The Crypto Industry has been experiencing a lot of ups and downs these days. Whether you are a crypto veteran or a crypto newbie, there is a lot of information that you must gain and a lot of articles to read daily! This is one of those articles that you must read if you haven’t been introduced to the Strong coin.

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I will cover strong coins in this article and will explain their functionality. After I to ld you about the use case of Strong coin in the real world we will move on to the technical part of the article. We will look at the Strong coin price and will try to predict how the market will turn out for this new coin. 

What is Strong coin?

If you take a look at Ethereum’s clogged network and its transaction fees, you will find out that the current crypto rewarding system is already outdated and we are moved way past that point by now. Through the years many projects have been trying to fix this problem by introducing layer-2 Ethereum tokens. That runs on the Ethereum main net and tries to fix Ethereum’s high transaction fee prices.

Strong coin chooses a different approach to fixing things. The project is made to change the current rewarding system in the crypto industry as it doesn’t work. The strong coin is one of those tokens that you will remember their use case for the rest of your life. In this section of the article, I will explain Poocoin functionality and use cases in the real world. By understanding Strong coin use cases you can predict the attention it can gain, thus you can predict the strong coin price, at least to some levels.

What is the Strong coin use case?

To put it simply, Strong aims to change the way nodes are rewarded in the crypto industry. Strong nodes are very different from other Blockchain network nodes. For one, they don’t exist physically. Strong nodes should be bought by users and used to mine the blockchain. 

 Users use strong tokens, on the other hand, to pay their favorite blockchain nodes as a reward. So the strong tokens are meant to be used by users, as a medium of a rewarding system. 

For example, if you are using the Bitcoin network and enjoying yourself, you can go ahead and reward miners and Bitcoin nodes using your strong tokens. You rewarding the blockchain nodes works the best for the newcomers to the market. When users reward the new tokens mining nodes, the miners are more likely to continue mining the blocks. Thus, making it easier for new tokens to run in the market. 

Strong coin price prediction 

As you can see in this picture the price of strong coin has fallen from once at 1200 dollars, to 11.255 dollars. 

strong coin price today

At the time of writing the article, the strong coin is 11.255. The strong coin is not a scam or a meme coin, though it lost its magic. Or to put it another way, it lost investors and money, Therefore dropped and reached where it is today.

Though this isn’t anything new in the crypto industry as hundreds and hundreds of coins are made, flying and falling each day. People tend to buy the tokens they like or have a need for, and sell the ones they don’t like. You shouldn’t take it the wrong way though. People nor the market haven’t yet rejected the Strong coin. Therefore you must take the strong coin price as a way to purchase more tokens.

Why is Strong coin dropping?

There is not just one single reason that the strong coin dropped and lost more of its price. But if you want to mention a single reason for that, you can say that it\s other competitors such as THOR stole the attention away.

Its price is a fraction of what it used to be once. A lot of tokens and coins have fallen worth and were able to recover. Gather enough information about Strong coin and read other Strong coin price predictions and analyses to find out if buying strong coins is a good choice.

Strong coin price have fallen more than 99%. Therefore investing in it comes with its own risks. There were coins that couldn’t make it out of a fall like this. Strong coin isn’t a meme coin and has the potential; to grow. Therefore, do your own research on Strong coin and the market. Buy or sell Strong coin with your own risks and according to your own investing strategy.

How to buy Strong coin?

To buy the strong coin, visit CoinMarketCap.

Coinmarketcap gives us many types of information which we can use. It also gives us a strong coin price. 

On the top right side of the window look for the strong coin. Then, click on the strong coin to visit the Strong coin page in the coinmarketcap. 

On the strong coin page, scroll down until you reach the section of the market. Then, you can see all the available markets in which you can trade strong coins. Users can buy strong tokens to pay for the reward of the mining nodes of their favorite blockchain network. 

Strong coin

Here you can see the top 3 strong coin markets. For example, visit Uniswap to purchase the Strong coin. 

Strong coin

In Uniswap, connect your wallet to swap your tokens for strong coin. 

Click on ETH to change the tokens you want to swap for strong coin. Then, tap on Select a token to select the strong coin.

Then, enter the amount of ETH tokens you want to swap for ETH tokens.

Strong coin

After you enter the amount of ETH you want to swap for Strong coins, the Uniswap will find you the best prices for it. After that, connect your wallet, approve and enjoy!


What is Strong coin used for?

The strong coin is used as a rewarding medium to donate to your favorite blockchain network. This causes crypto users to search for emotional connections to certain coins and tokens and some can say that it has a promising white paper.

Which Cryptocurrency has the best use case?

It’s really a matter of choice, to pick the best crypto with the best use case in the real world. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency according to its giant market cap. Ethereum on the other hand has the second biggest market cap in the market, after Bitcoin. Ethereum has a better use case in the real world though and millions of people are using its Ecosystem.

Can you sell a Strong node?

Strong nodes are different types of nodes from bitcoin nodes or Ethereum nodes. Strong coin nodes are defined as “nodes as a service”, so there is no physical mining node anywhere, to begin with. You can’t sell a strong node, after buying a strong node, you can make money and earn passive income using it. 

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