How to Stop Instagram Auto Play Videos?

The Instagram algorithm is designed to play videos automatically. Though, it is becoming challenging to watch the unwanted videos and most importantly, it uses much of your mobile data while you don’t need to watch those videos.

Sometime Instagram gets confusing to use specially for beginners. So, it is good to have some ideas how to work with Instagram. In this blog I would explain how to play a video on Instagram, how to fix if it’s not working, and how to stop the auto play on Instagram.

Using tips and tricks helps you to grow your Instagram account faster and better. If you are using Instagram bot to get more followers, then better change the setting to use less data.

How do you play videos on Instagram?

Videos on Instagram would play automatically, and you only can play its voice. If you turn a video’s voice, it will be off for the rest, until you turn it back. To play videos on Instagram you should not do anything unless the voice can be turned on and off.

By tapping on the right corner of the videos, you can turn the voice on or off. If you have already turned the less data on, to play the automatic videos on Instagram, you should switch the less data to off mode.

Instagram use less data not working

If you have trouble using the less data on Instagram you can try the mentioned methods to fix it. to fix Instagram use data not working:

  1. Turn off and on the internet network
  2. Close and reopen the Instagram app
  3. Update ethe Instagram app
  4. Clear caches on Instagram app through its setting, from the setting section on mobile
  5. If you still could not fix it, delete the Instagram app, and reinstall it
  6. Contact Instagram support

To contact the Instagram support:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to your profile by tapping the profile picture on right corner of Instagram home
  4. Tap three lined icon
  5. Tap Help
  6. Go to Something not working section
  7. Write the report and submit it

How to stop videos from automatically playing on Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm is not designed to give options on auto-playing videos, though you can change the setting if you are using mobile data. In this case, the videos preload when you are using Wi-Fi only. This setting is somehow the same on some other apps. For example, the app store won’t download heavy apps unless you connect to Wi-Fi.

Instagram has put this option for users to choose if they want to use less mobile data. To make this option active, you should do the followings:

  1. Open your Instagram account
  2. Go to your profile and tap on the three-line icon
  3. Tap on Setting > Account > Cellular Data Use
  4. Turn on Use Less Data
Stop Instagram auto play videos

If you don’t want to hear the sound, if you tap on one video and turn the sound off, it will automatically off all others until you make the sound on. So, if you want to watch the videos without sound, you should turn it off after watching. Otherwise, all other videos would be active for you. Even you open your Instagram after a while; it will automatically consider the last actions.


It’s good to know some tricks on Instagram to perform better. We have many blogs and articles on how to grow your Instagram, and get more followers. If you have any issue, you can write your thoughts in comments.

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