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How to add custom token to MetaMask?

Many of us try our hand at cryptocurrencies by putting our toes into well-known sites. It’s possible that you’ve made a Metamask wallet because it’s one of the most well-liked choices available. Ethereum, one of the major players in the blockchain sector, is also covered. A safe investment, ethereum is well-liked. You could be interested in adding more recent or obscure tokens to your wallet as you delve deeper into the cryptocurrency market.

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While Metamask shows your standard tokens on the account page, it does not maintain a comprehensive database of all the ERC-20 compatible coins that are currently in circulation. However, you are still able to add any of these tokens to your account. There are two approaches you might take to accomplish this.

You can turn on a functionality that allows the platform to automatically find and add tokens stored on your wallet address. This approach will make use of lists that have been combined from several community token libraries. Manually adding the token to your wallet is the second method. If you have a lesser-known token that hasn’t been added to a community list, you can use this method.

What should you do when you can’t find your custom token in the drop-down list?

It is may have been noticed that the token list provided by MetaMask is not complete. On Ethereum, for example, a total of 387,972 ERC-20 tokens and 10,603 ERC-721 tokens have been created. You can still add tokens that do not immediately show up in the supplied search list, so don’t worry. We will walk you through adding custom tokens to your MetaMask wallet using these simple methods:

Steps to Add Custom Tokens in MetaMask

Despite having a list of tokens, MetaMask is unable to add all of them because there are more than 500k tokens. As a result, we must manually add some of the tokens.

1.   Copy Token Contract Address

You must copy the custom token’s contract address in order to add it to MetaMask.

You can visit CoinMarketCap or BscScan to copy the token contract address.

Enter the token name in the provided search box after that.

Once the token is listed in the search box, click on it.

You may now discover all the details regarding the specific token you have selected.

You must select the duplicate icon next to Contracts.

You need to click a few more buttons if the token name appears in place of the lengthy address.

Next, select the desired network and click the duplicate icon.

2. Select the Network

Open your wallet in MetaMask.

Choose your network now based on the coin you plan to add.

You must click the network dropdown menu next to the MetaMask fox logo in order to choose the network.

The Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 network is the one you should choose if you want to add BUSD or WRX tokens.

However, MetaMask has relatively few network chains by default.

You must manually add the network if it is not already listed on MetaMask.

These instructions can be used to add networks like Velas, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Fantom, xDai, Cronos, Harmony, and Polygon to MetaMask.

3. Click Import Tokens

Scroll to the bottom after selecting or adding the network and Click “Import Tokens”.

4. Paste the Token Contract Address

Stay put if you are on the Custom Token tab.

Click Custom Token if you are on the Search Tab.

You must paste the contract address for the token that you copied in Step 1 once you are in the Custom Token.

Token Symbol and Token Decimal will be generated automatically after pasting the address.

Click Add Custom Token to finish.

5. Click Import Tokens

Then, MetaMask will request your affirmation.

Click Tokens Import.

The token you added is now visible under the Assets tab.

Adding Custom Tokens to MetaMask Wallet from Etherscan

Your ERC20 standard tokens are shown on your account page in MetaMask.

1. Launch the app’s in-app browser

2. Visit Etherscan

3. Look for your personalized token

4. Scroll down to get the contract address for the token

5. Return to your wallet

6. Choose “Add Token”

7. MetaMask updates the “token symbol” and “tokens of precision” automatically

8. Your wallet should include both your standard tokens and your customized token

Adding Custom Tokens to MetaMask Wallet Using CoinGecko

Utilizing CoinGecko is another technique to add tokens to your wallet. Go to the browser, look for your personalized token, and then click the Fox head icon to add it to your wallet.

1. Launch the in-app browser

2. Lookup CoinGecko

3. Look for your personalized token

4. Locate the token’s contract address by scrolling down. 5. Select the MetaMask fox icon

6. Choose “Add Token”

7. Your personalized token ought to be included in your wallet together with the other tokens

Using MetaMask’s Token Detection Feature

You now have access to the most recent token recognition improvement from MetaMask, allowing you to take a more thorough look into your wallet. We hope to make progress toward dynamic token recognition that is more decentralized and secure by combining community-built lists. The new function may automatically identify tokens that are present on two or more token lists.

Only the Ethereum Mainnet supports this experimental feature, which is by default disabled. This functionality can be made available by heading to “Settings” and turning it on. This is under “Experimental” in both the desktop extension and the mobile app.

Once enabled, a more comprehensive list of the tokens in your wallet with non-zero balances should be visible.

In conclusion

You can add any tokens to MetaMask using these techniques, including CAKE, SLP, and SKILL. The majority of the time, MetaMask includes a list of all widely used ERC20 tokens that you can add with only a few clicks. You can add more tokens via the Custom Token tab in addition to the ERC20 token. Never forget to choose the appropriate network before adding tokens. You will be able to send and receive after adding a token.

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