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The best places to buy Instagram story views Cheap and Fast

Currently, Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms to be in because people like videos and pictures better than text. Internet users are too impatient to read. 

So if you want to attract eyes to your content, you should produce pictures and videos more often on Instagram.

By The rise of Instagram stories, this platform literally went to another level. Stories appear on top of the homepage, and they’re more accessible than posts, so they get more views. But classic IG video posts aren’t as engaging as Instagram stories.

What are Instagram story views?

Instagram story views show the number of users who have seen your story. As a rule of thumb, the more views you have on social media, the better. You want to keep your stories very engaging to increase your chance to appear on the explore page. This is the real Redemption😉

Why Buy Instagram Story Views?

Usually, Stories have better conversion rates than posts (I don’t know why). So if you’re selling some product, your chance is higher with stories than posts. So now you know why you buy Instagram story views. By and large, focus on your stories than posts because users like stories much better than any form of content on Instagram. 

This is why some users buy Instagram story views. But it doesn’t mean that all of your stories will go viral. Sometimes you need to push your content out there.

If you want your stories to gain organic followers, you need to find a way to put them on the explore page, so we recommend buying Instagram story views.

Real success on Instagram happens when your posts and stories appear on the explore page. Many users spend money to get a couple of hundred more views.

You should also know that Instagram stories are better for selling a product or service because they are more engaging and they get more views, so it’s a good idea to show testimonials on Instagram stories instead of posts.

Your creativity we’ll go crazy when it comes to telling a story on Instagram stories. People actually follow a lot of vloggers every day from their stories because they want to know what’s about to happen next. If you buy Instagram story views, you can seduce new potential users to be engaged in your Instagram journey. To sum this up, you should tell good stories that arouse the Curiosity of users and buy Instagram story views to drag them in.

Is it safe to buy Instagram story views?

It is absolutely safe to buy Instagram views as Instagram has not prohibited users from buying Instagram story views in the terms and policy.

But Instagram might consider the act of buying Instagram story views illegal, so you’d better watch out which service or website you use and take precautions to avoid an scammers.

Where to buy Instagram story views?

The main purpose of this article is to let you know the best places to buy Instagram story views. Below is the list of the best places you can ever find on the Internet to buy views for your IG stories. 

We also provide you with the details of each website so you’ll Make Better Decisions.

  • Viralyft

Viralyft is a well-known place for buying Instagram story views because they’re quite old in this business. 

Some say that many successful IG influencers use this service, making it even more reliable. You can push your story views more with Viralyft. This platform works best when you produce great stories, so don’t forget the high-quality content. 

You can get more profile views with Viralyft as the conversion rates of stories are much higher. 

Here is the pricing of this platform:

$1.99 for 500 views

$2.99 for 1000 views

$3.99 for 2500 views

$8.99 for 5000 views

$16.99 for 10000 views

$27.99 for 25,000 views

$59.99 for 50,000 views

All the payments are through PayPal and credit card.

They also offer TikTok views.


As an Instagram user, you should use this service at least once in your journey. If you think your posts don’t get the engagement they deserve, you should use as they show your stories and posts to a wider audience. Your money won’t be wasted if you spend it on this service. 

They show your content to real people, not robots or inactive users. So you might even get real comments.

Like Viralyft, they offer TikTok views too.

Below is the plans of

$1.99 for 500 views

$3.49 for 1000 views 

$5.99 for 2500 views 

$12.99 for 5000 views 

$19.99 for 10000 views 

$39.99 for 25,000 views 

$59.99 for 50,000 views 

As you can see, Prices are much like Viralyft.

  • SocialPackages.Net

This service is famous for delivering the most efficient story views. If you want to increase your engagement fast, you should use SocialPackages. Instagram sometimes makes it quite tough to grow organically, so using such services to increase views is recommended, especially for beginners.

Over time as you gain more and more views, Instagram will suggest your content to more people.

They don’t require you to share your password with the website, and their service is 100% safe as they don’t show your content to bots.

Below is the plans of

$1.50 for 500 views

$2.50 for 1000 views

$4.50 for 2500 views

$9.50 for 5000 views

$16.50 for 10000 views

$29.50 for 25,000 views

$49.50 for 50,000 views

  • Views Expert

You should use Views Expert if you look for a serious push for your IG stories. You can optimize your work with their service and gain a good edge over your competitors. Showing your stories and posts to targeted audiences makes this service very special. You don’t have to be worried about bots and inactive/fake users. The views of your stories will be %100 natural and real with people who are actually interested in your niche. This service is also recommended to business pages that want to take their page to the next level in the fastest way possible.

Below is the pricings of Views Expert:

$1.00 for 500 views

$2.50 for 1000 views

$5.00 for 2500 views

$11.00 for 5000 views

$18.00 for 10000 views

$37.00 for 25,000 views

$57.00 for 50,000 views


If you want to buy Instagram story views, you should work with reliable services as there are a lot of scammers who send fake viewed and bots to your Instagram account. 

If you buy Instagram story views, you can boost your growth and expose your stories to more viewers, and if your story conversion rate is high, you can turn those viewers into real customers or hard die fans.

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