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What does the red heart mean on Snapchat?

We are living in an age where  9 out of 10 young people have Snapchat. With different features such as goofy filters, weird and funny emojis, and the snap feature, Snapchat has become more than a chatting app. Snapchat also likes it when you use creative emojis like the Red Heart or a ❤️ next to your contact’s name. Why? Because it means a lot and in this article, we’re going to talk about that. You will know what is the Red Heart on Snapchat.

Snapchat rewards users because it motivates users to spend more time on the platform. So if you know what does a Red Heart means on Snapchat, you’re not gonna talk to the contacts like before anymore.

A red heart is an achievement by itself because not many people get to see a ❤️ next to their friend’s name. A red heart emoji means you and the contact share a common passion together.

What is the red heart on Snapchat?

Research shows that red color has several meanings, such as power, passion, love, danger, and desire. The color red on its means strong and Powerful emotions, so this color is more intense than other hot colors like yellow or even Orange. That is why people buy red roses for their loved ones Because it means intensified love for them.

Likewise, Red Heart in your contact list means nearly. If your relationship with your contact is close enough to get a red heart, you two have been number one best friends for the past two weeks. So now you know what does the Red Heart mean on Snapchat.

The red heart means you two sent the most snaps daily for two weeks straight.

red heart on snapchat

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat?

Let’s go deeper and find the answer to the “what does a red heart mean on snapchat” question. The most significant point about the red snapchat heart is that it shows your friendship on social media like all other friendship heart emojis. Just you have to pay attention that the heart color meaning will change based on your level of friendship. Generally speaking, snapchat red heart means BFF or Best Friends Forever. 

Now that you know the snapchat red heart meaning, you might think it is easy to get. While it is not hard, you have to focus on communicating with that specific person for at least two weeks non-stop. By focusing on two weeks’ close communication I do not mean sending snaps together for 14 days, 24 hours. It means if you spend more time snapping with that targeted person every day for two weeks, you will get the red heart on snapchat. 

Another important point you have to be careful about is that if you end up using Snapchat or sending regular snaps to that special person, you will lose the red snapchat heart. 

What is the use of red heart on snapchat?

Are you wondering what is the use of red heart on snapchat? Previously you read about almost all the details of a red heart on snapchat, which can appear on the side of any of your friend’s names when you send them snaps frequently. Here, I want to add that a red snapchat heart is one of the most important friendship heart emojis that enables you to see the relationship you have made with your best friends. 

Did the yellow heart turn into red heart on snapchat?

Previously, you learned what does the red heart mean on snapchat. And probably you should know the yellow heart is the first friendship heart emoji before the snapchat red heart. Now that you know about the meaning of snapchat red heart meaning and snapchat yellow heart meaning, you might ask yourself can I change the yellow heart to a red heart emoji? The absolute answer is yes. A yellow heart only lasts for two weeks, and if you keep communicating more and more, you can change the yellow heart into a red one.

red heart on snapchat

Why did the red heart on snapchat disappear?

For those who know what does a red heart mean on snapchat, it is obvious why sometimes the red heart on snapchat might disappear? If you do not keep your communication by sending snaps regularly, the red heart on snapchat might disappear. For example, if you:

  • Start snapping at another person more than the other.
  • Stop using Snapchat for a few days.

 Be careful this situation is the same for both of you, and if either of you takes your foot off the pedal, you will lose that red snapchat heart.

But why are you thinking about losing a red heart, while you can work on getting pink hearts snapchat, or two pink hearts snapchat. Keep reading and learn more about these popular friendship heart emojis.

What are pink hearts snapchat?

Here, I want to encourage you to keep communicating with your targeted person and get the two pink hearts on snapchat after the red heart emoji. These two pink hearts snapchat, one larger than the other could refer to your strong love for a person on Snapchat, which means you two communicate with each other more than the time you had a red heart emoji. If you want to know more about the details of the two pink hearts snapchat emojis, read the next paragraph.

Two pink hearts snapchat meaning

Above, you learned what does a red heart mean on snapchat, now I want to talk about a better heart color meaning on Snapchat. Pink hearts snapchat emojis, which are at a higher level, meaning you and your best friend share the most snaps, videos, and more for two straight months. Pay attention that this communication should be from both sides and if your targeted person raises their friendship level with someone else while you are sending him the most snaps, you will not reach that pink hearts snapchat. 

pink hearts snapchat


All Snapchat users know about the importance of heart color meanings on this app. Each of these friendship heart emojis means something special, for example, red hearts on snapchat mean something different from two pink hearts snapchat. If you do not know what does the red heart mean on snapchat, and you want to find more information about the snapchat red heart meaning, read the above text. Be sure that there you can find the answer to all your questions about the heart color meanings of snapchat.

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