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Instazood messaging and comment service supports Spintax format. To prevent getting banned or blocked, you need to use the texts in curly brackets with pipes between {##|##|##}.

The most important element to use the Instazood Instagram Auto Direct Message service efficiently is to follow the right pattern.


{Hi there|Hey there|Hi|Hello} @username

{Hope|I hope|Wish} you {have|had} a (good|great|fantastic} {week|day|time}. {πŸ™‚|πŸ˜‰|☺️|😌|😍|πŸ€—}

{Following up|Sending Dm|Messaging you} here {in regard to|regarding|in respect of|about} the {topic|issue|subject} we {discussed|negotiated|talked about}.

{Regards|Thank you|Have a nice time}



1. You can check the Auto DM page for specified details in using the pattern for DM.

2. Use emojis in your text message.

3. Remember to use the pattern word by word in the text (if it’s possible), not sentence by sentence.

4. Use at least 3 words in each bracket, not less than that.

5. Use at least 3 sentences in each Instagram direct message campaign you create.

6. Change your campaign texts once or twice a week. (It depends on your target audiences, to prevent the bot from sending repetitive messages.)

7. If your campaign text has less than 3 sentences, change the whole text every other day.

Important Note: To prevent your account from getting blocked by Instagram, it is crucial to use the correct pattern for your text.

To receive the best performance of the messaging process and get a better functionality of the bot, please activate the Social Bridge app. For more information, you can check the related links.

Don’t send direct messages manually from your Instagram while using the Instazood Instagram Auto DM service.

Do not use advertising phrases and sentences directly in your text messages.

If you want the links you use in your text be clickable for the receiver, update your link to add https.

If you have an Instagram post attached to your campaign and at the same time use a link with http or https, the link will not be clickable.

Instazood Auto DM randomly sends between 80 to 100 messages daily depends on your account and campaigns.