How to Have Multiple Accounts on Instagram? (ultimate guide)

Having multiple Instagram accounts? Which reasons are behind this idea! Willy-nilly, we cannot take a blind eye to multiple accounts on Instagram, which are snowing ball every day. Adding other Instagram accounts found a large number of fans among most types of Instagrammers, from personal accounts to different business accounts.

There are varieties of Instagram marketing strategies to skyrocket marketing performances and efficiencies. Now luckily, the chance of managing multiple Instagram accounts to access all virtual Instagram stores gives fresh momentum to Instagram businesses.

Create a new Instagram account (why)?

One day, I was thinking about my writing skill on content creation and poems, at that time I had only one personal Instagram account includes some Memorable photos and fall into the trap of weather to delete my Instagram account to create another Instagram account or combine my new idea of generating content with my pervious Instagram account. I was deeply drowning in the decision to choose a practical way when I figured out maybe some of my current followers won’t honor me for my new poems Instagram posts. Meanwhile, I added an Instagram account to expose my innovative ideas with just my eager audience. In that situation, I faced some different kinds of hardships in managing multiple Instagram accounts effectively. Now I am here to serve you with tips and tricks on how to make a second Instagram accounts.

Create a new Instagram account

How to create a second Instagram account?

One thing to note is that when you want to create a new Instagram account, as a second one, from your current Instagram account. You should know one crucial point to enter a different Instagram Email address or phone number separate from your existing Instagram account to have a successful ig login to your added Instagram account easy.

Follow the steps below:

  1. open Instagram app
  2. Go to profile and tap on the right top
  3. Go down the page and select SettingScroll down to the bottom and choose Add account
  4. Tap Sign up for Instagram
  5. Type the username and the password you want
How to create a second Instagram account
create a second Instagram account

The advantage of Multiple Instagram accounts

It is good to know that I leave no stone unturned for looking up the pros of having multiple Instagram accounts. The main purpose of this idea resonates with brands as well as Instagram marketers to separate their Instagram marketing strategies per account. Through the use of this Instagram ability, brands can monitor each account activity effectively and identify weaknesses and strengths of them.

  • Use the impression of the first Instagram account to grow the second Instagram account

I was a poet, use my authority and credibility to create a second Instagram account about handicrafts. The more my reputation among my current Instagram followers is promoting. The more opportunities come up to invert my handicraft Instagram page to one of my best Instagram accounts.

A second Instagram account
  • Different locations need a different Instagram account

The necessity of managing your brand in different geolocations is an obvious example of adding multiple Instagram accounts. In general, this Instagram feature takes some of the weight of our shoulders (in order) to avoid confusion of handling different scales of brands in different locations.

Instagram accounts based on multiple locations

Product’s categories need multiple accounts on Instagram

  • One other thing I want to clear is that create a second Instagram account; is essential for those who decide to feature the variation of their products. Also, I bury myself into my studies and found out brands like Nike take advantage of this Instagram update and make top popular multiple Instagram accounts around its product variation. One account for Football shoes one for women shoes the other for Sportswear etc.

    Here is how:

Multiple Instagram accounts and product categories

How to switch accounts on Instagram?

The action of how to switch between Instagram accounts is a piece of cake. It comes to get ride of login and log out of each Instagram account. This option is efficient for Instagram marketers or users with multiple accounts on Instagram, especially for Instagram marketers, to manage all of their Instagram accounts.

Note: You can add up to 5 accounts on one device.

To switch between accounts you’ve added:

1. Go to the Instagram profile.
2. Tap username at the top of the screen
3. Tap the account you’d prefer to switch to

how to switch between Instagram accounts

How to login on multiple Instagram accounts?

You can use one of your Instagram sign in password to login to your multiple accounts on Instagram.

To start using the same login for multiple accounts:

  • Go to your Instagram profile, then tap
  • Tap Setting
  • Tap Set up multi-account login
  • Pick the account and password you’ll use to log into your accounts.
  • Tap Next
How to login on multiple Instagram accounts
How to login on multiple Instagram accounts1

Deleting Instagram account vs. Instagram create account

Talking about different usages of both having and managing multiple Instagram accounts should not lead us to create a new Instagram account as well as deleting Instagram account. Do not create a second Instagram account without any particular aim, especially for business owners with brand identity. That after struggling with this new account, come up with this idea to delete it because there was no need to.

If you as an Instagrammer create new Instagram account and then decide to delete it, you may need steps to delete Instagram account :

You need to know how to remove an account from Instagram. There are two ways:

Note: there is no way to delete every type of Instagram account from your Instagram app.

  1. How to temporarily disable Instagram account
  2. the way is similar to deactivating your Instagram account; actually, your profile will be inaccessible on the Instagram platform, but your account still exists and won’t come on Instagram search engine results.
  3. How to permanently delete Instagram account
  4. point with delete Instagram account permanently is that all your data, such as Instagram posts, stories, direct messages, will be deleted. So, be cautious, what are you doing with your Instagram account.
  5. Go to Delete your account page
  6. Enter the Instagram username and password to login to your account
  7. After that select, a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down menu

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts efficiently

  • Create Genuine content for each account
  • Evaluate each Instagram account performance
  • Use alternative bio links for your all accounts to get attention
  • Send auto dm to respect your Instagram followers

High-quality content For each Instagram account

Let me tell you that your current Instagram followers will follow your second Instagram account in turn of finding the first Instagram account activities engaging and compelling, such as your Instagram post, stories, captions, mostly your genuine content. In fact, your Instagram feed should be visually consistent with generating interest. Do your best to dominate the visual content, which is going to publish, to keep your face for creating a second Instagram account.

Instagram account analysis will help

When you switch to the Instagram business account, you can go into detail with Instagram insight to view your audience engagement with your account. It seems like one of the precious Instagram features you can benefit from to identify from a to z weakness and strength points of your Instagram page. Every business account has the accessibility to Instagram insight for checking out some critical factors such as impression, reach, profile views, etc.Likes,Comment,Saves,Actions,Discoveries

Keep changing your Instagram bio link to advertise your multiple accounts on Instagram

The best way of using bio places is to put alternative links related to your multiple accounts. Every Instagram account has a specific link address which you can put in every one of your multiple Instagram account link in bio place.

Instagram DM works effectively to manage multiple Instagram accounts

You ended up managing 5 Instagram accounts. Massive task or responsibility? Yes, of course, You should be eligible to handle difficult tasks of multiple accounts on Instagram. Instagram auto DM serves you to undertake to send automatic Direct message online for all your current followers and ask for following your second Instagram account.

How to post on Instagram account?

You can share the Instagram posts in three different formats, photo, video, and Gallery.

In photo mode, you can take a picture of your cellphone’s camera. Also, in video mode, you can make the video to post on your Instagram account. Remember that Gallery is used for selecting photos that already have been taken, and now you can choose as an Instagram post.

How to post on Instagram account

How to post multiple photos on Instagram?

After opening your Instagram app,

  • Tap, home screen, hit the + icon at the Explore tab.
Multiple pictures on Instagram
  • Tap the multiple icons on the top right of the images.
multiple photos on Instagram
  • Now, you can select additional images up to 10 by just tapping on any of them.
Select up to ten photos to upload on Instagram

If you don’t like the order of your images, tap and hold on the image you want to move, then drag it to the right spot.

  • Tap Next at the right top of the screen to edit your photos.
Edit and filters Instagram photos

How to edit an Instagram post?

Luckily, You have the option of editing and filtering each photo individually.

Filter an Instagram post

Now you use every one of the filters below for your Insta post. The most popular one is Clarendon.


It is also possible to edit your Instagram pics to make it better or change the sense of your image.

Instagram post Edit options
  • After the editing, tap Next to add a caption.
  • Tap Share when you’re done.
Instagram sharing post with a caption

Your account has been disabled(why and how to restore)

Imagine logging into Instagram account facing an error message says “your account has been disabled” due to terms of service violations. There are some situations in which an Instagram account could get banned by mistake, or there might be a misunderstanding.

We are going to help you with why this could happen.

  • If your Instagram account shows excessive amounts of interaction with other Instagram pages.
  • When logging in from too many locations for a single account on Instagram: This alerts Instagram of hacks, and the accounts are also disabled.
  • When you post images that are reported as trademarked and you posted them without permission of the original owner: This is a persistent issue on Instagram.
  • Any content that contains nudity or any hateful speech or imagery will also end up getting an account disabled.
  • One of the biggest reasons why people get banned is because they pick random images from the web, and they post them as theirs. Most people get away with this, but every once in awhile, someone will complain about this, and they will report it as a copyright claim. ) so be sure to post original images Final thoughts(

In this situation, don’t worry, you have the option to make aware of Instagram from the mistake it made.

  • write an appeal
  • Mostly it will be acceptable for the Instagram community when you claim that your Instagram account had been hacked before. So, they might reactivate it faster.
  • Your request to have the account enabled again will probably end up working if your account hasn’t been violating the terms of service repeatedly.

Instagram Creator Accounts(special feature for Instagram influencers)

A new collection of features designed for ” Instagram influencers” or Instagramers with gazillion followers. Instagram creator account comes as a useful idea to separate businesses from influencers, gain more insights in-depth also information about audience promotion and reduction. Giving celebrities more control over their accounts on Instagram, the ability to filter their direct messages, and access more deep analytics over their follower counts is the example of this Instagram feature.

What is the difference between creator and business account Instagram?

As you can see, the Instagram Creator account is the best option for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers. In contrast, an Instagram business account is best for local businesses, brands, organizations as well as retailers.

Instagram creator account serves you with:

  • unfollow and follows statistics
  • Demographic data (age, location, etc.)
  • DM filtering (which divides into three categories: primary, general, requests.)

Primary: messages that the influencer wants to receive and be notified of.

General: messages that the influencer doesn’t want notifications for.

Requests: messages from people the influencer does not follow.

Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts

Nowadays, more situations are bounds to tempt Instagrammers with a high amount of followers to sell their Instagram accounts, and growing demand for selling and buying Instagram accounts is being observed on the Instagram community.

Is it legal to sell Instagram accounts?

Instagram terms of service (TOS) ban the transfer of ownership on Instagram. However, those are just in-house rules of Instagram, and there is nothing illegal about buying and selling your social media accounts.

Why do people buy Instagram accounts?

Well, people are eager to monetize from Instagram accounts with high credibility to gain more engagement by publishing their brands’ news. So, they decide to buy an active Instagram account to promote their brand awareness.

How many followers should I have to sell my Instagram account? Not only organic and active Instagram followers are essential, but also having at least 30K followers on Instagram is necessary.

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