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Comments are the easiest way to communicate, and literally, it increases your engagements. More people are also using them to gain attention for themselves.


To activate the Comments for your Instagram account, primarily, you need to enable the Promotion service on your Instazood panel.

Step 1


Click on the Filters and Settings button.


Step 2


Tap on the Comments tab.

Hint: Here, as you can see, there are several default texts as comments. If you want, you can delete them all and add your comments.


Step 3


To add a new comment, enter the text into the Add new comment* box and Add.

* Instazood messaging and comment service supports Spintax format. To prevent getting banned or blocked, you need to use the texts in curly brackets with pipes between {##|##|##}.

When you use this format, our system randomly uses one of the words you’ve written between square brackets. In fact, the system converts your message into multiple comments.


Your comment:

{Nice|Good|Cool|The best|Awesome|Perfect} {photo-shoot|picture|landscape|photo} {.|!|😍|☺️|😊|🙂|😗|😚}

The system sends these messages randomly:
Nice photo-shoot.
Nice photo-shoot!
Nice photo-shoot 😍
Nice picture.
Cool landscape 😊
And so on.
And more different sentences.



1. You have to create common messages suitable for all photos they will be applied to.

2. Add at least ten different sentences with the required pattern.

3. Use smiles and emojis in messages – such messages reduce the risk of getting the Instagram ban.

4. Try to use the pattern for the whole text and use it for every possible word.

5. Remember to not use such spammy words for the comments that show you are using a bot.

6. Pipe Character (|): Alt+124 or “Shift + \”.