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Customize Settings

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There are several Settings options on your Instazood panel, which you can change or adjust them by your need.

Let’s observe them all together:



1. Through the Gear icon on the top-right side of the Instazood dashboard, you can change your Country.


2. To change your Country, you can also click on the three-line, and tap the three-dots in front of your account, then select the Settings.



To more personalize the bot’s actions in promotion service, you can check it at Filters and Settings.


There are four tabs on the Filters and Settings including,

1. Filters, which you can customize the bot’s functionality.

2. Comment, you can add your comments texts.

3. Limits, you can define the number of bot’s actions.

4. Unfollow, there is a whitelist on the Unfollow tab, which you can enter those usernames whom you don’t want the bot to unfollow them.



To change your Personal Information, there are two methods to reach. (1) Tap on your email on the top-right of your dashboard, select the Settings, or (2) Click on the Manage Accounts button and select Profile Settings on the left side.


You can edit your Email, and change your Password and TimeZone.