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Make sure you have access to your Instagram email.

Remember to not have copy posts and captions, just produce your own content.

Do not create accounts with similar names such as xxx1, xxx2, xxx3. If Instagram detects them, it will ban all of them.

IMPORTANT! Please do not use any other automation service while using Instazood. Also, if you were using any other service, please wait for 1week, then add your Instagram account to the Instazood dashboard.

Post regularly. An updated profile with a fresh look of new posts will increase your engagement and conversion.

It is better to upload your posts via Instazood Schedule Post to reduce any risk.

Have at least 6 posts in your Instagram profile and be sure you have a profile picture and all information Instagram needs for your account.

Ensure that your content does not violate Instagram rules and policy. We are not responsible for its consequences.

IMPORTANT! It is better to use different passwords, content, bio, and profile picture for every account you want to add to Instazood.

IMPORTANT! Link your Instagram account to your Facebook to prevent it from any risk of ban.

IMPORTANT! We highly recommend to not do any manual action with your Instagram account such as liking, following, unfollowing, commenting and viewing stories. You can just upload posts/stories or reply to comments and DMs (not send a new message if you are using Instazood auto DM service).

Overall, the behavior of an Instagram account has to be similar to the behavior of a real person. We’ve kept it in mind while developing promotion’s functionalities.

Please read the Important Advice.