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How to Schedule Your Posts?

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One of the things you need to keep in mind to drive traffic to your page is posting consistently. It’s a great opportunity for any Instagram marketer to keep up with scheduling their posts.

You can make your life easier by activating the Social Bridge app and planning to schedule the posts in your IZ dashboard.


Let’s dive into Scheduling your Posts via Instazood Service:

Step 1


Go to your Instazood dashboard, select the Posts tab; then Activate the Posting service if you have not yet.



Here you see three functions:

1. My Posts: You can manage your Instagram profile posts.

2. Schedule Posts: You can see the pictures/videos you have scheduled to be posted.

3. Draft Posts: You can see the posts you have uploaded to the Instazood platform without scheduling the time to post.

Attention: To publish posts you have scheduled, you need to install the Social Bridge app and activate the Schedule post’s toggle.

Step 2


Tap on the New Post button on the top-right side of your dashboard, then click on the Upload file and choose the picture or video you want to be posted.

Aspect Ratio: You may change your uploaded picture/video resolution and aspect ratio.

Filter: Once you’ve uploaded a picture, you can edit it by applying filters. You have access to additional effects in your Instazood Schedule Post dashboard rather than Instagram filters.

Watermark: Upload your watermark and place it on your picture.

*Here, you can add more files to create an Album. You can see how to do it at this link.

Also, you can edit your picture/video by tapping on the edit icon. For more information on how to do it, please visit the related links for pictures and videos.

Note: If you are posting a video instead of a picture, you’ll not have Filter and Watermark in this section.

Step 3


On the right side of the opened window, Description and Post Settings, you have:

Description: Enter your intended caption; remember you can have a maximum of 2000 characters and 30 hashtags.

Posting Date and Time: Choose the date and the time you want the post to get published.

*Add Date: You may schedule the same post to get published several times and dates.

Location: Add your desired location.

Deny Comments: Easily, you can disable your comments from your Instazood dashboard.

Buy Likes/Views: Select the number of likes you want to be applied whenever it gets posted.

Step 4


When you have done it, click on Schedule to transfer the post to your scheduled posts dashboard; Otherwise, you can tap On the Move to Draft to schedule the post later.