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Best 10 linkedin competitors to try in 2022

Linkedin is one of the most professional networking sites. Today more than 800 million users from 200 countries and territories use this popular professional networking platform to pivot into a new job. Websites like Linkedin allow businesses, freelancers, job-seekers, and professionals to network and connect to possible clients. If you want to know more about sites like Linkedin, and Linkedin alternatives, continue reading.

Are there any Linkedin alternatives?

Recently, a report from HubSpot showed that LinkedIn was more effective than its competitors like Facebook and Twitter. While many people believe that Linkedin is the uncontested leader among professional networking sites, there are other great networking tools. In the next paragraph, you can read about some Linkedin competitors and their features. 

What are the best Linkedin competitors? (Top 10)

Linkedin alternative? It might be hard to imagine that there is a platform that matches the league of LinkedIn? Here, we will introduce the top 10 platforms you can use to get the best return on your investment of time.

  • Facebook Groups

linkedin alternative

The first option in the list of alternatives to Linkedin is Facebook in Menlo Park from California, founded in 2004. This famous social networking platform has over 2.91 billion monthly active users. Most people think that it is a personal social networking site where users share their personal development in life. But it might be interesting to know that Facebook is one of the best social sites that freelancers and digital marketing agencies use.

  • Bark

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The second Linkedin alternative was founded in 2014 in London, United Kingdom, and if you are looking for a professional’s assistance, it might help you. You can use this world-leading service that has over 5 million customers in more than seven countries and reduce the search time. Among Linkedin competitors, this website can help you in different fields like home and garden services, wedding services, and business services. The basic role of this platform is to connect professionals with people who look for their services. 

  • Opportunity

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The other option in the list of Linkedin alternatives is Opportunity founded in 2014 in Newhall, California, which could be helpful for people who look for a deeper pool of connections. This platform concentrates on professional matchmaking with a global reach in 190+ countries and enables users to connect with the appropriate people in their industry. With this app, you can find new job opportunities, apply for them, and find how they can develop leads.

  • Xing

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This option is an old one from  Hamburg that was first introduced in 2003. Among alternatives to Linkedin, Xing is a professional-oriented social networking platform that enables its users to network, share news, and look for job opportunities. This most famous networking platform is popular in countries like Germany (with 17 million users), Austria (with 1.6 million users), and Switzerland (with 1.4 million users). 

  • Meetup

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Among professional networking sites that compete with LinkedIn, I can not miss Meetup from New York City. The Meetup platform was established in 2002 to fit the needs of your business or personal networking. While people use this platform to find and learn new things, you can use it to find and build local communities.

  • Slack

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Slack is a centralized collaboration hub that brings the professionals, people, the latest information, and the tools for you to do your job perfectly. While Slack focuses on making a virtual workspace for employees and businesses to collaborate on tasks, it could be a great choice for online networking. Many groups use this messenger-based desktop and mobile app to share a mix of public posts or messages to anyone else.

  • Reddit


linkedin competitors

Most people who have spent some time on the internet would know Reddit as a Linkedin alternative, founded in 2005. This platform is among the most popular ones and at the seventh place of the most famous networking sites in the United States of America. There, you can find large forums to talk about almost anything, like technology, news, pop culture, literature, and plenty more. 


linkedin alternatives is another famous online portal with more than 250 million visitors that allows you to find, monitor, and apply for jobs. In this platform, you can make a profile as a job seeker or an employer to upload your CVs or jobs.

  • Twitter Threads

linkedin competitors

The next choice is one of the most famous social media platforms founded in 2006, named Twitter. While more than 185 million users use this app to share their ideas with a big audience, you can find some of the best business networking opportunities through Twitter communities.

  • Jobcase

linkedin alternatives


The last option is the social networking platform named Jobcase. This platform was first introduced in 2015 and works on the service industry and blue collared employment opportunities. This self-stated platform aims to empower the modern workspace for job seekers and employers.



Today, websites like Linkedin have a lot of users and many people use them to develop their business or find jobs. While this website is a popular platform, there are many alternatives to Linkedin. If you want to know other professional networking sites like LinkedIn, read the above text.

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