In this article, we will discuss what is XPR crypto and what is the XPR coin used for? Then we will get to another type of section where we discuss whether it’s a good investment and how to buy XPR crypto?

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies were able to create many hypes that made people get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which drove them to buy cryptocurrencies, probably more than they should! 

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But the reason that cryptocurrencies were able to create so many hypes, and to get here from where it once was, is their revolutionary technology, the blockchain technology. 

What is XPR stock?

While it’s true that blockchain technology solves many of our problems, it also creates some more. But let’s begin with what is the XPR coin and get to the good parts! Let’s begin. 

What is XPR used for?

One of the problems with the cryptocurrency industry is that the exchanges don’t know the customer. That is why crypto exchanges have started to do a KYC (Know Your Customer) for everyone to fix. For example, the binance exchange has made it necessary for its customers to do KYC. This means you can not use the Binance platform unless they have done the KYC.

The XPR coin and proton wallet users can choose to provide the KYC required information. They can also create an ID for their Proton wallet and also get a verified check mark. Then, they would also have other features of the Proton wallet and XPR crypto. 

The Wallet ID comes extremely handy, as you don’t need to write down long addresses anymore. You just create an ID for your account and you will refer to your address using only that ID. Then, you don’t need to be using that long wallet address with a Proton wallet.

This works just like how it works in social media. For example, You create a Proton wallet and after doing the KYC, you want to choose an ID for your Proton wallet. You choose @JohnDoe. Therefore, if your friend wants to send you some XPR coin to your proton wallet, they just need to use your wallet ID to send the tokens to your wallet. 

Is XPR a good investment?

XPR crypto has an idea that is different from many other coins. They have found and aimed to fix a very certain problem that is actually very helpful to both users and crypto exchanges. 

The XPR definitely has a brilliant idea and great features. Then, the question that comes to mind is, is XPR crypto a good investment? Should I buy XPR coin? 

What is the value of XPR?

In this section of the article, we will take a look at the XPR coin price and decide whether it is worth it to buy or not. To find out XPR coin price, or any other coin for that matter, you should head down to the coinmarketcap.

Then, on the top right side of the section, type XPR in the search bar and select XPR – Proton when you see it in the drop-down menu. After that, you will see the XPR crypto page in a few moments.


On the newly opened page, you can see the XPR coin price and a lot of other information that you can use. If you want to buy XPR coin, a lot of the information will be come in handy. For example, the tokens circulating supply or the XPR crypto market cap.

XPR price history

The XPR coin price has lost a lot of its value. Right now, it is currently 90% lower than its All Time High. The XPR value and price is pretty low as you can see.  This is one of the reasons that XPR coinbase is not a thing. Then, XPR Coinbase listing can happen, but XPR should first increase in price.

For XPR coinbase listing can be a pretty huge step, but coinbase is extremely careful of the tokens they add to their platform. That is why the XPR coinbase listing will probably not happen very soon. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for Coinbase to list XPR before you buy it. This is because the XPR value is extremely low right now.

There are a lot of exchanges that are already having XPR on their platform. Then, we will discuss how to buy XPR coin from these exchanges, and how to find those exchanges in the first place. If the XPR value starts increasing and can reach a certain number, then the XPR coinbase listing is a lot more probable. 

How to buy XPR?

To buy XPR crypto, you should scroll down on the XPR coinmarketcap page, until you find the Market tab. Then, tap on the to open up.


Here you can find different crypto exchanges. You can choose a centralized exchange to buy XPR or to use a DeX to buy XPR coin. There, you can check XPR value in each exchange.

1. If you use a centralized exchange, all you need to do is to create an account there and deposit some money. Then, you can buy XPR coins. 

2. If you want to use a DeX, create a crypto wallet and set it up. After that, deposit some tokens in the crypto wallet. You can easily swap tokens with XPR coins. 

Just remember to deposit in your wallet or account according to XPR value at the exchange.


Is XPR coin safe?

Yes. XPR crypto is a safe cryptocurrency with a great idea that can turn into a great project. Right now, the XPR coin price is extremely lower than its all-time high. That could make things risky for you. Then, just be sure to do your own research before you buy XPR coins.

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