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Delete Account

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If you want to disconnect your Social Media account with the Instazood bot or stop the bot activities to save the days, you need to delete your account from the Instazood panel.

Attention: when you pause your sources, the bot’s activities will stop, but your subscription days will still be counted down.

There are two options to remove your Instagram account:

Option 1


1. Click on the three-lined menu on the top-left side of your Instazood panel.


2. Tap on the three-dots in front of your Account and select the Delete option.


3. To process the removal of your account, tap on the Yes button.

Option 2


Also, you can delete your account through the Manage Account page.

Go to the Manage Account page; you can observe all of your accounts, which you added to your panel.


1. Click on three-dotted and tap on Delete.


2. If you are sure of this process, click on the Yes button.

Notice: When you delete your account from the panel, the rest of your subscription paid days will be transferred to your balance for later use.