How to know if I am blocked on Facebook messenger

Have you ever been suspicious why I cannot contact a specific account? What is happening? Maybe he or she has blocked you? Oh my God!!!

In this note, we will show you how you can figure out if you are on the black list of someone or not.

How to know I am blocked?

Depending on your platform, we have two different ways;

On Mobile
  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. Tap on the Search bar and type in your friend’s name. Click on your friend’s name when appears
  3. Write a message in the text box near the bottom of the screen and select the “Send” button

If the message was sent successfully, then it claims you are not blocked. On the other, if you encounter warnings such as “Message Not Sent” and that “This person isn’t receiving messages at this time”, it will result in 3 possible answers;

  1. You are blocked on Messenger but not Facebook.
  2. You are blocked on both Facebook and Messenger
  3. Your friend has deactivated their account
On Desktop
  1. Go to the messenger website and log in to your Facebook account
  2. Select the “New Message” icon in the top right corner of the left column
  3. Write your contact’s name into the search bar and select it when appeared
  4. Write a random message in the conversation box and then select the “send” button

In this case, if you have your message sent correctly, you are not blocked with no doubt. Again, seeing something like “This person isn’t available at the moment.” doesn’t necessarily mean they have blocked you on Messenger because maybe their account has been deactivated.


Hope this note could be helpful for you. Facebook doesn’t make it easy to know whether someone has blocked you because of security issues; however, you can determine if you are blocked based on Messenger’s status and behavior.

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