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how to make an Instagram bot?
Instazood Affiliate

Start selling services with your brand. Instagram bot, schedule posts, Auto DM and comment manager are this package


Suggest the most interesting service to your audience

Your audience can choose from a wide verity of Instazood services which are among the best-selling. Make profit just by sharing the Instazood services which have high-selling rate with your audiences. Instazood offer one of the best Instagram affiliate programs with more than %30 commission rate. Don’t miss this opportunity to make profits.


Instazood Affiliate commission - 30%

We will pay a 30% commission on the first purchase of your affiliate program, and after that, it will be 15% of every transaction in our system, and it is forever!
You may spend the income using Instazood besides or whenever the total balance reaches 200$, you can ticket us and we will send the payout to your PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or BTC account.
If you just introduce 100 users and they purchase 100$/month on average, you can earn 1000$ in the first month and 500$ every single month after.

How Instazood Affiliate works

If you are interested in this program, we will give you a specific link and whoever comes to our website through that link, our system installs cookies automatically on his/her browser and that user will be added to your affiliate program list. Also, you can see your Registrations users, Paid users, Earning days, Total earnings, etc.

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