20 Popular Instagram themes to make your feed more attractive

Instagram themes of accounts are the first things that capture the eyes of a visitor or audience and determines their decision to either stay on that account or not. Instagram themes are the first step for creating a successful Instagram feed.

If you have spent enough time surfing other accounts on Instagram, you’ll see that the most popular ones of them have a consistent Instagram aesthetic, and they always stick to a certain style and theme. That’s the main reason why their Instagram feeds are visually very attractive. 

After seeing such wonderful accounts with great background themes and very neat photo grids, you feel something is missing from your own Instagram feed, and that is the aesthetic you have been ignoring all this time. That’s where you realize you need to choose an Instagram aesthetic that best suits your style and the brand or business you are representing. Instagram themes have a huge variety of designs. For example, you can only focus on Instagram’s background themes or totally change the way you share videos and photos to your Instagram feed.

There are endless Instagram theme ideas you can get inspired with, but I want to go over the best and most popular Instagram themes you can use to make sure your Instagram feed is appealing enough for the visitors.  

Instagram themes

What are Instagram themes?

You surely have come across Instagram feeds, which always use a specific color, theme, or accessory in their posts. For example, they have a black and white aesthetic, which means they always include black and white colors in every post they share with their feed. Or some people may own a pink Instagram feed, which makes the pink color to be the first thing each audience notices when visiting their Instagram profile.

Take the example of the Instagram aesthetic below, this account has a pink Instagram theme, and a donut is somehow always included in the photos. These two elements are this profile’s theme idea.

pink aesthetic

Building Instagram themes creates visual consistency for your brand or your image and keeps your design-minded followers coming back for more.

Instagram themes bring a visual concept to the posts you share, giving you an attractive, curated Instagram feed.

Are Instagram themes important?

It’s true, the popularity of using Instagram themes is growing day by day, and more people are getting to know how important it is to plan their Instagram feeds using a specific aesthetic. But there are still so many Instagrammers who do not either have the time to stick to a certain Instagram aesthetic or do not know how useful it can be to have a consistent theme on Instagram.

You can easily stand out among all your competitors’ profiles by having a unique Instagram theme idea. Profiles that have clean and beautiful Instagram themes are surely more successful in converting visitors into followers and are also an inspiration to other similar accounts.

While not everyone needs Instagram themes, they’re a great way to make your account more visually appealing and fun.

Moreover, Instagram aesthetics simply reflect your characteristics and style. Take the example of an artist who has a dark aesthetic on his Instagram profile. When you open their Instagram feed, it feels like you have entered another platform or their own exhibition of arts. This is what differs their Instagram profile from other artists, and people love creativity.

dark aesthetic

How do you make an Instagram theme? (Creating an Instagram aesthetic for your feed)

There are many factors that can help you choose the aesthetic you like for your Instagram feed. Below are some of the factors that would determine the appropriate aesthetic for your Instagram feed.

  • Get inspired by other accounts

The first thing is that you can look up to similar accounts in your niche and get inspired by them. There are surely some more popular themes being used in the niche you are related to, so that would be helpful to search your favorite accounts and the profiles which have the same niche as yours.

Instagram themes
  • Pay attention to the season

Secondly, the season can also be a determination of which Instagram aesthetic you want to stick to. I mean, you can change the theme on your feed every three months to keep up with the season and also be unique.

The season can also help choose your Instagram aesthetics and theme color. For example, it would be very wise to go with orange and red aesthetic for summer theme and stick to light and dark blue aesthetic during winter.

Instagram themes
  • Focus on your content and niche

The most important factor you need to pay attention to while choosing the right Instagram aesthetic for your Instagram feed is to remember what content you are sharing and what the niche is.

For example, the account you are running is a business account for your brand. Your brand has a logo for sure, and the logo consists of two colors, red and blue. This way, you can think of a unique Instagram aesthetic that would remind people of your brand and its logo whenever they visit your Instagram feed. So just go with the blue and red aesthetic to create a recognition for the brand and profile. 

How do I make my Instagram more attractive?

To make Instagram more attractive, you need to be more creative and go beyond what others do and do not only lean to the default Instagram themes. You need to improve in Instagram aesthetics and choose a proper theme for your feed to own a unique profile, which captures any body’s eyes and makes them tap that “follow” button as fast as they can.

So the first step in making an attractive Instagram profile is determining a theme and try to be consistent with it.

Popular Instagram themes for your feed

I know it would be hard to choose between the various Instagram aesthetics and theme ideas because there are too many different types of them for different types of niches.

Some of the Instagram feed themes are mostly used and are much more appealing than the others. So keep up with me in knowing what the different types of Instagram themes are, and after that, choose which one of them you’d like to use to plan your Instagram feed.

Since I’m going to go through almost a lot of Instagram theme ideas, I’d rather divide them into three different groups. To me, the Instagram aesthetics are separated in these three groups:

  1. Instagram feed color theme ideas
  2. Instagram feed Grid theme ideas
  3. Instagram feed border theme ideas
 Instagram theme ideas

Instagram feed color themes ideas

Instagram is all about sharing great quality photos and videos, which capture the attention of audiences. If your photos contain lots of colors, then the best theme ideas for your Instagram feed would be to play with colors and choose a theme out of colors.

The filters we use on Instagram photos are also somehow playing with colors since when a filter is applied on a photo, the colors of that photo are changed or effected a bit.

You can use colors to make up different Instagram aesthetics. You can stick to only one solid color or have a mixture of two colors for your theme or choose to have a completely colorful feed. I want to introduce some of the popular Instagram themes which are made up of colors, so just keep up with me to get to know them better.

  • Solid color Instagram feed themes

You surely have seen a lot of times on Instagram or Pinterest that when you open a profile, one color catches your eyes the most. That is the Instagram aesthetic of that certain account. When someone decides to have a pink Instagram aesthetic, for example, they should remember that they have to contain the pink color in all their photos.

In a solid color Instagram feed theme, only one color is always the same in all the posts, and it needs to be constantly used in order to keep the Instagram aesthetic of that profile alive and organized.

Instagram orange theme
  • Color mixture Instagram feed themes

Some people usually post photos that contain more than only one color but less than three colors. They have planned their Instagram feed in a way that, all their photos, contains two consistent colors. The black and white aesthetic on Instagram is one of these examples. When an account owner decides to run a page that has a black and white aesthetic, they need to remember keeping consistency in this theme is the key to their success.

Black and white Instagram theme
  • Color block Instagram feed themes

Let’s imagine a photographer who loves colors and takes a lot of colorful photos. The photos of such a person are not limited to only one color and always contains lots of different colors. Their Instagram feed has a colorful aesthetic and gives out wonderful vibes to others. Such an Instagram feed has a color block Instagram aesthetic.

color block Instagram theme
  • Rainbow Instagram feed themes

As it is obvious from the theme’s name, the Rainbow Instagram feed theme is full of colors. It changes colors, and the use of colors is not the same throughout the feed. The more you scroll down the feed, the more change in colors appear.  

rainbow Instagram theme
  • Dark Instagram feed themes

Other popular Instagram theme ideas nowadays are dark Instagram themes. When all the photos of an Instagram feed have a dark filter, let’s say a dark blue, we say that feed has a dark blue aesthetic. The filters one uses for dark Instagram feed themes all need to be dark filters with high contrasts, and the light used in them should be at a minimum.

dark Instagram theme
  • White background Instagram feed themes

We cannot literally change the background themes on our feeds, but making the white color our Instagram feed’s solid background color is possible by adding a white background to all our photos when capturing them. You can only make background themes by preparing a cool white background for the photos you want to share on Instagram.  

white background Instagram theme
  • Monotheme Instagram feed themes

The Instagram feeds, which have the Monotheme aesthetic, show the same subject in all their photos, but in different ways. For example, they change the colors around the subject most of the time, or the place is changed in each picture to stay creative.

monotheme Instagram theme
  • Color splash Instagram feed themes

This one is the hardest and yet, the most creative Instagram aesthetic we can apply on our Instagram feeds. This theme is also a very rare one, making it very special. The color splash Instagram themes are the black and white aesthetic feeds that highlight only one or two subjects with colors, and all other things on the photo are remained black and white. Cool, Isn’t it?

  • Grayscale Instagram feed themes

The Grayscale Instagram themes are very clean and classy. If you aim to have a Grayscale aesthetic, avoid any color distractions, and use any shades of gray in all the photos you share on Instagram.

grayscale Instagram theme
  • Consistent filter Instagram feed themes

There are lots of Instagram feeds on the platform with only one filter for all their photos, which is not a bad idea and makes their feed look organized and consistent.

consistent filter Instagram theme

Instagram feed grid themes ideas

Another way of planning our Instagram feeds is to change the way we post content to our profiles and rearrange the order we share posts. There are lots of grid theme ideas we can use to have a wonderful looking Instagram feed. The most popular Grid themes for Instagram feeds are listed as below:

  • Horizontal posts Instagram feed themes

This theme can help our feeds to have a very organized look. All we have to do to have a Horizontal line feed theme is to post three photos or videos which have the same subject or aesthetic, in one row, and devote the other three rows to somethings like quotes or stories and any other thing which comes to our creative minds. This makes an amazing Instagram grid theme.

horizontal Instagram theme
  • Vertical posts Instagram feed themes

You should know by now, when there is a horizontal Instagram grid line, you can share photos to have a neat Instagram theme, there surely is a vertical one, as well.

In this feed theme idea, the middle line of the feed would be different from the two other lines, and you can use that row to stand out and share different content. This middle line would act as a beautiful divider for your Instagram feed.

vertical Instagram theme
  • Tiles (Checkboard) Instagram feed themes

The tiles Instagram feed themes, also known as a checkboard, are very chic and give an amazing look to profiles. We call an Instagram theme a checkboard mostly when the posts alternate between quotes and photos. But they can be any other kinds of content alternating one after another. For example, you can even alternate between photos and videos like a checkboard.

checkboard Instagram theme
  • Puzzle looking Instagram feed themes

This Instagram aesthetic has been doing good lately and is one of the most used Instagram grid theme ideas. We have noticed in so many Instagram feeds that they have this theme as a fun option. The puzzle Instagram themes are made up when a big photo is divided into smaller photos and put together to be shared like a puzzle.

puzzle Instagram theme

We can easily get help from Instagram tools such as Giant square. One of the main features of Giant Square is the poplar act of dividing a single picture into several neat pictures that you can share like a puzzle in your Instagram account.

The puzzle Instagram themes can be used in three ways:

  1. Threes: Split and share the photos in three divisions.
  2. Sixes: Split and share the photos in three divisions.
  3. Nines: Split and share the photos in three divisions.
puzzle Instagram theme

Instagram feed border themes ideas

The last types of theme ideas for a better Instagram aesthetic, are the border themes. The border themes are the easiest ones to apply and do not need so much effort. All you have to do is to have an Instagram tool for adding borders to photos and prepare them for sharing. I am here to introduce the various types of Instagram themes you can make using borders. So carry on reading.

  • Rectangle border Instagram feed themes

The rectangle border theme is one of the most special aesthetics for any Instagram profile, and it changes how it looks, compared to other profiles., because, in this theme, you are not posting content like anybody else, using the default square-shaped photos. All you have to do is to convert each photo into a rectangular shape before sharing.

This theme best suits those accounts which cannot stick to certain colors for their aesthetic, and they always post totally different things. This way, they still can maintain their Instagram feed’s consistency because all the photos look the same.

rectangle border Instagram theme
  • White border Instagram feed themes

White borders have remained a very classy and neat type of themes since the emergence of Instagram. When we decide to add white borders to our pictures, we have literally added spaces between each of the photos, which makes our feed look very well-organized. You can always go with white borders if no other theme ideas came into your mind. Because it is both classy and easy-to-use.

white border Instagram theme
  • Black border Instagram feed themes

Black border themes are very rare on Instagram, and that’s why if you choose to stick to them, you are on your way. Imagine opening an Instagram feed and noticing how different it is from the other accounts with the same dull white background themes. The feed is all black with wonderful pictures. Isn’t that attractive? Black border themes are always worth the try.

black border Instagram theme
  • Mixed white border Instagram feed themes

The best way one can make an album out of an account is to use the mixes white birder theme. This theme consists of pictures with white borders but different in shape. They can be rectangular or the default square. The photos can also be posted vertically or horizontally. These changes in the shape make the feed look creative, and the white borders add lots of spaces around each of the photos.

mixed border Instagram theme

What is the best theme for Instagram?

The best theme for Instagram is the one which best suits the content one share, their personality, the niche of work and the theme’s popularity among Instagrammers. Another important factor in choosing the best theme is to determine if you can keep consistency in it or not. Remember that once you choose a theme for Instagram, you have to do your best to stick to it.

There are lots of theme ideas you can choose from, but there is no best one because the choices might differ from person to person. To make your choice easier, I mentioned the best themes in this article. Now the decision is all yours. But remember to think a lot before picking up your favorite theme.

I know this article was a bit longer than usual, but that was because I have gathered the most complete theme ideas for you, to have them all in one place and have an easier decision-making process for your Instagram feeds. Just do not underestimate the power of having a consistent Instagram aesthetic, because that’s what converts a viewer into a follower and makes them want to see more of your content.

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