pleasant. So they might not press the follow button.

Most bloggers and administrators believe in the power of Instagram Bio descriptions. Besides the images, your Instagram Bio is the initial point of touch with your possible followers.

Pay attention that there are only a few seconds and 150 characters to describe what you need to tell. Try to use this world to communicate with new visitors to your Instagram feed.

  1. Joannalaven Instagram page with the Bio of: 

Interior Designer and co-founder@studiolawahi. Based in Sweden. Project worldwide. Follow my daily work and inspiration.

  1. Thejungalow is another Instagram page with the Bio of:
  • Home decor
  • Mission: Bring good vibes home
  • New book: Jungalow, decorate wild
  • Shop: Buy 1 product, we plant two trees
  • Subscribe: Get 10% off 1st order

  1. Younghuh is an interior design Instagram page with the Bio:

One hundred top designers in the world. Elle Decor A list. Vogue Rising Star. NYT, WSJ, House beautiful, AD, Luxe, Departures, C&G, Domino, H&H.

How to promote an interior design business?

#1 Set up your account the best you can
  • If you want to use your Instagram for business, make sure your username matches your business name and your branding.this way you will be easier to find.
  • Add “interior designer” to your bio as a keyword.
    Make sure to add your website URL to your Instagram bio. This way you will drive more traffic to your site and gain new customers too.
  • You can add your portrait to your profile picture, or just add your brand’s logo to increase brand awareness.

  • Set up your Instagram account as a business profile to manage your Instagram as a professional.

Instagram business profiles have many advantages, like:

–  You can add a direct clickable link for your email address, phone number, and location in your bio.

–  You can pay to promote your posts.

–  You can access a range of analytics to find out more about your audience and the best time to post on Instagram.

#2 Your posts should reflect your brand

Posting too many personal pictures can cause unfollows for your Instagram account, so when you want to post a personal content which is non-related to interior design, find a way to relate the content to your business.

For instance: “ glad I chose this fabric for my sofa because my dog is using it as his fav spot.”

#3 Make your own style

If your brand is one of those colorful interior designs, try to post a lot of colors, but if you design mostly serene, neutral places, make sure your Instagram posts are peaceful and neutral.

#4 Show your face too!

Let your audience see you every ten posts, or so.if you are shooting one of the interiors you designed, get one shot of you in the space and post it on Instagram. You can take selfies with your colleague and post it on your feed.

#5 Use your branded-hashtags

Each of your posts can have a maximum of 8 to 20 hashtags. These hashtags will help your post show up in searches, connect you with users who post similar content and create your own brand keywords.

To become visible in searches, use generic hashtags like #livingroom #kitchendesign #interiordesign #sofa #furnituredesign.

#6 Use locations and @mention tags

You can use location tags where you are to outweigh any perceived negatives for giving away sources. Tagging the supplier can build your relationship with them. A report from another big account can expose your image and your brand.

#7 Engage with other Instagram users

The new Instagram algorithm likes active posts and accounts better. So, if you like and comment on posts from other accounts, you will see those accounts in your feed more often. Build these main branches of your community:

  • Potential customers: include your existing followers and then expend to connect with their networks of friends, neighbors, and colleagues who specialize in your community groups, area, charities or clubs.
  • Design peers: other designers who have a similar niche to you.
  • Local and global suppliers: showrooms, retailers, workrooms, trades, and manufacturers.
  • Interior design media: magazines, stylists, editors, interior photographers and design blogs and websites from all over the world.

By engaging with these communities, your Instagram account will appear more often in others feed and explore page. Then you will gain more followers and engagement.

#8 Posting High-quality content:

Quality is more important than you think. The number of your posts will not help you as much as the quality of them.

  • Avoid posting these:

Avoid posting images that are grainy, poorly lit, blurry or not aesthetically pleasing. Your profile page should be cohesive and have the same flow as a well-designed room.

Your color scheme can be different, but there should be the central theme, vibe or emotion which connects your photos to each other and your brand.

  • Try posting these:

Post more content of your work. You can also report from other users, try to highlight your own work and write a caption with at least three sentences for each of your posts.

#9 Other Instagram strategies for interior designers:
  • Post 3-7 times per week and focus on your followers’ interests.
  • Add your brand’s logo to your Instagram profile picture.
  • Add locations to your posts and stories.
  • Switch to a business profile to get Instagram insights.
  • Use new Instagram features like stories, live videos, stickers, etc.
  • Make sure your username includes interior design in it.
  • Make some behind-the-scenes story when you are designing.

How to Hide your Profile and Photos on Instagram?

There are a lot of people googling how to hide their pictures on Instagram. Some of them are even searching for how to remove images and comments.

After doing some Research, I understood there aren’t many instructions for these issues. So in this article, I am going to show you how to hide your profile and photos on Instagram.

How to hide your profile on Instagram?

“We have adopted a follower model that means if you’re “public” on Instagram, anyone can subscribe to follow your photos. We do, however, have a special private option. In this mode, a user can make sure he/she must approve all follow requests before they go through.” –Instagram

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to your profile by tapping on the name card icon
  3. Tap on the hamburger icon at top right to open the menu.
  4. Scroll down to find privacy. Tap on it!
  5. Now tap on “privacy and security.”
  6. “Press the toggle switch, and you will receive the following message, “Toggle to require authorization before anyone can follow you. Your existing followers won’t be affected.” Sounds promising enough.
  7. Turn the “Off” button to “On” by pressing it.

How to hide your pictures on Instagram?

You can’t hide your photos but you can delete or archive them from your Instagram profile, and they’ll still be in your library (Scroll down for guidance on how to remove pictures). That’ll hide them from your followers and non-followers. You’ll still be able to share the picture later from your photo library.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram?

  1. Find the photo you want to remove
  2. You can either go to your profile and search directly or scroll your Instagram feed.
  3. Below the photo to the right of the comment button, there is a different button with three dots
  4. Tap on it for a menu including:
  5. Delete, Share, Copy Share URL, Email
  6. Tap on Delete
  7. Tap on confirm.
  8. Click on Delete again
  9. Your picture will be removed from Instagram.

How to Archive Instagram posts

Using the Instagram archive, you can hide your Instagram posts without deleting them. 

To archive an Instagram post: 

  1. Open Instagram app 
  2. Go to your instagram feed (profile page) by tapping the profile picture on the bottom of the screen 
  3. Tap the post you are going to archive it 
  4. Tap the three-dot icon on top right of the post 
  5. Select “Archive”


Now, the post will be hidden from your profile. to find the hidden archived posts: 

  • Open the Instagram app 
  • Tap the small profile picture, to go to your profile page 
  • Tap the setting icon on the top right 
  • Choose archive 
  • Choose the posts 

Now, you can see all archived posts. to unarchive them, simply open the picture, and from the three-dot icon on the top-right choose “show on profile” 






How to Become Instagram Famous in 2021?

Instagram has more than 2 billion more active users daily, and it is one of the best social media to get well-known. Though it could be confusing and challenging if you want to become Instagram famous, you can use other experiences, success, and failure, and also some new ideas which I have brought in this article. It will broaden your knowledge and open your mind!

New ideas of “how to become Instagram famous?”

Of course, you have seen many famous people on Instagram, some grew from zero to hero, and for some it took decades. Some started this and failed. You might ask yourself how it is possible? How to become Instagram famous? After years of working on social media, doing research, interviewing people who succeed and failed, I came up to the conclusion, No shortcuts! Do Several posts a day, make several ideas and build relationships. I have noted down all the observations, and I have brought them here.

1.Make a vision

After many days of research on how to become Instagram famous, I found that all famous people have an idea, some show it up, some not. What is essential is that a concept is there. Sometimes a vision would be general, and sometimes it is a unique one. No matter, find a one you are good at it. If you have a skill or talent, use it. Be yourself! These days, many people copy others, don’t do that. I believe the number of ideas in this world is even more than the number of people living!

People show courage and interest in unique skills or capabilities. Make sure even your skills are unknown, there are people out there that would like it. You can see Rickey Thomson’s profile and his vision to make people laugh. Of course, he can do so, and people like it. If you believe in yourself and your skills, don’t be afraid of haters, you will achieve your goals one day.

We can’t force people to like us or what we want. For example, if you are looking to make you, your pet, your child famous, you should ask yourself what the benefits for people are? Do they see me/my pet/my child as cute as I see? You should ask yourself what people gain from your activity/products/ profile? For example, your vision can one of this, make people healthier, make people aware of their body, make people happy, make people excited or motivated. To make people aware of their right. Even if you like to focus on yourself, there are lessons that people can take from you.

And even, if you want to boost your Brand name, use your business vision. I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s vision which was about bringing people together since he was 12 only, and you see how Mark Zuckerberg’s idea made him famous. Here you can read about the power of imagination and how to select your concept. For example, using a vision board, that is a winning strategy of getting close to what you want. See what occupations/skills you have and how it can help many people. If you search, you can see celebrities and famous people vision boards! It’s Amazing.

2.Make your unique hashtag

Once you selected your vision, it is time to prepare your bio. But before that, you need some information including your unique hashtag. I will explain later in this post, what is a hashtag and why you should use it. Your hashtag can be related to your username, your vision, or the unique skill you have, and so on. I have brought an example below. This page which has more than 2 million followers is about women’s nutrition and sportswear. They have also used the related and unique hashtag of #womensbest in which you can see there are about 500,000 posts. Once you have selected your hashtag, go to prepare your really important bio, the first place people read about you, their first impression.

3.Use your self-made documentaries

You might know that Instagram first was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to share pictures. Once Facebook bought Instagram, made it a video-sharing platform too. One part of My research on how to become Instagram famous was about differences between movie’s and pictures’ influences. People are enjoying watching video than pictures. That’s why it is right for you to prepare videos more. From psychological parts, people react to a post, or a topic once it evokes their emotions. Videos have this capability to engage human emotions more, for its sound, moving scenes, or the content which people can feel more than looking at a picture.

Another reason is that, by watching video people would have some times to stop at a topic. The human brain has time to get involved with a theme. So, use the video to engage your audiences’ emotions. One more exciting part is the content! Your unusual habits, different behaviors or private life can be interesting topics to watch. You can make something like a documentary of your daily life, with your voice. It is interesting that I have found that people look for real things, and documentaries can give them real facts about your life or your vision.

If you have a small business, you can make a documentary about your ongoing works or the workplace. It could be interesting for others, and also it will build a great trust option using your Instagram stories for your customers.

4.Instagram photography:

Once you have chosen your vision, it is time to prepare your content and Instagram posts, which is an essential part. There are some tips and tricks you can use to add to your profile quality. I listed them here, and some reasons why you should care.

Use natural light or good artificial lighting to make your Instagram posts more attractive. Looking at most Instagram famous profiles reveals that using high-quality pictures can encourage people to like your post. People’s brain naturally looks for beauty.  It is also true that the meaning of beauty could be different for people all around the words. So, it is better to know your audience and see if you can produce something that engages them emotionally. When viewing art and beauty, there is a remarkable increase in the brain’s neurons connectivity. Though science still is looking for the reasons that beauty can evoke emotional and physical reactions, you can take advantages of this to go to the top. Proper lighting can remarkably help you to add to your video/pictures’ quality and attract more audiences.

5.Instagram post size

Use the square size for feeds and vertical for stories. You might never think how important sizes are when it comes to posting on your Instagram stories or feeds. Instagram and some other social media have provided different space to share. If you want to post on stories, use vertical sizes since it fills the space. Since most of the Instagram users are mobile users, so better to think about the comfortability when using mobile. There are three types of video posting size on Instagram. Square, vertical, and landscape. The vertical and square videos take more engagements and views than landscape videos on Instagram. Your post size is essential for more views, likes, and comments. Here is the guideline for your video:

  • Landscape videos: 1280*720 aspect ratio and 16:9 size
  • Square video: 1080*1080 pixels for size and 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Vertical video: 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio

Why can video size increase Instagram video views?

First, the number of Instagram mobile-users is 75% more than its desktop users. So watching comfortability using mobile is essential. People can publish square and vertical videos without black borders, so it fills the space on the screen and leads to more comfortability to watch it on feeds. A landscape video is not suitable for Instagram, but it might be useful for your YouTube account, TV advertisements, websites or blogs. Second, the place that you post is different (feeds or stories), so better to choose the format according to the area you are going to publish your video. Once you post on feeds, you better keep the square size as explained above, but if you post on stories, so vertical is the best.

6.expand your audiences

One way to get more views is to connect with others, especially big brands, or other famous people, or useful pages. For example, if you aim to get known on your cooking, you collaborate with some well-known restaurants or any other related pages. If they mention your name under the post, you already in front of many people’s eyes. Good chance to start. Because you cannot expect to grow overnight, be patient, it takes some times.

Another method is to build your relationship with others through visiting their page, like and comment for others. People who you have visited their pages, back to your page and if they like the content, they would follow you, see your stories, like your posts and so on. However, it is somehow time-consuming to sit and spend hours to do so. Thanks to technology, robots can do this for you. Don’t go for the fake followers. Using Instagram bot can remarkably help you to increase your real audiences and your views and engagements.

The more you show yourself to people, the more they will know you! Become Instagram famous is all about getting known by many people around the globe! There are some features on Instagram stories that you can use to broaden your audiences, such as location and hashtags. Tagging location and using popular and most followed hashtags make your stories available for more viewers on the top list or recent list. People tap on the place and see the map along with all posts of that location. If you have already some posts with this location tag, and it is attractive, people can see it from the list. They would visit your profile, or they have options to follow you directly from there.

Look at these pictures to know how does it work and also I have written an instruction to use location tag.  

How to use Instagram location stories?

  • Open Instagram
  • On the top left, tap “Your Story”
  • Take pictures, or select it from galleries
  • Tap on  icon on the top right 
  • Select
  • Find the location you want in the search bar
  • Click “Next to” on the lower right corner
  • Share it!

You can use the same procedure to use a hashtag, select  instead of Location. If you want to use location tags on your feeds post, after selecting the pictures, and applying effects, use the “Add Location” on the page. It will worth to use, and you will get good results.

7.Instagram famous has regular and consistent posts

Several posts a day, at first would be difficult, but once you get results, it will make you motivated to continue. If you see other famous profiles, you see not all, but many of them have more than 1000 posts! So, do it regularly, and one more important thing is time to post. You have to send the picture or videos to your stories when most of the users are online. If you have a business account, you can see the most active days and hours. Wednesday to Friday are the days for more views and engagements. The surveys show that Wednesday is the best and the worst is Sunday to post. Though, there are some hours that you can post to get the best results, the peak hours which are suitable to post are 10 AM to 5 PM and the peak hour is 3:00 pm. See the charts below:

8.Trust yourself!

after looking for the answer of how to become Instagram famous, you have clues, new ideas and courage to continue, but you should trust you and your analyses too. It’s always good to get advice from others; you can also find something new. Switch your account to a business profile, to see the insight under each post. It will help you to monitors other’s reactions to your posts. You can also see the best time and days to post through analytics in the setting.


Have a vision, be consistent, do several posts, build your relationships, trust yourself and be patient! You will get the results.

How to Get your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

If you have recently opened an Instagram account, and you are looking to grow it, you are at the right place. I would explain five steps to get your first 1000 followers. I have divided the steps according to the number of followers. Follow the instruction carefully.

How long does it take to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

It depends on many factors including the account opening date, the niche, your connections. I assume that you have recently opened your Instagram account and you have no platform to connect your Instagram account. You are not connected to any Instagram campaign.

It may takes up to 3 months for you to get your first 1000 followers if you follow for follow, engage in Instagram activities (comments on public posts, like public posts, use hashtags).

Let’s see how it takes up to 3 month. We assume that 1 out of ten would follow you back, and you follow-unfollow 100 per day. It means that you can get up to `10 followers daily. Then in the end of 3rd month, you would have 900 followers.

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting the follower on Instagram. From Zero to Hero!

#Step 1: Tips for getting the first 300 followers

Once I opened my account, like all others, I had no follower, but gradually, I could find my niche and grow my account. Though at first, it looks challenging and confusing, there are some tips to get there better and sooner.

  • You should choose a proper username. It is better to select a short and readable one. You can use an underscore, or dot to add more readability to your username. Once I was searching for big accounts, I found that people follow readable usernames more easily. It’s logical! Isn’t it?
  • Write a proper bio; I have entirely explained how to write a bio to attract more users in the Instagram famous Your bio should show what you might bring for others. For example, you are going to make them happier or healthier.
  • Add your contacts! If you have no problems to add your contact list into your following list, it is an excellent strategy to start, to get about 100 followers. Because these people would know you already and the chance is more they follow you back. In this way, you can add to your follower list.
  • Have at least six posts, to start and find your relevant hashtags to help you to reach more people at first. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts, people would see your posts (if your account is public) on their feeds, and this may encourage them to follow you.
  • Finding your target users is one of the best ways to start growing your account. One way is to see the lists of your competitors’ followers. You can check it from their profile. Though, once I started to follow those targeted users, it was time-consuming and with some Instagram limitation. Using Instagram bot can assist you in automating these actions with no restriction. In this way, I could get my 300 followers just in a few days.

Why should you switch into a business account?

People might think if they are running a personal account, or they do not have any services, or product no need to switch to a business account. Hopefully, Instagram has given this option for free and for all users. Even you have a personal one, it is better to swath, it is easy, and there are lots of benefits there for you.

Once you are growing your account understanding the analysis help you a lot. In a business account, you can see all insight, and you will know which posts are more favorable, or what people are looking for in your page, which makes them encouraged to follow you. So, I highly recommend using this opportunity before going to the next steps.

Why is analytics important?

At first, you might not consider the Instagram insight very carefully, but this section is entirely related to your account, especially if you are running a business account. If you know your target market is young people, so it is better for you to attract more young people on your account and Instagram shows this for you that what percentage of your account followers are people aged 25-34.

#Step 2: Get your 300-500 followers

Now the second step is to work on a 500-follower account, a good move for you! At this stage, you better have at least 18 posts.

  • You should Keep consistency while using Instagram because an Instagram algorithm can recognize your engagements and presence. You might read the Instagram instruction itself, that people who post once a week, get five times more commitments than who post once a month. So, keep posting at least once a day.
  • Using your Instagram bot features, like the direct message, comment tracker, post schedule, and so on. All of this shows your profile to others, and if they like your content, they will follow you, and it should not take more than a few days.
  • Start working on Instagram stories and take advantages of that, this also led to more engagements and along with other tips you can reach to your first 500 followers.

#Step 3: Grow from 500 to 700 followers

Now you have passed half of the way. How does it feel? Sometimes it looks tough, but it is possible. The vital point you should know that you have to be patient. Many of other people you see that have many followers had the same experience. So, do not give up. In this stage, I would talk about high-quality content.

  • The content is significant. Try to keep the original one, and your posts. Do not copy and do not look for short ways like this. Though repost is allowed on Instagram, you should write the origin links.
  • You can enhance your photography skills and prepare some self-made documentaries. There are always new things that you can work on them. Hopefully, there are many tools that you can use to make more visually stunning pictures or even videos.
  • The type of content should be related to your aim; you have also written on your bio. If you post on very different topics, people may do not like to stay. So, you better be focused on your unique identity which you have made on your Instagram account. In this way, you have given a character to people to recognize you. You also will be known for this identity, which supports you to grow your account even more than 1000 followers.

#Step 4: Get your 700-900 followers!

You are closer to your 1k followers! Ready? From this now, you should care about the details. For this purpose, you need analytics. Hopefully, Instagram would provide you this tool for free.

  • Though, you should switch your account into a business one. It is easy. Once you have done, after having 100 followers, you can go to your profile, click on the top right, a three lined icon. The first option is insight. If you click on that, you would see the analytics.
  • Always use stories IG to show you have a new post. You can also share your feed posts to your stories because this help people see your posts more often.

#Step 5: Almost there! Get your 900-1000 followers!

This step is the final one to see 1k users are following you. Keep in mind that you need to get the assistance of tools like some Instagram bot to help you in follow, like, comment, and Instagram ِDM.

  • Send a welcome message with the help of an Instagram bot. This would give others a sense of being relevant to you, and also you have somehow privatized the conversation, which is a good feeling to others.
  • Introduce your page with the power of the direct message. You can introduce your products, or your account in the direct message quickly. Many of them would look into your profile and follow you.
  • Follow, like, and comment because they would see your profile more, and the probability of getting more followers is higher than when you are absent.
  • Add your username to your posts because when people share your stories not directly from your page, others can find you through the stickers you have put on the posts.

Optimize your captions because it gives others a sense of reality. An easy to understand descriptions would work better for your Instagram account because people can have a better feeling when reading your text. Friendliness is good to get more followers. So, while you are writing your caption, write it amiably and also write something to induce people to engage, like asking a question.

  • Ask followers to tag their friends on your posts or in the comments when you are writing your post’s captions. In this way, tagged people may follow you after seeing your posts.



All the secret about getting follower and encourage others to follow you is about building relationships, do several posts, and keeping consistency.

How to Change Reddit Username

Reddit is a community of intercommunications. But if you make the wrong interactions or an act of cheating or spamming, then the website will punish that account.  Recently, Reddit made some adjustments to its website. And try to hold it at the head in words of quality. You might need to learn how to replace your username with a new one on Reddit. Many issues enclose this platform, but our central focus will be on the username and names. 

What Is a Reddit Display Name?

A Reddit display name is a public title, which everyone can see it. You can have the same display name and username. Unlike the username, you can change your name any time you wish.

How to change my Reddit username

I need to mention that Reddit won’t allow you to change the username. Even if you deactivate the account (there is no delete option), it doesn’t apply to the username. First, I would like to explain some about the Reddit name and username. Then I suggest some ways to have your favorite username.

I suggest if you want to have your favorite username, create a new account with a new email address and contact information.

A lot of people order Reddit helplines and ask how to change Reddit username. Once you chose a username, it is permanent.  It is good to know that Reddit ties it to verifying items and social media accounts. It is more or less a means to decrease cybercrime on the website.

How to change my display name on Reddit

First, let us know that you intend to public display the name and not the handle. The shifting of Reddit public name is quite simple. First, you have to open your settings at the bottom left of your profile. Then, you will see Customize profile, and you have to tap it. After that, it redirects you to a page where you can change your new display name.

How Do I Change My Snapchat Username on Reddit

It is sure that for some security purposes, Snapchat does not allow you to edit your username. So can you replace your username on Reddit?

Yes. And here are some actions on how to replace the username on the Reddit application or Reddit usernames.

The first tap on the top right-hand corner of the app where you see the gear icon, then choose your account. Next, you tap name and later enter your preferred name and tap Save.


As you can not change your username, you have to be very careful about choosing it first. While you can change the usernames of other programs like Instagram on Reddit, the main username cannot.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

There are a number of reasons why a user may have blocked you. People may block someone to protect themselves but it might be confusing on Instagram to find if someone has blocked you.

Whatever your case is, you may be in doubt on whether a person has blocked you or has shut down their account. Now, everyone knows that there are many tools across the Internet even to grow Instagram account or find out about other things like block status or unfollowing. But still there are some simple and easy ways that you can see if anyone has blocked you.

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

In general, Instagram will not let you to see any information about the person who has blocked you including their posts, following, followers, or even you will not be able to find them on Instagram. so, once you see the profile it looks like a desert.

If someone block you on Instagram, their likes, comments, direct messages (DM) disappears. When you open their profile it shows No Posts Yet, You will also see User Not Found pop up. They also disappear from your following and follower list.

So, there are some general signs you can find out if you are blocked on Instagram by a user:

  1. You cannot find user on search bar (if you have not searched before)
  2. You cannot see their following
  3. You cannot see their posts
  4. You cannot see their followers
  5. You cannot see any of their Instagram stories
  6. Even if you send message, they will not receive
  7. They cannot see your comments and posts
  8. Their direct message conversation disappears
  9. If you search by other accounts, the look for you and them is different

If you have already searched that person’s name on the search bar, you might be able to find it even after their blocked you, but this will also disappear after sometimes. So, the best way to find out is to search for the person anonymously by other Instagram accounts.

To find out if you have been blocked on Instagram,

  1. Open the app. Then type in the person’s name who you think has blocked you. You may see the username if you have already searched that.
  2. When you find the person you’re looking for, click on it to enter his/her profile. You should be able to see his/her pictures with no problem, but if you do not, chances are you have been blocked or they have deactivated their Instagram account.

If the person you suspect has blocked you, you’ll be able to find this person’s name in the search bar, but once you enter that person’s profile, you will not be able to see his or her pictures even though the top bar indicates the person has pictures in their profile (picture below).

However, you must not mistake this for a person who has deactivated their Instagram account or a person who has been blocked by Instagram, as this might also be the case. You can also use external apps such as Unfollowgram, which lets you know who has unfollowed your account, as the person who blocked you will automatically stop following you but, again your friend may have just stopped following you without actually blocking your account.

How to know if someone deleted or deactivated their Instagram account

If you’re trying to see a person’s profile but can’t see it from your account it is likely that you’ve been blocked. However, if you want to make sure you can try viewing that person’s profile from another Instagram account. If you can perfectly see the profile from another account then you can be sure that you’ve been blocked.

Sometimes Instagram will show a message button on their profile but if you have been blocked by someone, the person will not receive your private message. Moreover, there is no way of knowing if the person has read your private message.

However, you can contact the person you think has blocked you by mentioning them in a post or comment using @username. But it seems that there is no chance they see your message.

The same might happen when you block someone on Instagram. You will not be able to send them message or see their posts and profile unless you unblock them.

Here is the infographic that shows the main signs if you are blocked on Instagram:

These are the main signs that shows if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Overall From the appearance of the profile you can find if someone blocked you on Instagram, but to make sure you can use other Instagram accounts. There are also some tools like profile viewer on the internet to find out if they deactivated or deleted their accounts.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to watch what someone has posted on Instagram Stories without them knowing that you’re stalking them sitting on the couch waiting for them to update. As you probably already know, anyone who posts a Story on Instagram has a viewer list. They can view each and every person who has seen their Story. As you can imagine, the situation can get really awkward if an ex-lover or a sworn enemy finds you sneaking a peek at their posts!

It is quite embarrassing to be caught watching someone’s Story that you probably should not be watching; that is why you need to do it anonymously. In this article, we suggest a dozen ways to go about it; from creating a Finsta (Instagram fake account) that no one will find out about it to more advanced and creative methods.There are quite a handful of websites that allow you to view Stories anonymously on Instagram

Instagram is one of the famous and populist social media in the world with 1 Billion active users that are increasing day by day. And one of the most used feature in Instagram is Stories because they remain for only 24 hours. But when you watch the story your name is mentioned in the list of “seen by”.I am sure that you also have the time when you want to see other people’s Instagram stories anonymously, whether it’s your friend, competitor, or an ex. But Instagram officially did not give the option to view stories anonymously.

That’s why we made this simple guide to show you the easiest ways to view Instagram Stories Anonymously.  So, let’s get started.


When you talk about the ways to view Instagram stories anonymously, the easiest way is using Online Tools. There are a lot of best Instagram Story Viewers but I am going to tell you the top methods.

StorySaver is one of the best Instagram Story Viewers that allow you to download and view Instagram stories anonymously.  It is one of the easiest tools. This Tool is free and has no restrictions on it. So, you can use it as many times as you want.


Steps for Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously with StorySaver

  • Open Google Chrome or any of your favorite browser and go to
  • Paste or Enter the username in the search field, Click on “Get”.
  • Now, all the stories shown below.
  • Click on the story that you want to view anonymously
  • All Done! Now Enjoy:)

Storiesig is also one of the best tool that allow you to view Instagram Stories Anonymously.  The process of viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously is also the same.


If you have a mobile device, then this method is also very easy for you. You just need to Open Instagram App (If you don’t have then you need to install). Once you open the Instagram App then wait some second for all stories loaded.

Then, on Airplane mode and watch stories. Because the stories are preloaded and airplane mode is on, your view does not count. Then, you need to take some steps to ensure security. You need to close the Instagram App after viewing the Instagram Stories. Now, you can turn off the airplane and normally use your mobile. Don’t leave the Instagram app in the background.


The next method I am going to show you is using Chrome Extension. But this method only works for PCs.  You just need to Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Stories For Instagram” now install the extension. Once you installed the extension, clicking on the extension will give you two options, you need to click on “Go To Stories”.

Now, it will redirect you to a page where your all followed persons stories are shown. Now, click on the eye icon that appears on the right side of the profile. But if you want to view the person’s story that is not in your following list then you need to search and enter the username. That’s it, you can view Instagram stories anonymously.

Sometimes we want to view someone’s stories anonymously. No matter for what purpose. So, in my opinion these three are the best ways to view Instagram Stories Anonymously. Using Online tool work for PC and Mobile Device Both. On the other hand airplanes work for only Mobile Devices and Using Chrome extension work for PC only. You can use one of these methods according to your requirements.

How to Post Photo & Video on Instagram from PC?

There are different ways to post on Instagram from pc including installing the Instagram app, browser extension of desktop for Instagram, Facebook creator studio, third-party apps like Bluestacks, and social media management tools to upload multiple photos to Instagram from the computer or laptop.

Nowadays, many Instagram users are looking for growing their account using Instagram automation or any tools to perform better on Instagram. You may wonder if you can upload pictures or videos to Instagram from pc to post faster or do not use your mobile to transfer desktop videos. Yes, you can post to Instagram from a computer or your laptop easily and quickly.

To post on Instagram from a computer or laptop, there are five ways for both Mac and Windows users. Scroll down to see the instruction of each method.

  1. Download the Instagram app
  2. Using the Instagram desktop (a chrome extension)
  3. Developer tools on a browser
  4. Bluestacks
  5. Facebook creator studio

Though you cannot post carousals (multiple pictures) from some of them, for example, Facebook Creator Studio or Chrome’s Extension. Scroll down and find what instruction best suits you.

Upload video to Instagram from PC

Many of you may looking for an app or extension to upload video to Instagram from laptop. You can follow these steps (I also added tutorial pictures).

#1 Method

Creator studio is the best tool to post short and long videos on Instagram from a PC. To do so, you can both log in with Instagram or Facebook if you have connected your account to Facebook.

To post video on Instagram from desktop:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Instagram login
  3. Enter the login info
  4. From the dashboard, select Create Post on the top left (blue color button)
  5. Scroll down to see Add content and click.
  6. Select the video from your laptop or computer
  7. Wait until is %100 uploaded
  8. Write the caption (optional)
  9. Click the Publish button on the bottom right.
Post video on Instagram from PC with Facebook creator studio

#2 Method
The other method is adding a desktop for the Instagram chrome extension.

  1. Go to Instagram for desktop
  2. Click Add to Chrome 
  3. Login to your Instagram account (you must login before using extension)
  4. Click on the D icon on top menu on Chrome
  5. Click on upload video
  6. Select your video (less than 1 minute long)
  7. Add descriptions and click post   

5 ways to post on Instagram from computer

Here I would list 5 general ways to post on Instagram from pc but notice that you choose based on your operation system of Mac iOS or Windows.

1. Download the Instagram App

Use these methods on the laptop because you need to enable access to the camera and microphone. It is also possible to use this method if your personal computer (PC) is connected to the camera and microphone. If not, and you must use PC, scroll down and go for other methods.

To download and use the Instagram app:

  • Go to Microsoft Store (Windows only) to get the Instagram app for free
  • Launch the app and enter login info
  • Click on the camera icon on the top left
  • Enable access to the camera and microphone from the control panel. Select a picture or video from the laptop. Open the picture or video, click Next, and Share.

*You should sign in to Microsoft account on windows before launching the app. Access Microsoft account through control panel>User Account.

2. Install Instagram Desktop (A Chrome’s extension)

This way works for both Mac and Windows users.

Chrome-extension of Desktop for Instagram is a very simple way to upload to Instagram from PC. However, you are not able to post multiple pictures, which is possible through other methods, I explain in a second.

*This method works for both Windows and iOS users.

  • Search Google for Desktop for Instagram – Google Chrome. Click on Add to Chrome and Click Add Extension
  • Select the Instagram icon on top menu and enter the login info
  • choose + icon on feed. Select a photo or a video and open it
  • Edit it as you require and Click Next and Share! Done!

3. change Developer Tools (or User-Agent on Safari)

In this method, you change some settings on a browser and convert the PC screen mode to a mobile one. This way is the same for both Windows and Mac users.

  • Log in to your Instagram account from Chrome. Click on the Three Dots Icon>More Tools>Developer Tools
  • Select the Mobile Icon on top menu. Change the respective mode to any mobile size (iPhone 6/7/8). Refresh the page!
  • Choose the + icon and select a photo or video
  • Open the file from the computer or laptop.  
  • Click Next and Share.  

4. Install Bluestacks

It is easy and simple to install.

  • Download, Install and open Bluestacks app on your computer. Search for the Instagram app inside Bluestacks, and install the Instagram app.
  • Enter your login info and Open the app from Bluestacks.
  • If required, send security code through the Instagram email address, and log in.
  • Click on the + icon on the Instagram feed.
  • Click On Gallery, and Go to Other.
  • To upload photos to your Bluestacks gallery, click on pick from windows (you should first upload the photos to Bluestacks, then share them on Instagram).
  • Back to the Instagram app from Bluestacks and select + icon and select pictures from Bluestacks gallery
  • Edit photos as you need and click done
  • Write the caption, tag people, or locations. Click Share!


5. Use Facebook Creator Studio

To use this method, you should go to the Facebook Business website first, and log in with a Facebook account.

  • Click on Instagram Icon, on the top and click on connect your account and enter your Instagram login info.

Once you logged in, there are two different parts. Click on Instagram, and you can see published, archived, or scheduled posts.

Click on + icon and select photos or videos from computer

Write the caption (160 characters) and publish it! Done.

How to edit Instagram post from mobile & PC?

Sometimes it might happen for you to update an Instagram post or add extra information to it. Fortunately, Instagram would allow you to edit the post, but you can only edit the captions, and you are not able to edit the photos or videos (for example, if you are going to replace the image).

To edit a post (video or photo) on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone or PC*
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Find the post you are going to edit
  4. Tap or click on the three-dot just on the top right of the post
  5. Tap or click on Edit
  6. Replace the text or write a new one
  7. Click or tap Done.

*if you are going to use Instagram on PC, go to the top and follow the given instruction.

When to post on Instagram?

The best way to see when to post on Instagram is to use Instagram for business. if you are running a personal account simply from Instagram setting on the app (on the top right of the profile), switch it to a creator or business account.

Once your followers exceed 100, Instagram would give you the insight which is good to have an overview of the account.

After switching the account to a business or creator one, to find the best time to post on Instagram follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the profile
  • Tap on the three-lined icon
  • Tap on the insight
  • Tap on the audience and scroll down
  • Find the days and hours

This is a reliable source to see when your audiences are active. So, the more users are online, the better they would engage with your posts. Find the most engaging time and post your photos and videos at that time.

How to save Instagram photos on pc?

The simplest way to save or download Instagram photos and videos is to use the Instagram Desktop extension on chrome. It’s free and easy to install. Once you install it and you open it on your pc, it will give you the option to download each photo or video you want.

Just open the post and click on the cloud icon on the top left of the post. Choose the folder or place on the pc and click Done.


How to Post a TikTok Video on Instagram?

Posting TikTok videos is a fun way to display a production you created or music video you recorded. People put much effort into TikTok videos, so why not publish them on your Instagram for the world to see?

In this article, I am going to show you how to post TikTok videos on Instagram, and also the way you can add your Instagram to TikTok.

Connecting Instagram account to TikTok can have lots of advantages for users. They can naturally get more followers and fans by connecting their TikTok and Instagram.

To add Instagram to your TikTok profile, you can follow this instruction. Though, if you want to share the TikTok videos directly on Instagram you should read the blogs.

  1. Open TikTok app
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner
  3. Go to “Edit Profile”
  4. Select “Add Instagram.”
  5. You should see the Instagram login page
  6. Enter the Instagram login info.
  7. Select Save info
  8. Tap “Authorize”


Now, everyone visiting your TikTok account can see your Instagram profile on TikTok.

How to disconnect Instagram from TikTok profile?

  1. Open TikTok app
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner
  3. Go to “Edit Profile”
  4. Select “Add Instagram.”
  5. You should see the Unlink button, tap.

How to share TikTok videos on Instagram

There are two general ways to share tiktok videos on Instagram. Sharing a Public TikTok video, or a Private TikTok video.

Sharing a public TikTok video on Instagram

Public TikToks are the videos that are visible to everyone over TikTok. And they are usually the masterpiece of someone’s work. But how to demonstrate that masterpiece on Instagram? By only following these easy steps:

  • Open your TikTok application and tap on + icon at the bottom
  • Hold the red button to record a new video or upload a video from the gallery
  • If you uploaded from the gallery, tap on Next
  • Once you are done with editing the video, tap on Next again
  • Select the Public in front of “who can view this video”. Tap on the Instagram icon at the bottom and then Post. Wait for a few seconds.
  • Once the video is posted on TikTok, it will redirect you to your Instagram and you will see two options – “Feed” and ” Stories.” choose one
  • The video will show up on your Instagram, edit it or post it creatively based on your choice and share!

Sharing a private TikTok video

Private TikTok videos are posts that are not accessible to anyone except the creator. However, to share those videos on Instagram without actually posting them on TikTok is a way too easy step.

*Remember that you should first save the TikTok video to your gallery and then post it on Instagram.

  1. Repeat step 1 to 4 above
  2. Select the Private in front of “who can view this video” and Post. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. Go to me and choose the private TikTok video.
  4. Tap on the three dots at the right.
  5. Tap on “download video.”
  6. Open Instagram and Tap on the + icon in the bottom
  7. Select the downloaded video from your gallery, Tap on Next

Once you are done with editing and writing captions Tap on the Share!

Why cannot I share a TikTok on Instagram

If you do not see the button, try these few ways:

  • Restart the phone
  • Update the TikTok app
  • Delete the app and reinstall it
  • Clear the cache
  • Check the network connection and try again
  • Try with any other device

How to share any TikTok videos to Instagram story

There is a button on TikTok in which you can directly share the video to your Instagram story. If you could not try method #2 which is explained below. Make sure that the video is public. If the owner makes it private, or not sharable, you cannot download or share somewhere else.

Method #1:

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Open the video you are going to share
  3. Tap the share button
  4. Select the Instagram icon
  5. You should see two option: Instagram stories or feed
  6. Select the stories
  7. Share!

Method #2:

If you don’t see the stories button, you can easily download the video, and share it from Instagram.

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Open the video you are going to share
  3. Tap share on the right side
  4. Tap Save Video
  5. Open the Instagram app
  6. Tap the profile picture to open the story section
  7. Tap the gallery icon on the left corner
  8. Select the video
  9. Share!

How to share long TikTok on Instagram story

If you download a long TikTok video, and you share it on Instagram stories, Instagram would divide it automatically before sharing. You no need to do anything.

All in all

Sharing a tiktok video and repost can have lots of advantages for users. They can get more views on Instagram just by reposting tiktok videos. If you are running a tiktok account, you can add your Instagram to tiktok directly from the tiktok edit profile section.