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How to Edit Your Picture?

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After uploading your picture to scheduled or Account’s posts in your Instazood dashboard, you can edit it by doing some changes in size, color, or even adding texts.


Let’s see how we can adjust the filters and changes.

Step 1


Tap on the pencil icon on your picture to start the project.


Step 2


There are 5 main options in this section:



Transform: You can Rotate, Crop, and Flip your picture.


Filter: You can edit your picture by applying fantastic filters to it.


Adjust: You can manually edit your picture with options like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Noise, Pixelate, and Blur.


Watermark: Upload your watermark and place it on your picture.


Text: Write your desired text, choose the Font, change the Opacity, and finally, stick it to your picture. You can add several texts to your picture.

Step 3


In the end, press Save to apply the changes and get back to the previous window.



To edit your video, please visit the related link.