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Good Chrome extensions can help you save a lot of time. A chrome extension is just like a plugin that adds new functionality to your browser by expanding its capabilities. In order to know what extensions exist, you can go to the Chrome web store and take a look. In this article we will introduce the best extension that we think will be helpful for people who are trying to grow their business on Instagram in different ways.

How to add an extension to Chrome

After you enter the Chrome web store you can either browse all the different extensions, search for a particular extension or use the filters that are available. After you click on an extension, a window pops up that contains more information about that particular extension. It includes users’ reviews, later versions of the plugin, and so on. After you make your mind, click “Add to Chrome” on the top right of the page and it will install. The extension will appear on the right side of the address bar and you are done. 

How to manage an extension

The easiest way to manage an extension is to right-click on its icon. From there you can remove an extension or hide it. If you need to access more advanced settings you can click “Manage Extensions”.

The best chrome extensions for Instagram users

Here is a list of the most useful extensions that will benefit Instagram users:

  1. Inssist: Instagram does not let its users upload videos or IGTV directly to their feed via the website itself. However, if you want to do this to save time or because of its accessibility, Inssist is the ultimate solution. You can use a lot of features on their free plan but if you pay a very small amount of money, you can upgrade and unlock all the features. To use this plugin you have to log in to the Instagram web version and then click on the plugin’s icon. Now you can manage your directs, upload posts and stories, comment and like, and even access Instagram dark mode through this extension.
  1. Notifications DM Instagram: if you want to grow your reach and gain the trust of your customers, it is important to answer their direct messages as soon as possible. Notifications DM Instagram lets you know you have a message as soon someone tries to contact you. 
  1. InstaDirect: this add-on allows you to send direct messages via your PC. This extension is totally safe and you can use it comfortably since it doesn’t ask you for your Instagram username and password.
  1. IG Downloader: you may see a post or story on Instagram and want to re-post it to your account. You can also download images and IGTV. To do this you only have to hover over the post and click the download button. Just be careful not to download too many posts back to back since Instagram may block you temporarily. 
  1. Font Face Ninja: sometimes you see somebody’s post on social media or content on their website and you think to yourself what font they’re using. You may try to search whatever keyword related to a font in Google and still not be able to find its name. Font Face Ninja has made this process really easy for you. Just install the plugin and finding your favorite font will never be a headache ever again. You can just turn on the plugin, then go to the website that you have found its font to be interesting. Just hover your mouse around the font and you will be able to find out the type of font.
  1. Everliker: this plugin automatically likes other people’s posts based on the hashtags you follow. The free version only likes other people but you can use more features if you purchase a premium account. The add-on works in the background as long as Chrome is open. 
  2. Social Analytics by WeFind: this extension calculates your engagement in no time. Every Instagrammer knows how important it is to have comprehensive analytics of their page to grow faster.  Social Analytics by Wefind has made this process way easier for you.
  1. Later: it is especially difficult for newer entrepreneurs to schedule their posts because they are too busy. However, we all know how important discipline and planning is to find our place in the Instagram algorithm and reach more people. Later is a great extension for post-scheduling. You can upload your content to a folder and give this plugin a schedule and worry no more.


Extensions are plugins that add new features to Google Chrome. Every Instagrammer knows know how important it is to use tools that help us cross out our mundane tasks and do more meaningful ones. In this article, we presented extensions to you that can boost your productivity and result.

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