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Red Heart On Snapchat: What is it and why it disappeared?

All Snapchat fans know that the chatting experience is one of the most interesting options of this program because of the emojis the app shows on the right of your friend’s name. One of these most popular emojis is the red heart snapchat. If you do not know what does the red heart mean on snapchat and how you can get it, keep reading and learn about all the details of snapchat red heart meaning.

what does the red heart mean on snapchat

What does the red heart mean on snapchat?

The first point I want to talk about is the snapchat red heart meaning. As might have guessed, the red heart on snapchat is used to show strong passion and love between two friends. Based on Snapchat rules, if you consistently send snaps to one of your friends for more than two weeks, the red heart emoji will appear next to both of your names, which means you are “best friends”.

Why does a red heart on snapchat disappear?

Based on what I have told in the above paragraph about “what does red heart mean on snapchat”, you will lose the red heart snapchat if one of you takes your foot off the pedal. So, if you face a disappeared red heart on snapchat, it can be due to one of the below cases:

  • One of you starts sending snaps to someone else more than you used to send to your “best friend”.
  • Also, it might happen if any of you stop using Snapchat for a few days.

How to get your red heart on snapchat back?

When you know what does red heart mean on snapchat, you can easily learn how to get back the Red Heart emoji snapchat. But here, I will write all the details for those who want to know more about how they can get back to the red heart snapchat.

  • The first way is to send snaps to a particular person regularly for more than two weeks and more than what you send to your other friends.
  • Or you can use a trick and get your emoji back through Snapchat> bitmoji> setting> Customize Emojis> Reset to default for Android users. And Snapchat> bitmoji> setting> Manage> Friend Emojis> Reset to default for iPhone users.

How To Get The Red Heart Emoji On Snapchat

Previously you learned what does the red heart mean on snapchat, and why you might lose your red heart on snapchat. Now, based on the snapchat red heart meaning, I want to state some points, which you can follow to get red heart snapchat.

  • Send as many snaps as you can to the person you want to see the red heart emoji next to his name. Pay attention that this number should be more than all your other friends.
  • You should chat with each other daily.
  • Keep this track for at least two weeks.
  • Be careful and do not miss even a day because you should start counting days from the first if you forget to send snaps for one day.

red heart on snapchat

Did the yellow heart turn into red heart on snapchat?

Previously, you learned what does the red heart mean on snapchat. And probably you should know the yellow heart is the first friendship heart emoji before the snapchat red heart. Now that you know about the meaning of snapchat red heart meaning and snapchat yellow heart meaning, you might ask yourself can I change the yellow heart to a red heart emoji? The absolute answer is yes. A yellow heart only lasts for two weeks, and if you keep communicating more and more, you can change the yellow heart into a red one.


Do you know what does red heart mean on snapchat? Are you looking for a way you can get the red heart on snapchat? If so, you should know that this emoji will appear only next to the “best friends” on Snapchat who send more snaps to each other every day for more than two weeks. To know more about all the details of snapchat red heart meaning and all tricks of how to get it and save it from being lost, read the above text completely.

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