How to hide Stories on Instagram

Instagram unveiled a new feature called Stories which allows you to shoot, annotate, and share photos and short videos outside of your normal feed.

By default, all of your followers can see the Stories your post. Likewise, you can see all the Stories the people you follow are posting. This is where it sometimes gets overwhelming.

I follow a lot of random people on Instagram because I appreciate the quality of the photos they share on their feeds. However, I care very little for their Stories, which are typically more about their personal lives than sharing beautiful shots. In this case, I’d rather not see their Stories at all.

There are also some people who follow me with whom I don’t want to share my stories, so I am opting to hide my Stories from these people.

In this post, we will learn how you can hide your story from select people, but also how you can prevent other people’s stories from filling up your screen.

How to hide your own Instagram stories from specific people

If you want to make sure specific Instagram users don’t see your story, you can follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to the person’s main profile.

2) Tap on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3) Select Hide Your Story from the options that are presented to you. A message will appear on the screen to confirm that this user will not be able to see your story anymore.

If you wish to undo this, simply follow the first two steps above, and select Unhide Your Story.

How to easily find out who your stories are hidden from

If you can hide and unhide your stories from specific users from their own profile page, it can quickly become difficult to keep track of that. To alleviate this issue, Instagram added a new section in your profile settings where you can have a glance at all the users you’ve hidden your stories from. If you change your mind, this is also where you can unhide your stories from them.

How to hide Stories on Instagram

To get there, go to your profile, and tap the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner. Then under Account, choose Story Settings, then select Hide Story From. The users you’re hiding your stories from will show at the top.

Note that from this menu, you can also mass-hide your stories from specific users.

How to mute others’ Instagram stories

Technically, you won’t be hiding stories; you will just be muting them. This means that you will still be able to see them if you choose to, but they won’t be displayed chronologically in the carousel of stories. Instead, muted stories will appear after all other stories that are available to you.

For instance, if I mute a user who happened to just publish something to his story, this story will show last in the carousel, despite being the most recent one. This is a great way to give priority to the stories of people you actually care about the most.

To mute someone else’s stories, simply do the following:

1) Find the person you want to mute in your stories carousel at the top of your Instagram feed. In this tutorial, we’ll block Cody (melvco).

2) Tap and hold your finger on his profile icon for a few seconds. You will see two options.

How to hide Stories on Instagram3) Tap on Mute XYZuser’s Story.

As explained above, the user’s stories won’t be completely hidden from you. They will just be muted. If you scroll all the way to the end of the Stories carousel, you will see that this user’s stories are there. They stand out from the rest as the users’ profile icons are washed out a bit, as you can see on this screenshot.

How to hide Stories on Instagram

You can unmute this user’s stories by following the same directions, and choosing Unmute Story.

Again, this is a nice feature because it prioritizes the stories of people you are most interested in. However, I must admit I wish there was a way to completely hide stories from specific users altogether.

This is all there is to hiding/muting stories on Instagram. Note that at this time, it is not possible to disable Stories altogether, so if you don’t like that new feature, it seems you’re going to have to live with it anyway.

Instazood Instagram bot

How to Unmute a Story on Instagram?

You can unmute an Instagram story in a few different ways. It is possible to use these listed steps for both android and ios systems to reinstate Instagram stories.

First option:

It is a quick and simple way. Sometimes you muted a story but did not know the exact username, or you might not be sure that you mute him or not. In this case, you have to do it like this.

  1. After scrolling the right on the story feed, you have to locate any greyed-out profile icons above the screen.
  2. Then press the chosen profile picture for some seconds.
  3. And choose unmute option.
  4. After you did it, you will see your friend’s content on your Instagram news feed.


Second option:

In another case, you know the person who you muted. Now, you can unmute them when you visit their profile. To do these, follow the below instructions:

Go to the chosen profile. You can do this by touching the magnifying glass below the screen and typewriting the username. Once you find it, follow these actions:

  1. Locate the Following and choose it.
  2. Choose the Mute option.
  3. Change the switches from blue color to grey one.
  4. That’s the way you can unmute somebody from their profile.

How to find muted stories on Instagram?

Here, we show how to unmute Instagram users. But sometimes, you can not find the list of specific users you have muted. Visiting profiles one-by-one is a boring way that needs much time. Instead of that, you can view all of the muted accounts in a particular list. If you do not know how to find this list, here we guide you about it.

  1. First of all, go through your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the page and tap it.
  2. Then find the three horizontal lines above the page in the right corner and tap.
  3. After that, choose the Settings option.
  4. Then tap the Privacy icon.
  5. Now, you will find the list of muted accounts.

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Not to be outdone by Snapchat — aka the hugely popular app that I feel way too old to understand, even at 30 — Instagram announced Tuesday the addition of Instagram Stories, which, is, uh, basically Snapchat for Instagram. The new feature allows users to share photos and videos (complete with text, emojis, and Snapchat-esque drawing tools) to a separate feed that doesn’t show up in their grids, and which are deleted after 24 hours.

Since I couldn’t even figure out the basics of how to even use Snapchat, Instagram Stories definitely seems like a more accessible version for those of us who thought we were more technologically inclined than we actually are, and I’ll admit, is something that seems pretty cool now that I actually know what it is.

But if you also happen to be not quite sure what you’re doing, you might want to know how to block people from seeing your Instagram story — either for privacy reasons, or just because you’re still trying to get the hang of it.

According to the official Instagram blog, Instagram Stories is pretty easy to use. When you open the app, you’ll see a row of stories hanging out above your usual Instagram feed, and to view them, you just tap on the circle of the user whose story you want to see. Swiping right and left will allow you to scroll through all the stories in the feed, and tapping on the pic will let you view more stories from that particular user.

Adding your own is pretty easy too — just tap on the add symbol in the top left corner, and share away. If your Instagram account is already set to private (that is, if other IG users can only see your feed once they send you a request and you approve it), then your Instagram Story will automatically only be visible to your followers.

How long before they introduce the puppy faces #InstagramStories— Andy Brown (@LawsonAndy) August 3, 2016

If not, or if you want to prevent even your approved followers from seeing your stuff, then you have some options there, too. After posting your story, you can swipe up on it to see who has viewed it, and from there you can choose to hide it from certain users. Or, if you already know who you want to block from viewing your stories, you can go into “Story settings” in your account options, and individually hide your stories from your followers before you’ve even uploaded anything.

How To Block People From Seeing Your Instagram Story If You Still Want Some Privacy

Despite the buzz over the latest update (and the fact that Instagram has pretty much figured out a way to make Snapchat-like sharing cool for people over 25), a lot of the reactions on social media revolve around two common things: the fact that Instagram basically ripped off Snapchat completely, and a renewed sense of frustration that Instagram has launched the stories feature instead of doing what a lot of people actually wanted it to do, which was bring back the chronological feed, and add in a “who follows you” feature.

I like how Instagram Stories explains itself so seriously & thoroughly, as if no one has ever heard of Snapchat.

— Christine Hennessey (@TheNewChrissy) August 3, 2016

So we just gone sit here and act like Instagram stories haven’t already been a thing…called snapchat pic.twitter.com/rUm8G1iRoV

— Landon Moss (@_LandonMoss) August 2, 2016

To the first accusation, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says, well, yeah that’s totally accurate. According to TechCrunch, Systom said that “[Snapchat deserves] all the credit,” for Instagram Stories, and explained,

This should be Instagram new logo  #InstagramStories pic.twitter.com/QgDlRmvzQT

— Vic Bre (@TheCoolestLame) August 2, 2016

There’s no doubt that Instagram Stories is a way for Instagram to stay competitive against the huge success of Snapchat, but Systrom said there was also more to it than that. At a time where Instagram has become an app that seems, first and foremost, about perfectly curated feeds and edited, filtered photos (and one where many users will often delete photos if they don’t earn enough likes or comments), Instagram Stories are meant to be a way to bring back a more spontaneous form of sharing that existed in the earlier days of Instagram, and that — ideally — would steer people away from missing authentic moments because they were so busy making sure they looked perfect for their feeds and followers.

Ironically though, at least in the first couple of days, it appears that a lot of users have taken to using Instagram Stories to promote their Snapchat accounts. It’s not entirely clear whether it’s a snarky attempt to hit back against what many feel was blatant copying on the part of Instagram, or just because people on Snapchat are always finding creative ways to grow their followings, but either way, it’s led to some entertaining Twitter commentary.

Instagram: Hey you can add stories here too!!
Everyone: Oh cool I’ll use it to promote my Snapchat
Instagram: pic.twitter.com/RsuSqrYMnv

— SEGA Genesis (@notgeni) August 3, 2016

My favorite meme from yesterday… #InstagramStories pic.twitter.com/8uVn8z7UPg

— Matthew James Morgan (@MattMO2Go) August 3, 2016

The popularity of Instagram Stories compared to Snapchat is still to be seen — usually it takes a while for the collective Internet outrage to die down before the more long-term impact is obvious — but my guess is that Snapchat rip off or not, a lot more people will be sharing Snapchat-like updates now thanks to Instagram Stories. Mostly because, well, it just something that doesn’t feel totally confusing to figure out when you’re old and lame.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The announcement that Instagram was adding a Snapchat-like “stories” feature is a big deal for most social media obsessives (and even laypeople like myself) . do you like every body can see your stories ?

But since our social circles are now so big and connected, it’s totally understandable if someone wants to hide Instagram Stories from certain people, because, let’s face it: Your long distance aunt doesn’t need to see some of the stuff you’re posting to Instagram. My shady friends, you are in luck. All one has to do when posting a “story” is just go to the settings option — that little gear icon — and select “Hide My Story From” and go to town. It’s a lot like the feature Facebook offered years ago. Just use your social media instincts and you can pick and choose who can see your stuff.

It is kind of cool, since the feature allows you to block your stories on a case by case basis, as opposed to the Snapchat way, which makes you create another feed if you don’t want everyone who follows you to see what you’re up to. It’s also a better way to post about that awesome afternoon you’re having on a yacht (or just in your living room), without bombing all of your followers with the same old stuff. Because that is the problem with Instagram — it’s all about that one-off moment, and they want users to do more than that.

I have Instagram Stories. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen…other than Snapchat. pic.twitter.com/OkJkhecEH0

— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) August 2, 2016

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom admits that they stole the idea from Snapchat. Because it was working. He told Tech Crunch, “They deserve all the credit. This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.” But a lot of users aren’t feeling the new stories idea. Many wanted a chronological newsfeed, which users used to get. A recent update made the feed more like Facebook, with more popular, liked posts getting precedent when the whole point of Instagram was to see what people were doing right now, right then, take it or leave it.

Instagram stories is the off brand snapchat

— Zack (@Pokediger1) August 2, 2016

The new Instagram Stories feature, indeed, feels eerily similar to Snapchat — and a lot of users don’t see why it’s even necessary. “I hardly even watch Snapchat stories, you think I’m watching your Instagram story? LMAO SIKE,” one Twitter user wrote. While the intention is good, every social network serves its own purpose. Facebook is good for stalking old friends with babies and communicating with extended family, Twitter for news and snarky Bachelorette live-tweets. Snapchats for, well, Snapchat stories, and Instagram for a random feed of friends’ lunch, brands, and parody accounts that post memes you can laugh about to yourself while taking a bathroom break. Is that not what everyone does?

No one ever likes change when it comes to the Internet. Instagram and Snapchat aficionados — chill out. At the end of the day, there was never much difference in the end game between the two social networks. Now they’re even closer and everyone will just have that much more to scroll through when they’re bored.

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