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How Social Media Helps Students To Encourage Creativity

For so long, the debate of whether social media is beneficial or not has been argued all over the world. Up until this moment, there is no binding argument to help seal any of this side. Still, we would admit that lately, some recent developments tell us that although we can’t erase the dark sides of social media, the benefits are beginning to increase. 

For students, social media has developed various networks where they can go online to get help, regardless of their discipline or educational background. An example of this kind of networking is a platform called essayontime. If you take a look at Australian thesis writing service, where students can hire writers for thesis help, you will appreciate how much social media has put into relieving students of a few academic loads so that they can have time for other activities. 

These “other” activities could necessarily not be academic because we know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Sometimes, students need a break from a busy school week. Thankfully, with how competitive it is to get even one like on social media today, students, even though they use this media as a form of relaxation, have been forced to get more creative to be somebody on these platforms. 


In recent years, this particular social media platform has gained popularity amongst teenagers and youths so fast and can be regarded as a social network for creatives. 

On this site, users are given a maximum of three minutes to come up with ideas interesting enough to pull people in. The wild competition for verification and fame on this app forces the youths out of their comfort zones. The algorithm is set to give everyone an equal chance, and this has helped to encourage creativity, as everyone wants to do better than the next user. 


People have found their passion and niche on Instagram as influencers and are getting paid for it. While this may be new age and might sound foreign to some, it is fast becoming a real job amongst teens and youths. 

This has inspired creativity as youths have learned so many picture and video editing skills to help make their selfies pop. Some other youths have decided that since they can not be influencers, they’ll be small business managers and have used the platform as an online marketplace where they can post product pictures and have people make orders to purchase them. 


If you are a university student, you surely must have watched one or two tutorials from this platform. It is an online video-sharing forum where just about anyone can post videos and become a star. The competition on this site is more than on other platforms, and it has inspired creativity in youths, pushing them into comedy skits, vlogging, gaming, and other exciting activities. 


It has always been said that Twitter is for “intellectuals.” Unlike other platforms where you share pictures and videos of yourself, this site is mainly for sharing social network ideas called tweets. 

This platform is more susceptible to criticisms, which pushes you to think carefully about a particular topic before you tweet on it. The knowledge that your “tweets” would appear on the timelines of hundreds of people is enough incentive to be more creative about your ideas. 


On Quora, people share their personal experiences to be a social media inspiration to others. On this platform, you learn something about everything, from chemical reactions, to why brides don’t show up on their wedding days to astral projections. It is the most versatile social media app, and learning is super fun and easy there. 

As a student, you can go on Quora to ask questions and network with a bunch of other students looking for new friends. 


These days, with how competitive it is to break through on any platform, social media and creativity now go hand-in-hand, and you can’t have one without the other. 

This is amazing because it means that even when students are mingling on these apps and having fun, there is the assurance that they are also creative while at it. 

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