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Izood is a platform for guest bloggers who want to earn money. AdSense and affiliate marketing are two of the most popular ways to make money on Izood.

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Why Izood to publish guest post?

Izood is a great platform to publish guest posts because of its high domain rating. Your articles will be indexed quickly and have a lot of power on Google. You can also get views fast with push notifications. Plus, Izood has over 500,000 newsletter subscribers. So, you're sure to get plenty of exposure for your article.

  • DR High domain rating
  • Fast index and high power on google
  • Get views fast with push notifications
  • +50k Newsletter & Push Notification
  • backlink on your articles

Do we publish every article?

We take the quality of our articles very seriously. Every article will be checked for plagiarism before it is published. This is to ensure that our readers are getting original content. We also have a quality control team that checks each article for grammar and style.

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What are we interested in publishing?

If you have something personal to share that can help others, we want to hear from you. From tutorials and guides, to opinions and product or service introductions, we're interested in publishing a variety of content that our readers will find helpful and informative.

  • Personal experience

    As a guest post writer, you can share your personal experiences with our readers. You can write about your travels, your hobbies, your favorite books, or anything else that you think would be interesting to our readers.

  • Tutorials and guides

    You can help others solve their problems by writing simple and advanced tutorials. You can also share your own experiences and knowledge to help others. Writing guest posts is a great way to build your reputation and credibility as an expert in your field.

  • Opinion

    As a guest post writer, you have the opportunity to share your opinion on a variety of topics. This can help others make better choices in their lives. For example, you could write about your favorite healthy foods or exercise routines.

  • Introduce your product or services

    If you're looking to introduce and market your product or service as a guest post writer, it's important to do so without exaggeration or negative talk about competitors.

Contributors Levels and Percentages

As a writer, your income depends on the level of activity and the quality of your articles. The more careful you are in selecting topics and writing, the higher your income will be. However, it's not all about quality. If you want to make a lot of money as a writer, you need to be active and contribute regularly.

Starter Contributor

less than 5 Publish or less than 500$ Revenue per month

  • Get 40% of Revenue
  • 1 Backlink per 5 articles
  • Amazon affiliate links
  • Fiverr affiliate links
  • Binance affiliate links
  • Kucoin affiliate links
  • Push notification promote
  • Author page & Author box
  • Social media links
  • Monthly basic Report

+ 5 Published posts or More than 500$ Revenue per month

  • Get 50% of Revenue
  • 1 Backlink per 3 articles
  • All starter benefits
  • Custom affiliate links
  • Article Suggestion
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Internal links to your Post
  • Promote post by newsletter
  • access to Izood Dashboard
  • access to Izood Dashboard
  • Monthly advance Report
Pro Contributor

+ 70 Publish posts with more than 70,000 views per month or More than 10,000$ Revenue per month

  • Get 70% of Revenue
  • 1 Backlink per 2 articles
  • All Benefits of Contributor
  • Custom Author Page
  • Access to Google analytics
  • Promote posts on home page
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