How to hide your “seen” from Instagram stories or direct message (DM)?

Now Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users; if you are using Instagram, surely you know how to upload your pictures or video, or using Instagram stories and Instagram direct messages (Instagram DM). Sometimes, you need to change the default setting.

How to hide your “seen” from someone’s Instagram stories?

If you are using Instagram stories, you must see that if you open someone’s stories, they can track you. It means they can see your name and profile if you have opened the story. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is sometimes useful because who you are following, can see that you are engaging in their stories. On the other hands, it is suitable for an account, which makes people aware of a number of the viewer and other analytics.

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But sometimes, it becomes your concern, not someone sees you on their stories. It can be all about your privacy concern, or any personal preferences. So, what to do?

  • Unfortunately, on Instagram itself, there is no option for users to hide their seen status on Instagram stories. Thanks to the technology, there are some other apps that you can sign in to your Instagram account there, and in this way, you can watch others stories privately. They would not be able your name under their stories. just keep in mind that you have to tap on the name not the profile picture because it would take to Instagram app instead.
Instagram stories

If you are using iOS, you can go to app store and download Story Reposter, it does work like the app I have explained above. You should open the app, and type the username you want to watch their stories. Tap on search icon.

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  • The second method is using a browser, and some tools to watch someone stories without any account. However, you can use this method if only that person has a public account. Just search the web to find some tools like storiesig to watch the stories. Enter the person’s username, and watch it without informing him/her.

Since I use Instagram and using Instagram stories; I was looking for this answer: how to hide my seen status from someone Instagram stories? I read many articles about it, and I tries to try different methods. However, there were some tricks about blocking that person, which I thought doesn’t work.

In case you want to hide your seen status, not to block a person and remove it from your list. I came up to the conclusion that the two mentioned methods are the best if you want to practice the same.

And also there is the same issue with an Instagram direct message if you want to hide your “seen”. It means that no one can see that you have read their Instagram messages. I will explain in the following paragraphs.

Instagram privacy

How to hide your seen on Instagram direct message?

First thing you should know is that like Instagram stories; there is no option on Instagram itself to on/off your seen status. But there are some tricks that you can use. If you turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi and open the unread message, you can read the Instagram direct message without informing that person that you have read it.

To do this:

  • Once you receive a message, don’t open that
  • Go to your mobile data connection and make it off
  • Or turn off your Wi-Fi
  • Now, go to the direct message and open the message you wanted to read
  • Keep in mind, if you again connect to the internet and open the message, the sender can see you have read it

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