Is American Jewelry and Loan still in business? (Complete Guide)

While some people are just typical employees to enter work at 9:00 am and return home at 5:00 pm, other guys are craving the challenging episodes of life, like gambling, investing in several businesses, and of course, pawning. There are lots of pawn and broker stores with different contexts and strengths across the country, but for a pawn broker, a single store lies at the top of this list, which you will find out in the following sentences of the article you are already reading.

Have you ever heard about American loan and jewelry? Who are they? In this guide, your information thirst will be relieved by answering these questions;

  • What is American loan and jewelry?
  • Is American Jewelry and Loan still in business?
  • Who is the owner of American loan and jewelry, and when is it open?
  • Does Ashley still work at American jewelry and loan?
  • What do we know about American jewelry and loan Detroit?
american jewelry and loan

What exactly is American jewelry and loan?

American loan and jewelry is a family-owned pawn store and broker in Detroit, Michigan. In this store, you are allowed to get credit for buying jewelry and electronic devices, selling them directly, or accepting pawn loans. Clearly speaking, the American jewelry and loan Detroit store has multiple services categorized as follows;

  1. Pawn loans
  2. Sell your item
  3. Layaway
  4. Custom Jewelry
  5. Electronics protection plan
  6. Jewelry protection and care plan

American loan and jewelry is the hub of amazing loans, where you are provided with collateral loans on jewelry, electronics, tools, and more. On the other hand, you can sell your items and valuables to their professionals for fair market value.

While the central location is in Detroit, American jewelry and loan lovers can enjoy their beloved store on four additional sites;

  • Hazel Park
  • Pontiac
  • Southgate
  • Lincoln Park

How can we buy our jewelry from American jewelry and loan? You can purchase your items at a fraction of retail prices, such as GIA-certified diamond jewelry, electronics, fine jewelry necklaces, luxurious handbags, and even more.

Is American jewelry and loan still in business?

Why should it not be? The American loan and jewelry’s main location, Detroit, houses the biggest pawn store since 1978. Here is the setting of the fantastic, record-breaking reality show Hardcore Pawn; however, it remains a reliable, full-service pawn and Brooker store for the Metro Detroit area and beyond.

All enthusiastic customers and visitors can visit American loan and jewelry almost every time, and if they are lucky, have a coffee break with the giant businessman, Les Gold!!!

Who is the owner of American Jewelry and Loan?

American jewelry and loan are owned by the famous American pawnbroker Les Gold. This 72-year-old man is the grandson of a Jewish pawnbroker who once owned the company “Sam’s Loans,” a now-defunct pawn shop on Michigan Avenue in Detroit. This was the place when the young Les started his sales business at age 7.

At the age of 12, he was making his revenue by selling sliced pizza to his fellow students at Hebrew School. In 1975, he married Lilli Gold and got two children, Seth and Ashley. The year 1978 was one of those glorious moments in Les Gold’s entire life when he founded American jewelry and loan, which is now the biggest pawn and broker store in the country.

Les Gold’s autobiography, “For What It is Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker,” was published on June 1, 2013. In this book, he reveals almost all the secrets he learned from the life of becoming a big pawnbroker and the challenges he experienced along this long way.

When American Jewelry and Loan is open?

If you are crazy about the pawning and jewelry business, you can visit American Jewelry and loan from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm. The store is closed on Sundays.

Whenever you need a contact or a rapid consultation, just call 313-345-4000, and the advisors are waiting for you. Any questions about pawning? Just send an email to [email protected]. You can also view new designs or get notified by the American loan and jewelry’s official pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Does Ashley still work at American jewelry and loan?

Unfortunately, I am desperate to give you a “no” answer. American loan and jewelry and their popular show, Hardcore Pawn, were formerly managed by Ashley Gold and his family, Les as her father and Seth as her brother. But these days, there is no way to see this show live again because sir Less has put an end to the show since he has not his daughter beside him.

Why did Ashley leave American jewelry?

The TruTV show is taped at the family pawnshop, the “American Jewelry and Loan” store on Greenfield in Detroit. But the reason why Ashley Gold has left American loan and jewelry and its relative “Hardcore Pawn” show is a little bit complex, mysterious, and scary.

Ashley Gold once told Karen Drew of WDIV that she had enough of drama and only wished to have an appropriate time with her husband and children, 8 and 10. She also considered that her health was in danger and needed some relief to manage her overweight state.

As a result, she left the traditional family business at the end of 2015 and started her own business, Pawn Chick Shopping, which is a personal website to sell new jewelry. WDIV shows her doing a weekly Pawn Chick Radio podcast in which she interviews celebrities.

“I am a mom. I was PTO president. I am that mom that drives that carpool,” she said. Ashley Gold indicates that she has not missed the show and its craziness and credits that experience for teaching her the main principles to “negotiate, make deals, and stand up for me.”

American jewelry and loan Detroit

The grandfather’s Sam’s Loans building nowadays is being processed to become remodeled into a pawn shop-themed restaurant, to be called “Gold Cash Gold.” But Les Gold’s American jewelry and loan Detroit corporation is still working like an atomic clock; it looks like it has never become tired.

Are you looking for an address? This is the location of the American jewelry and loan Detroit store, even more, precise than your GPS app!!!

20450 Greenfield Rd, Detroit, MI 48235, United States

For more information, you can contact the pawn store via the phone number, social media, or email. There is no way to text messaging to Les Gold himself, sorry!!!


Thank you for reading. Maybe you have visited many pawn stores with brilliant options and offers on board, but I am sure none of them can reach the son of Detroit, American jewelry and loan. Different options for getting loans, buying jewelry, and selling your items are available on the related website.

So the next time you are hungry for some web surfing, take your web browser and look for what are new arrivals on the American jewelry and loan web platform!!!

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