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Manage Accounts

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When you want to add your accounts into the automation service, it is essential that you manage them efficiently in one place; hence, the Instazood panel gives you this ability to observe and manage all your accounts through the same page.

You can enter the Manage account page by clicking on the Manage Accounts button on the bottom-left.


In the entered page, there are three tabs, including:


1.1. All: You can track all of your accounts you’ve added to your Instazood panel, which includes activated and non- activated profiles.

1.2. Activated: Through taping on the Activated tab, you can observe your active profiles, which have days to use Instazood services.

1.3. Not Active: On this tab, you can check those profiles that you haven’t charged to use the Instazood services and are deactivated.



2. By clicking on this box, you are able to Add a New Account.

Notice: you can add any number of accounts to your Instazood panel as you wish.

3. Balance displays the money in your balance, and you can increase your money through the Add Fund button.

4. If you have many profiles on your Instazood panel, you can Search for a specific account.

Managing Accounts Individually


Besides, you can manage your accounts individually:



1. By clicking on the Plus icon beside every service on each account box, you can charge the services you desire.

2. Add daysbutton is the other way to charge your days.

3. To enter the mentioned account’s dashboard, tap on the Dashboard button.

4. You can check the status of the Social Bridge connection with the current account.

Hint: Green color means your account is connected to the Social Bridge app, and red color means it is not.


5. Click on the three-dots for more specific customization:

5.1. Settings: You are able to change your Country and click Save.



5.2. Recurring payments:  If you want the services to get charged automatically after the subscription ends, check the Enable Recurring box beside each of your desired services.

Notice: Enabling this option for every service, your days will be charged automatically based on the latest subscription amount via the money in your balance; not from your card.

Tip: Also, you can Enable Recurring through the Billing page.

5.3. Delete: If you want to delete your Social Media account from the Instazood panel, tap on the Delete option and click on Yes.

Notice: When you delete your account from the Instazood panel, the rest of your subscription paid days will be transferred to your balance.

To check the Billing, please take a look at the related page for more guidance.