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Promotion Service is the primary tool of the Instazood Instagram bot. It uses the Sources that you’ve added to follow, like, unfollow and comment on the targeted accounts’ posts on behalf of your Instagram account.

It is the bot’s fully-automated procedure that finds targets via the Social Bridge app based on your added sources in the dashboard.

To let the bot do the activities automatically, you need to Add sources and Manage them, customize Filters and Settings, define Comments, download the Instazood Social Bridge app, and Track all Activities.

You can also check the related links above on how to activate and run the automation service.



1. To activate the Instazood bot promotion service, remember to install the Social Bridge app on your Android device or your PC via an Android emulator app.

2. You can access your Instazood services on your web dashboard through the Things to do buttons from the Social Bridge app.

3. Remember to not use your Instagram manually on your phone to do likes, follows, view stories, unfollow, and leave comments.; otherwise, it causes damage to the bot’s activity process.

4. Do not log in to your Instagram account from several devices; Log in only on the device you have the Social Bridge; otherwise, it causes damage to the bot’s activity process.

5. Always check for the new updates for Social Bridge and Instagram; It might affect the bot’s functionality.

6. Do not connect to Social Bridge from different devices for the same account.

7. Read our Safety Tips and Important Advice pages for a better experience.



1. You can check whether your account is connected to the app or not; The last activity displays the last connection to Social Bridge.

2. If you don’t have an Android device, you can still use our promotion service via an Android emulator on your desktop. Please check the link BlueStacks for more information.

3. Add different types of sources. For example, do not add only hashtag sources.

4. Keep the number of sources between 5 to 10.

5. Track the conversion of the sources every week to replace them if needed. To get information on how to check them, please read Manage Sources.

6. Keep in mind that the app needs break and off-times during its activity to pretend that it is a human; So it’s ok for Social Bridge to not collect targets for a couple of hours.

7. You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts in the Social Bridge app on every device; either they are under the same Instazood account or not. That’s enough to switch between the accounts to work individually.