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Strategies to keep your followers engaged on Instagram.

If you have a boring or spammy Instagram account, all the automation tools in the world won’t be able to help you. It’s up to you to improve your content everyday and curate your Instagram feed with high-quality content. Great content will grow your audience faster than anything else.

Post frequently

How frequently should you post a new photo or video to your Instagram account? Some users post multiple times per day, but if you’re adding at least one new photo every few days, you should be in the clear.

The most important thing is to make sure that you’re only posting the highest quality photos. If you take a photo and think, “Meh”, then don’t post it. If it’s a maybe, it’s a no.

You should also be editing your photos using apps to ensure that your photos have proper lighting and effects. Don’t post unedited photos!

Add cool descriptions to your photos

Nothing says “spammer” like a series of photos without captions. Add clever captions to all the media you post on your Instagram account and maybe even throw in an emoji or two for good measure.

Some Instagrammers ask a question in their description, which is a good way to encourage users to comment.

Example photo description questions:

  • Would love to hear what you think about this new photo!
  • What’s your favorite way to spend your Sunday? Let me know in the comments.
  • What should I photograph next? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Use high quality and relevant hashtags

If you’ve done your research on hashtags, you should know which ones correspond best with your niche. Always use hashtags with your photos, but remember — you can only use 30 hashtags per photo.

One smart strategy is to keep a list of 15 tags for your niche on a notes app on your phone. Then you can easily copy and paste the list of tags to each photo you post on Instagram. You can then add 15 more specific tags to correspond with the photo you’ve posted.

Some users choose to delete the hashtags after leaving the photo up for 24 hours. This makes the likes and comments on the photo appear more natural, and generally improves the credibility of your account.


Communicate with users who comment on your posts

Since you’re running Instazood on your Instagram, you may find that your Activity tab on your Instagram app updates rather quickly since you’re getting so many likes, comments and follows from Instazood. The downside is that you may miss interactions on your posts.

Therefore, you need to check your most recent posts every day to look for comments. Then, comment back to thank the user, visit their profile, like and comment on some of their posts, and maybe even follow them. Of course, do all this manual Instagram activity with your Instazood Activity turned off.

You can use another great tool of Instazood called Comment Tracker. So you can easily reply to your comments.

Improve your content

Every month, look back on the content you posted on Instagram and see which photos and videos performed the best. Which photos received the most likes and comments? Why do you think that is? Are there similar things you could do for your photos for the next month? Always think strategically, measure your growth, test and improve.