How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos and Videos?

It sometimes happens that you unwantedly delete your Instagram photos and videos from your account and it becomes challenging to recover it. However, you can retrieve your deleted pictures or video, using both Instagram options and other computer tricks.

How to recover deleted Instagram photos and videos?

Fortunately, you can recover your deleted photo on Instagram, if you have any of the below options. Unless having one of these three options, you are not able to retrieve your Instagram photos and videos. I would explain each in details.

  • You had turned on the save original photo

If you have already set the photo saving option on Instagram, surely you have that deleted photos and videos on your phone photo gallery. Even if you have removed that photo from your phone, you might recover it from your phone using some software that you can search the web to find ones that you are comfortable working with it.

I highly recommend you turn these options on, so at least from now on you will have a backup from your Instagram photos and videos.

To turn these options on, go to your profile page, on the right top corner tap on the icon. Tap on the setting, and you can see the account. Go to the account section, original photos, and turn on the save original photo button.

Instagram save original photos
  • If you had shared Instagram photos and videos on story

The second method that you can use to take the Instagram photos and videos back is about those photos that you have shared on your stories. If you don’t remember that you did it or not, you can check your setting, if the option is on, and your archive.

In case your posted photos were on your Instagram stories, you can take it from the archive. There is an option on Instagram that automatically saves stories into your Instagram archive. Or you could deliberately send a feed post into the archive. You should tap on the left top corner, and you can see all the archived photos.

For this purpose, go to your setting as I have explained in the previous part. Instead of going to account, go to the privacy and security part. In that section, you will see the story control. If you tap on the story control, you can see there are two options. It is better for you to turn on both of them, to back up your data on your phone.

If Instagram had saved your photos and videos into the archive section, you could go to your profile, on the top left corner you can see the archive icon.

Instagram story control
  • Having a valid court order

The last method that you can get Instagram photos and videos back is a court order. In some cases, Instagram photos and videos can be vital for the person, so well worth it to go to the court and request for the order. So, if you have officially had a letter to recover your photo, you can contact Instagram support. It is true that Instagram has no option to retrieve Instagram photos and videos, but they have announced that they might help only with a valid court order. So, you should see how vital that pictures and videos are for you.

If you want to keep your Instagram account safe, it is really important to be aware of Instagram’s rules, restrictions, limits, and policies such as Like,follow the link to get more info

recover Instagram photos and videos


You should know that once you have deleted a photo or a video on any apps unless that particular app provides you some option to access to your photo, you cannot retrieve it. Like Instagram saving photo automatically to the gallery or saving to archive. There are some articles about using the software, but keep in mind that you can only use the recovery software if you had that Instagram photos and videos on your gallery or Instagram have saved it into your gallery. In this case, you can get help from this kind of software.

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