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Social Bridge

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To operate the Instazood Instagram bot automatically, you need to activate the Social Bridge proxy app on an Android device or P.C. desktop via the BlueStacks (Android emulator app).

Note: If you don’t have an Android device, before heading to the steps, download the BlueStacks on your Mac/Windows desktop. Get more information on this link.

Firstly, download the Social Bridge from the Play Store then follow the steps below to connect your account/s:

Social Bridge Connection


Step 1


Get the Code** from your Instazood dashboard, enter it in the box and then click Send.


Step 2


Open your phone Settings to turn on the Social Bridge under the Installed Services on the Accessibility page.



Hint: This step may appear after you press the Launch Automatization button.



Step 3


Turn on the service(s) you want to activate via Social Bridge.

Tip: If you want the app to do only unfollows, so turn off other services.

Hint: You can check the number of targets the app has found for every active service for your account.


Step 4


If you are using the Promotion service, you can also turn on/off the features on the Overview section.



Step 5


Click on the Launch Automatization button to start the activities.



Note: Remember to be login to the IG account, which you want to add to Social Bridge on Instagram.


Step 6


Choose the Speed mode to actuate Social Bridge.



Tip: It’s better to set the speed on low to prevent any detection by Instagram.


**You can get the code on your Instazood dashboard like the picture below:

Social Bridge Characteristics


To better manage your Social Bridge, let’s become more acquainted with Social Bridge settings and features:


1. You can add a new account/s on the top-left side of your Social Bridge screen.



Notice: You can add a maximum of five accounts to Social Bridge and switch easily between them.

2. You can check the total number of actions, including Likes, Comments, follows, and unfollows done so far by Social Bridge.


Gear Icon items


Click on the Gear icon on the top-right of the app. There are two sections:



1. Application Work

a. Use pauses in promo (optional): If you activate this option, Social Bridge takes a break after doing some actions to behave like a human to protect your account from the Instagram detection.

Note: This is for your account’s safety. Whenever the app takes a break, do not cancel the process; let it rest for the defined time, and then it will back to work again.

b. Action configuration: You can activate/deactivate LikeFollowComment features.



c. F.A.Q: Help you learn more about the settings on the Social Bridge.


2. Account Settings

In this part, you can add a new account, log out of the current account, and log out of all your accounts that you have added to the Social bridge.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Instazood Social Bridge App:


1. If you don’t have an Android device, you can still use our promotion service via an Android emulator on your desktop. Please check the link Blue Stack for more information.

2. Remember to not use your Instagram manually on your phone to do likes, follows, view stories, unfollows, and leave comments.; otherwise, it causes damage to the bot’s activity process.

3. Do not log in to your Instagram account from several devices; Log in only on the device you have the Social Bridge; otherwise, it causes damage to the bot’s activity process.

4. Always check for the new updates for Social Bridge and Instagram; It might affect the bot’s functionality.

5. (If you turn off the “Random Breaks” settings): Important! Don’t activate the Social Bridge for more than 30 minutes consecutively. You can stop it after 30 minutes; then, after a while, activate it again for another 30 minutes, and so on.

6. (If you turn off the “Random Breaks” settings): Give at least 1-2 hours break between every 30minutes work.

7. If you have less than 20k followers, it is better not to use the “High” speed. Accounts with less than 10k followers better to use the “Low” speed.

8. Do not connect to Social Bridge from different devices for the same account.

9. Do not use your phone while the application is doing automation; even do not touch the screen.

10. Don’t lock your phone after pressing “Run Promo” in Social Bridge.

11. Keep in mind that the app needs break and off-times during its activity to pretend that it is a human; So it’s ok for Social Bridge to not be able to collect targets for a couple of hours.

12. Keep the number of sources on the Instazood web dashboard between 5 to 10.

13. You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts in the Social Bridge app on every device; either they are under the same Instazood account or not. That’s enough to switch between the accounts to work individually.

14. In the picture below, you can see when the bot’s last activity was via Social Bridge.