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Source Management

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Instazood bot Promotion service does activities through the Sources you add in your Instazood dashboard. After adding your Sources, superintending the sources and tracking them are essential facts to gain more followers.

Primarily, let’s scrutinize Source Tool details:



Like: This feature is related to your like activity on your Instagram account and shows the number of likes that bot has done on your account by liking those sources’ accounts posts. You can enable or disable this feature.

Comments: to leave comments on other accounts, you need to enable this feature. It displays the number of comments that have sent through the bot. You can turn the toggle off or on.

Follow: If this feature is active, the Instazood bot will follow accounts based on your sources, which you have been added to your Instazood panel. You can enable or disable this feature.

Followers: The number of accounts who have followed you, based on the targeted accounts, which the bot has done activities on them.

Unfollow: Display the number of Unfollows that have done by the bot.

Skipped in automatic mode: Show The number of accounts that the bot has skipped them without doing any action on the Promotion service. By default, the bot skips part of accounts to show the activities natural as humans, and the part of skipped numbers depend on the Filter Settings you have customized.

Skipped in manual mode: Appear the number of skipped accounts on the Found Target service.

Coverage: Show total activities (the number of Like, Comment, Follow) that done through the bot.

Note: You can make the settings strict, but you should remember that your conversion may decrease, although the followers you get are more likely to become customers.

Conversion Rate: The success rate of bot’s activities. It shows the percentage of your account success in gaining followers through the accounts the bot has done activities on.

Note: The efficiency of sources defines by conversion rate, so check your sources after at least three days after adding them to track their conversion. Just remember to put the time on (1week) on the Statistics bar. Sources that have a conversion of less than 5% are not recommended. You can find more information on Add Sources and How to Find Good Sources.

Instazood dashboard supplies the possibilities to display the Sources’ statistics in 2 states; when Extended Mode is On and when it is Off.

Extend Mode is On: You can check source activities individually for each source.



Extended Mode is Off: You can merely check the coverage and conversion rate on each source.


To better manage your sources, let’s revise some notes:


1. Try to check your dashboard every day to see how it is going with each Source activity.

2. Try to post quality pictures and videos to make sure you can persuade visitors to click on the following button.

3. Try to use good sources just once, and delete poor sources with low conversion rates.

4. Sometimes a source may give an error and get red, but you can delete and add it again with no worries. But if it happens much, please remove your Instagram account from the dashboard and add it back after 12hours. Then try adding your sources.

5. Using the comments feature in sources can show your account spammy if you choose comments like “good pic, great post, and so on.”

6. If before ending up a source, the bot says completed, delete and add them again unless the bot does the activities that the source asks, then it shows the completed message. (this time it’s normal)

7. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t turn on only the follow feature on sources; it might lead your account to get blocked by IG because turning on the follow feature alone in your sources causes Instagram to suspend your account, and it is risky for your account. It is better to turn on one of the like or comment features besides the follow feature on all of your sources.

8. Remember to use each source just once, but if the conversion rate of a source is proper for a long time, you can use it again after several months.