Instagram Summer Theme in 2023

Have you ever been attracted by eye-catching Instagram accounts with a particular theme and stuck with the account’s picture for a long time? You may wonder how to make an Instagram account with a specific theme to have more followers and be famous on Instagram.

Have you ever been attracted by eye-catching Instagram accounts with a particular theme and stuck with the account’s picture for a long time? You may wonder how to make an Instagram account with a specific theme to have more followers and be famous on Instagram.

Summer is coming, and it is the time to set the summer Instagram theme for your account, which most of Instagram users are doing it these days. To have the perfect summer Instagram theme, you should contain beaches, palm trees, bathing suits, sky, water, etc. in your photos to separate summer photos with other seasons.

Before choosing an Instagram theme, you should know:

Having an Instagram theme doesn’t mean posting the same photos with the same ground and colors over and over. All you need to do is to tie your feed with a common element.

How to choose an Instagram theme?

  1. Choose a color for your theme
  2. Clarify the subject that you are going to post about, such as fashion, travel, etc.
  3. Take a look at other Instagram posts with specific themes to get inspired and motivated
  4. Select a photo editor for your photos to adjust your photos with them. Remember to choose the same filters, contrasts, warmth, etc. For all your pictures with the same theme.

Here are some attractive Instagram themes which you may find them helpful for making you inspired. Also, you can follow one of them to create your own feed. Instagram users usually choose one of the categories below to set their Instagram theme.

Let’s go through these popular themes to make up your mind and choose the best one.

  • Colorful

It doesn’t have any special algorithm for choosing colors. You should have colorful photos in color block theme.

  • Bright & white

If you are interested in the white theme, you need a whitening tool to whiten the background or any other elements in the photo.

  • White borders
  • Blue & green

Majority of people tend to spend their summer by the beach to have fun, take photos and sunbathe, if you are planning to spend your time by the beach, the blue and green theme fits for you.

  • Warm & brown

The warm and brown theme is being favored these days, and it is not only used for a summer theme, if you don’t want to change your Instagram feed every season, but I recommend to choose the warm and brown theme to have it forever.

  • Pastel

It contains colorful photos with a hint of purple and pink. Also, use blue and yellow to make it more attractive.

  • Green and white
  • Pink and white
  • Grayscale

You can simply edit your photos and set them to gray. It seems to be an easy theme.

  • Natural Theme

Some Instagram users prefer to leave their photos with natural colors and focus on their target, and they do their best to find places which fit their theme.

  • Light purple
  • Vertical line

Related photos are in vertical order.

  • Checkboard

Checkboard theme is usually used when you want to share a photo with texts and pictures every other one.

  • Horizontal line

Photos are ordered in horizontal. Each line can have pictures with different topics.

  • Only videos
  • Threes, nines
  • Put a border for your photos

You can use the white, black, or colorful border for your photos and make them unique. Putting a border makes your feed look consistent.

  • Use rectangular photos

Choosing rectangular images makes your account look different from other’s feed.

Tips for editing the photos:
  • Sharpen your photos:

Sharpening your photos would give a high-quality look to your photos, but don’t over sharpen your pictures because it will make you look unnatural. The average number is between 10 to 30.

  • Make your photos more colorful:

Sometimes happen that you take a beautiful picture, but when you compare it with other photos in your Instagram account, it is neutral! Then you should increase “Tint” or “Contrast” to make your photo more colorful.

Summer Instagram captions for your posts:

After taking a photo and setting it with filters, you would definitely think of a unique caption for your post. There are several ways to choose a caption such as funny captions, quotes, explaining about the picture, poems, songs, etc.

Here are some ideas for your summer Instagram captions:

Funny captions:

  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream
  • Sun-kissed girls
  • Just drink and dance
  • I am a pearl in the sea
  • Life is nothing but a beach


  • §  “When all else fails, take a vacation.” —Betty Williams
  • “I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” —Kellie Elmore
  • “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” —Jenny Han

Tell about the picture and the activity:

  • A king/ queen is relaxing on the sand
  • Gangs laughing and making memories
  • Smelling flowers and feeling life


  • “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;But thy eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou owest; Nor shall Death brag thou wander’ st in his shade, When in eternal lines to time thou growest: So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this and this gives life to thee.” — William Shakespeare.

  • “Adrift in the liberating, late light of August, delicate, frivolous, they make their way to my front porch and flutter near the glassed-in bulb, translucent as a thought suddenly wondered aloud, brightening the air that’s thick with honeysuckle and dusk. You and I are doing our best at conversation, keeping it light, steering clear of what we’d like to say. You leave, and the night becomes cluttered with moths, some tattered, their dumbly curious filament starting against my cheek. How quickly, instinctively, I brush them away. Dazed, they cling to the outer darkness like pale reminders of ourselves. Others seem to want so desperately to get inside. Months later, I’ll find the woolens, snug in their resting places, full of missing pieces”.— Jennifer O’Grady
  •  “Gently I stir a white feather fan, With open shirt sitting in a green wood. I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone; A wind from the pine-trees trickles on my bare head”.— Li Po


  • “Time to sit back and unwind.” —DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  • “Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.” —The Beatles
  • “We’ll keep on spending sunny days this way.” — The Young Rascals
  • “Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head.” —The Lovin’ Spoonful

Have you ever participated in summer Instagram challenges?

It seems that people are more interested in challenges than they used to be. You can kill two birds with one stone by participating in challenges; you’ll both have fun and save the memory for the future. Also, if you use hashtags like #summer_challenge or #summer_challenge_2019 the challenge may go viral and helps you to be popular. Another way for making the challenge worldwide is to do the challenge with all your friends and tag each other on your challenge posts.

Make a list of challenges that you are willing to do on your own or challenges that you are doing with your friends and enjoy being together.

  • Snapshot your jumping in the air on the beach
  • Take an artsy photo of you while you are in the boat or on the beach and you are looking at sunset
  • Carrying a basket full of flowers in a garden
  • Picture of a cold drink in hot weather
  • Find a cool place and take the photo of sunglass’s reflection
  • Take an artsy picture of you looking at stars
  • Snapshot jumping in a pool with summer swimsuit theme
  • Hold an extra-large ice cream
  • Try unusual lipstick color

Are you looking for a way to schedule your Instagram posts?

Scheduling Instagram posts will help you to plan a better feed and saves your time. Also, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time by using an Instagram scheduler.

Certainly, you are planning to have fun and enjoy every second of summer with your family and friends. So, you need an Instagram automation tool which would facilitate the posting process and gives you the opportunity to set all the options such as filter, photo size, caption, publishing date and time, location, etc. for scheduling. Also, you can save your posts as a draft and decide about scheduling them later.

What is the best Instagram bot?

Instazood is an Instagram bot which provides all services you need on Instagram such as: scheduling Instagram posts, managing comments, sending auto direct messages, auto follow/ unfollow, etc. Moreover, there is no concern about breaking Instagram’s rules and restrictions by using Instazood, and it is a safe bot to use.

If you already have an Instagram theme, share your Instagram ID with us to check it out.

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